Tata Azura T.19 – The Newest Commercial Vehicle from Tata Motors

Tata Azura T.19 – The Newest Commercial Vehicle from Tata Motors

Tata Motors is one of the largest automobile manufacturers and has a significant portfolio of commercial vehicles. In addition, The Tata brand is famous for introducing new technologies and vehicles to its customers. The Tata Ace series, Prima, Signa, and LPT series are prime examples of the brand’s introduction of new platforms. In Auto Expo 2023, which happened from 11th to 18th January, the brand showcased its new vehicle Azura T.19. Also, the vehicle comes with designs that deliver high performance in terms of fuel economy and lower total cost of ownership.

The new Tata Azura T.19 has state-of-the-art next-generation cabin features. Also, it has appealing front fascia and better exteriors, signature Tata trust bar. In addition, it also has futuristic interiors, which include the ergonomically placed stylish dashboard. Azura T.19 comes with an NGE 3.3-litre engine which can deliver 160 HP (BS6 Phase II). Also, it has a G550 series MK2 gearbox, which is famous for its durability and reliability.

The new Tata Azura T.19 has many features that lift the work output. Let’s take a look into the features of this truck, which are as follows.

Tata Azura T.19 Features:-

The vehicle comes with an NGE 3.3L-BS6 Phase II- 160 HP Engine. In addition, it has optimised the drivetrain to give customers a better total cost of ownership.

The Gear Shift Advisor (GSA) offers a multimode fuel efficiency by helping you change the gear at the correct times.

The steering wheel of this vehicle is a shock-resistant soft touch and comes with mounted switches. In addition, it comes with Tilt and Telescopic steering column.

Tata Azura T.19 has foldable twin accommodation co-driver seats and suspended seats. And also, the cabin has a new generation dashboard that enhances the utility spaces (Dual Glove Box).

It has a Next-gen TFT instrument cluster that displays all the systems. Also, the all-new 7″ infotainment touch screen with Android connectivity.

The vehicle has projected headlamps with LED DRLs (Daytime Running Lights). Also, it comes with integrated cornering lamps.

The features of this vehicle also include an Anti-fuel theft feature. In addition, it has a maintenance-free rubber bush at the front and rear suspension, which has enhanced durability.

The vehicle has dual power mode, which provides a better driving experience for the driver.

Tata Azura T.19 has the best-in-class engine oil change intervals and airless injection for better fuel efficiency.

The vehicle comes with some of the most advanced technology, which includes a Driver Monitoring system (DMS), Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

The features of this vehicle consist of a Rear park assist camera, Hill Start Assist (H.S.A.) and Hands-free Bluetooth Connectivity.

Technical Specifications of Tata Azura T.19:-

Tata Azura T.19 is engineered with a Tata 3.3-litre NGE -160HP BS6 Phase II engine.

The engine can deliver a power of 160 HP @2400 RPM and a max torque of 475 Nm @1400-2400 RPM with a max speed of 80 KMPH.

The engine is next mated with a 330 Dia, Multistage plate, Dry friction type, Pull type of clutch.
In addition, it has a Tata G550 DD Cable Shift – 5 Forward + 1 reverse type of gearbox.

This heavy-loading vehicle comes with a Heavy duty forged I-beam Reverse Elliot type of front axle.

Also, the vehicle comes with a Single reduction axle in pressed steel welded beam with differential carrier housing. Fully floating axle shafts type of Rear axle.

With heavy axles, the vehicle has a comfortable suspension system. It consists of a Parabolic leaf spring with a rubber bush at the front & Semi elliptical multi-leaf spring with a rubber bush at the rear side.

The frame of Tata Azura T.19 is a Ladder type heavy-duty frame with Riveted/bolted cross members Side members are of the channel section.

The vehicle comes with a suspended tiltable cabin with a hydraulic tilt mechanism.

It is equipped with a smart battery of 12V and has 78Ah.

The vehicle has a Dual circuit full air S-cam brake for better operations.

The fuel tank capacity of this vehicle is 250 litres, and it has a GVW capacity of 18500 KG.

Tata Azura T.19 is designed with 295/90R20 tyre size and has a grade-ability of 25.8%, providing better drives uphill.

Working Applications of Tata Azura T.19 Truck:-

The truck is a perfect fit for the applications of Cement bag transfer, Industrial goods, white goods, containers, FMCG, and parcel & courier services. In addition, it can also be used in the transportation of agri products, LPG cylinders, auto logistics, market load operations, milk & dairy, etc.


The Tata Azura T.19 comes with many next-generation technologies, including the new Tata 3.3-litre NGE -160HP BS6 Phase II. In addition, the vehicle consists of better interior and exterior designs, which increases the vehicle’s overall look and feel. Also, this vehicle is creating a new way for the platform trucks in the portfolio of Tata Motors. It will offer a new kind of driving experience with these features and specifications, which are futuristic and innovative.

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