Best 5 Popular Tata Electric Truck Models in India 2024 : Price & Features

Best 5 Popular Tata Electric Truck Models in India 2024 : Price & Features

Tata Motors has introduced several environmentally friendly electric truck models that are highly efficient and cost-effective. These vehicles offer durability and reliability along with the benefits of electric propulsion. These popular Tata electric trucks have transformed the methods of goods transportation and paved the way for a greener future. Each model offers enhanced performance, efficiency, and sustainability, fulfilling diverse needs across the transportation industry.

These Tata EV Truck signify Tata Motors’ commitment to enabling sustainable mobility and innovation in the commercial vehicle sector, helping take India’s electrification journey forward.

The Most Popular Tata Electric Truck Models Price List in India

All new model Tata Electric Trucks are affordable. Tata Truck offers a comprehensive, popular Tata Electric price list to help you make an informed decision for small businesses. The Tata Prima E.28K is a top choice for electric tippers, while the Tata Ultra T.7 Electric and Tata Ultra E.9 are driving choices for electric trucks.

Need a dependable electric tempo traveller? Look at the Tata Magic EV. For smaller burdens, the Tata Ace EV is a top-rated electric mini truck with prices ranging from Rs. 9.21 lakh to Rs. 9.22 lakh. With these models, Tata Motors is leading the shift towards supportable transportation in India. 

1. Tata Prima E.28K

Tata Prima E.28K

The popular Tata electric truck, the Tata Prima E.28K, is one of India’s recently launch electric tipper trucks. This truck conveys a high payload limit and range compared with different trucks in a similar segment.

The Tata Prima E.28K has a battery capacity of 453 kWh and a working range of 150 to 200km, making it ideal for tipper applications. This tipper is designed with an 18 m3 box body that is reasonable for most applications and comes with a 245 kW traction engine, giving a max torque of 2950 Nm at 3000 rpm. Further, it’s a 2-speed auto shift e-GBox with PTO arrangement and proven aggregates, guaranteeing better item quality and life.

 It contains a multi-data bunch. There is an elegant directing wheel with different control highlights. It has a projector headlamp with DRLs with coordinated corning lights. Tata has additionally provided safety lights, like pedal lights, for better security. It comes with a parabolic rubber bush suspension toward the front. There is a 37T bogie suspension fitting in the back.

2. Tata ULTRA T.7

Tata ULTRA T.7

The Ultra T.7 Electric is the latest product in the ILCV market. It is part of the world-class Ultra Platform vehicle series. Also, it is designed for Indian highways. It aims to upgrade the transportation industry by harnessing advanced technologies and ideally, integrating technology with operational efficiency.

This Tata ULTRA T.7 Electric is powered by a 62.5 Kwh battery, generating a power of 300 HP. It takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge this truck, providing a range of 100 kilometres per charge. Above all, you can reach a maximum speed of 80 km/h with this Tata ULTRA T.7 Electric.

The Ultra T.7 Electric is a tough, advance, and elegant city truck that is also India’s first-ever intermediate commercial electric truck, design to alter and redefine urban India’s product transportation.

3. Tata Ace EV

Tata Ace EV

The Tata Ace EV is one of the most popular Tata electric truck in India. It produces zero tailpipe discharges, decreasing ecological effects and advancing supportability. With 36 HP, the Ac EV electric truck conveys excellent performance and increases speed. It comes with a high-limit battery of 21.3 kwh. The payload limit of this Tata electric mini truck is 600 kg, with a freight space of 208 cubic feet, or 6,000 litres and a gradability of 22% with a full burden. 

4. Tata Magic EV

Tata Magic EV

Over the past 15 years, Tata Magic has been a popular Tata Electric truck in India, supporting a large number of individuals. Presently, the magic EV brings a new era of emission-free travel for city and country travellers.

Tata Magic EV is a high-level electric traveller vehicle intended for different purposes, similar to school and public vehicles. With its quick charging capacity, it guarantees dependable performance.

 This electric vehicle is smaller, with aspects of 3790mm length, 1500mm width, and 1890mm level when vacant or 1870mm when loaded. It has a GC of 160mm, a turning circle breadth of 8.6m, and a wheelbase of 2100mm. Its gross vehicle weight is 2180kg, and it can accommodate 10 travellers in addition to a driver.

5. Tata Ultra E.9

Tata Ultra E.9

Tata Motors introduced the Tata Ultra E.9 in the Intermediate & Light Commercial Vehicles category. Built on the advanc Ultra Sleek platform, it’s designed to meet the growing demands of logistics in India.

Featuring a modern interior and sleek aerodynamic design, this popular Tata electric truck offers top-notch features and connectivity technologies. This model has front and rear parabolic suspension along with shock absorbers, so the driving experience is comfortable. It has a wheelbase of 3920mm, a payload capacity of 4050kg, and can seat 1+2 passengers. 

Powered by a 250 kW traction motor and a lithium-ion battery, it provides efficient performance. The battery charges in 1.5-2 hours (DC charging), and it has an automatic transmission. The deck length is 17 feet.


As the country moves towards sustainable mobility, Tata Motors remains committed to providing the top selling Tata Electric Truck price list in India. These models are efficient and eco-friendly solutions for the transportation industry. From the powerful Tata Prima E.28K to the versatile Tata Magic EV, these trucks offer reliable performance and zero emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment. Are you planning to buy or use a popular Tata electric truck? Then, choose your desired model from TruckJunction’s categories with just a few clicks.

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