Prima E.55S – The Futuristic Environment-Friendly Trailer From Tata Motors

Prima E.55S – The Futuristic Environment-Friendly Trailer From Tata Motors

Global warming and climate change have become a very big responsibility for us, and almost everyone is taking concerning steps for it. As a result, Tata Motors has unveiled the curtain from its much-awaited hydrogen-powered truck Prima E.55S in the Auto Expo 2023. The brand has taken an ambitious target to reduce the tailpipe emission intensity by 45% by the end of 2030. The main characteristic of Hydrogen is its non-emission nature, making it the most favourable environmentally-friendly solution for future mobility.  

Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology is emerging as the best alternative to conventional fuel in the automotive industry. Tata Motors has taken significant steps in emerging vehicles and leading the way in developing hydrogen-powered trucks. Tata Prima E.55S is an industry-first product to move cargo and goods across hubs and inside the city. Moreover, the movement of the goods will happen in an environmentally-friendly way and with the optimal cost of operations. 

The Tata trailer is manufactured with many high-quality specifications and features. And, here we have written all for your convenience. 

Tata Prima E.55S Specification Which Will Lead the Difference:-

  • The vehicle has a Gross Combination Weight (GCW) of 55,000 kg. In addition, the truck is equipped with the Prima cabin, one of the most luxurious cabin styles from the automakers.
  • The fuel stack of Prima E.55S ranges from 220 kW and goes to 270 kW. Also, this fuel stack is big enough to generate high energy for this truck.
  • The battery capacity of this vehicle ranges from 22kW to 34kW, and its H2 capacity is H2 @ 350 bar. In addition, the H2 refuelling time of this vehicle is 20 minutes.
  • The vehicle is fitted with an RAE 110-eAxle with 2-speed transmission type of rear axle. Also, it has Parabolic with Salient Bushes suspension on the front side & semi-elliptic multi-leaf spring on the rear.
  • The traction motor of this vehicle can generate a high power of 470 kW, and it also delivers a high torque of 2500 Nm.
  • The Braking System is a great example of advancement. It comes with a Drum – Drum S Cam air brake (Noise free Liners) EBS with HSA. Also, EBS is for Electronic Braking System, and HSA is for Hill Start Assist.
  • Tata Prima E.55S has a gradeability of 24.50% and can easily deliver a range of 350-500 km.

Some of the Highlighted Points of Tata Prima E.55S:-

The vehicle has options with a type 3 cylinder to support 350 bar hydrogen pressure with higher capacity.

The range of this vehicle is 350 km to 500 km in a single fuel filling, and the refuelling time of this vehicle is 20 minutes

Also, the fuel stack of this vehicle comes with higher capacity 220-240 kW options. 

The vehicle can be used for multiple applications with its high range and bigger loading capacity. It can work in Cement, Coal, Fly-ash bulkers, and Clinker movement. Also, for the bulk cargo, steel coil movement, construction aggregates, haulage and distribution.

Here Is The List Of Features Which You Will Get With Tata Prima E.55S:- 

  • The vehicle comes with a multi-information cluster which helps get all the information in front of you. 
  • The advanced infotainment system of this vehicle includes a 7″ infotainment screen which is Bluetooth and auxiliary compatible. 
  • The phone mirroring system, saved maps and flexibility usage in remote locations offer easy navigation. 
  • The steering of this vehicle comes with functions to control the infotainment system and the paired phone functions. 
  • The systems can be easily connected to mobile phones, and you will have the convenience of attending calls, SMS and playing videos. 
  • The Projector Headlamps come with DRLs (Daytime Running Lights), which integrate with cornering lamps. The illumination system is enhanced with day & night time running lights with best-in-class front headlamps. 
  • LED fog lamps help in extreme rainy or winter seasons. And also it helps in different kinds of driving terrains. 
  • Tata Motors is famous for its safety features. As a result, It is equipped with safety lamps like LED side repeater, Door Ajar & Pedal lamps for better safety. 
  • It has the HSA (Hill Start Aid) features. It provides automatic roll brake functions, which resists the vehicle from going back on the hill. It allows the driver to comfortably start and drive the vehicle uphill and prevents it from going backwards. 
  • This vehicle’s “Fleet Edge” telematics system comes with prognostics, preventive maintenance solutions, and an energy mode switch with connected solutions like the “Over the Air” calibration
  • The Truck Unitized Bearing of this vehicle provides an enhanced service life & also lower friction which leads to better fuel economy. In addition, the vehicle has low-resistance tubeless tyres
  • The Prima cabin of this vehicle has many conveniences in serviceability. The moulded cabin interior trims for better maintenance. In addition, suspended driver seats and twin accommodation seats if co-drivers offer more comfort. 

Some of the ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System) Features of this Tata Trailer:-

The ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System) is currently the most enhanced driving system, changing vehicle safety paradigms. And Tata Motors is one of the few companies enabling the features in their vehicles. In addition, the brand is launching the initial stage of ADAS, which includes the following systems. 

ESC (Electronic Stability Control):- The ESC system automatically starts operating when the vehicle is not completely stable. Also, it improves the vehicle’s directional stability and mitigates the rollover by cutting off its speed. 

Driver Monitoring System (DMS):- The work of this System is similar to its name, and it monitors the driver’s action. The System alerts the driver if the driver is feeling tired, fatigued or distracted. Also, it helps in saving many mishappenings. 

Collision Mitigation System (CMS):- The CMS of the Collision Mitigation System of the vehicle mitigates a high-speed crash by indicating a hazard at the correct time. It also avoids collisions and reduces accidents, fatal chances and costs. 

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS):- The Lane Departure Warning System helps the vehicle to drive and stay in the lane. It automatically indicates or warns the driver with audio, visual and haptic signals. Also, the System saves the vehicle from a potential collision. 

Tyre Pressure Monitor System (TPMS):- The System monitors tyres’ air pressure, which helps in better fuel efficiency, enhanced tyre life and safe driving.  


The future of the trucking industry is going to be based on alternative fuel options like Hydrogen, Electric, CNG, and LNG. As a result, this Hydrogen Electric truck is a significant step towards the next generation. Tata Motors is planning to reduce the tailpipe emission of vehicles to zero along with the government. Also, Hydrogen fuel cell technology is the way for future mobility options as it can generate adequate power. 

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