Tata Prima E.28K Tipper – The First Electric Heavy Commercial Vehicle

Tata Prima E.28K Tipper – The First Electric Heavy Commercial Vehicle

Tata Motors has always been known for introducing new technologies in the automobile segment. Their endeavour to reach a sustainable, zero-emission, electric mobility solution provides India with exceptional vehicles. In the latest Auto Expo edition, Tata Motors recently showcased the first electric heavy commercial vehicle. The Tata Prima E.28K was displayed at the event, and also it is engineered with many next-gen specifications. This vehicle is a step forward for the brand in achieving the target of electric mobility in the upcoming years. The product has applications such as shallow mining, movement of minerals, bulk cargo transportation and port applications. 

Here are some of the specifications of Prima E.28K, which was available with the product. 

  • The commercial vehicle has an LFP battery pack (150 kWh to 400 kWh with 230 Ah) and a VDC of 660.
  • The 6-phase PM traction motor of the vehicle, delivers a peak power of 245 KW with a high torque of 2950 Nm. 
  • It has a CCS2 (2nos) charger. 
  • The gearbox configuration of this tipper is 2 Speed auto shift e-Gbox with PTO provision. Also, it has a Tata RA-210HR-T with a 6.14 RAR type of rear axle. 
  • This vehicle’s front and rear suspension are Parabolic Rubber Bush, and 37T optimised Bogie suspension, respectively. 
  • It has a Load Body capacity of 18m3 and a GVW of 28, 000 KG. 
  • The gradeability of this tipper is 28% for the 40.4T and 44.15% for the 28T body capacity. 
  • The vehicle’s braking system has Drum S Cam air brake (Noise free Liners) and EBS (Electronic Brake System) with HAS.  
  • The single charge range of this tipper is 150-200 km, and also it comes with 11 x 20-18 PR size mining tires. 
  • The GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) value of this vehicle is 28 tons. 

All of these specifications make this future vehicle a treat to watch. But the limitations of this vehicle are far bigger than this. So let’s take a look at all the amazing features that this vehicle is going to offer to the customers. 

Tata Prima E.28K Tipper Features:- 

The Tata Prima E.28K Tipper has a multi-information cluster. Also, it comes with an Advanced infotainment system which includes a 7″ infotainment touchscreen with Bluetooth and Auxiliary connect support. 

It offers easy navigation and phone mirroring, saved maps and the flexibility to use them in remote locations. You can also pair your mobile phone with this to easily attend calls, see messages and play videos. Also, the advanced steering wheel has controls to navigate the infotainment system and paired phone functions for convenience control.

The projector headlamps of this tipper have DRLs (Daytime Running Lights) with integrated cornering lamps for better viewing. The day and night running headlights are enhanced with best-in-class front headlamps. In addition, the LED fog lamps of this vehicle increase the driver’s visibility in all kinds of weather and in different terrain driving conditions. In addition, the safety lamps, LED side repeater, door ajar & pedal lamps of this vehicle enhanced the safety points. 

This vehicle’s HSA (Hill Start Aid) feature provides an automatic roll brake function. Also, it allows the driver to start uphill comfortably by preventing the vehicle from going backwards. 

In addition, it comes with an advanced telematics solution named ‘Fleet Edge’. It offers Prognostics, preventive maintenance solutions, and the energy mode switch with connected solutions like ‘over the air’ calibration. 

Truck Unitized Bearing:- The enhanced service life and Lower rolling friction leads to improved fuel efficiency.

It has washable moulded interiors for increased serviceability and maintainability. In addition, it comes with a suspended driver seat & Twin accommodation co-driver for enhanced convenience. 

The vehicle has comfortable and advanced futuristic features, including modern ADAS features. 

The initial level of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) features are engineered in this vehicle. 

It comes with the option of ESC (Electronic Stability Control) which automatically intervenes where the vehicle’s stability enters a critical area. The ESC improves directional stability and mitigates the rollover by reducing the vehicle’s speed. 

The DMS (Driver Monitoring System):- The DMS monitors the driver’s behaviour and alerts in case the driver feels tired and distracted. 

CMS (Collision Mitigation System):- The system mitigates high-speed crashes and increases safety by avoiding collisions, reducing accidents and related fatal chances. 

LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System):- This is a camera-based warning system that helps the vehicle to stay in its lane. It also warns the driver with visual, audible and haptic signals. It helps to reduce potential collisions and run-off accidents. 

TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System):- The TPMS monitors the air pressure of each tire. It helps in enhancing fuel efficiency and tire life.

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