Tata Motors Launch 15 New Commercial Vehicles in India

Tata Motors Launch 15 New Commercial Vehicles in India

Tata Motors is a leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles. Tata trucks have a remarkable position in the Indian trucking market due to their reliability and excellence. The CVs of Tata Motors are recognised for their outstanding performance. Recently Tata Motors has launched 15 new commercial vehicles in India. These new commercial vehicles have been introduced in the market to meet the diverse requirements of the transport and cargo segments. 

The commercial sector is developing in India, where Tata motors have an appreciable place. Out of these 15 commercial vehicles, Tata Motors launched 7 new trucks in the Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicle segment. Along with this, it has launched 5 vehicles in the Light Commercial Vehicle category. 

Tata Motors launched the 3 small commercial vehicles and has extended its Tata Ace range. Before we get to know about these truck models, firstly we talk about their manufacturer.

About Tata Motors 

Tata Motors Limited Company is a leading global automobile manufacturer of cars, utility vehicles, buses, trucks and defence vehicles. Tata Motors is the leading commercial vehicles brand in the Indian market and its around 9 million vehicles currently running on Indian roads. It has a broad range of automotive products ranging from sub-1 ton to 55-ton GVW which includes small to heavy commercial vehicles. Although Tata Motors includes many truck models, but here we are showing the recently launched 15 commercial vehicles by Tata Motors. 

Tata Motors Medium And Heavy Commercial Vehicle Segment

Tata Motors has launched several truck models that can perform challenging transportation tasks with ease. Out of 21 new commercial vehicles from Tata Motors, 7 new trucks have been launched in the medium and heavy commercial vehicle segment. The most striking feature of these 7 new trucks is that their TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) has been tremendously improved and the mileage of these trucks has enhanced and reduced the maintenance cost. These trucks are most widely used to transport Cement, Iron & Steel, Containers, Vehicle Carriers, Petroleum, chemicals, Water Tankers, LPG and many more from one place to another. Tata motors launched  7 new medium and heavy commercial vehicles and are given below:

1. Tata Signa 3118. T

TATA Signa 3118.T

The Tata Signa 3118. T is a heavy-duty truck that comes with 10 wheelers and 3 axles, offering 31 tonnes of GVW. In this model, you can get a powerful engine of 186 HP with a single cylinder and a Cummins ISBE 5.6L BS6 engine which provides efficient performance. Along with this, the tyre life of the truck is also extended due to the lift axle and the truck also offers good mileage. This truck comes in 24 feet to 32 feet which the customers can buy according to their applications.

2. Tata Signa 4221. T


The Tata Signa 4221.T truck comes with a 14 wheeler, which is most commonly used to transport industrial goods from one place to another. This heavy-duty truck comes with 5-litre Turbotron and 204 HP powerful engine that provide effective work with excellence. The GVW of this truck is 42 tons along with a deck length of 28 feet to 30 feet. That’s why the customers can easily buy according to convenience.  

3. Tata Signa 4021. S


The Tata Signa 4021. S is a tractor-trailer designed keeping in mind the applications like Industrial Goods, LPG Bullets, Auto Logistics. The truck comes with a 5-litre Turbotron and 240 HP engine from Tata Motors that delivers high performance. Also, its 5 Liter Turbotron makes it fuel-efficient. The gross combination weight of this model is 39.5 tonnes. 

4. Tata Signa 5530. S 4×2

Tata Signa 5530.S 4X2 Tractor

Tata Signa 5530. S 4×2 Truck has been specially designed to keep in mind heavy-duty applications. This truck is manufactured with a Cummins of 6.7 Litre and 300 HP engine that generates 1100 Nm of high torque, which are best for many operations. The GVW of this truck model is 55 tons and is widely used for heavy materials like Cement, Agriculture products, Steel pipe, and many more. 

5. Tata Prima 2830. K RMC REPTO

TATA Prima 2830.K RMC

Tata Prima 2830. K RMC REPTO is a ready mix concrete truck which is specially designed for concrete applications. It comes with a Rear Engine Power Techoff (REPT)  that is more suitable for the movement of the concrete mixing tank. The engine of this model is loaded with Cummins of 6.7 Litres and a 300 HP engine that provides the most effective power output in the operation. In addition, it has an AC cabin, so the truck operators can easily operate this truck. 

6. Tata Signa 4625. S ESC


Tata Signa 4625. S ESC truck is one of the most popular among all heavy-duty vehicles due to its electronic stability control applications. This truck is extensively used for many applications such as LPG bullets, Industrial goods, Fuel tankers and many more. The engine of this truck is manufactured with Cummins of 6.7 Litres and a 250 HP powered engine that provides outstanding performance. It has 45.5 tonnes of GVW and generates 950 Nm of torque which is adequate for many applications. 

7. Tata Signa 4623. S

TATA SIGNA 4623.S Tractor

You can get a Cummins of 5.6 Litres of 230 HP engine that is best for several transportations purposes. The GVW of this Tata Signa 4623. S truck model is 95.5 tons that are used for industrial goods, steel tankers, ports, LPG bullets and many more. The engine of this truck quickly generates maximum torque, which is suitable for many applications. 

Tata Intermediate And Light Commercial Vehicle Segment

Tata Motors’s Intermediate and Light Commercial Vehicle segment comprise 4 ton to 18-ton load vehicles. The company has launched 5 new vehicles in this segment. Diesel and CNG engine options have been given in these vehicles. Tata Motors has launched these five new vehicles for e-commerce servicing. Tata Motors has launched Tata Ultra T.18 SL, Tata SFC 407 G CNG, Tata 709 G CNG, Tata LPT 510 and Tata Ultra T.6 in this segment. We are here with some specific information which are  

8. Tata LPT 510 


The Tata LPT 510 truck is one of the popular trucks which can easily fulfill logistic business purposes. This truck comes with an outstanding 4SPCR 100 HP Tata motors engine that delivers excellent performance along with increased mileage. The GVW of this model is 5.49 tonnes and has 37% credibility. Moreover, the LPT cabin of this model makes it favourable in the Indian trucking market. Hence, the Tata LPT 510 truck is used for many applications such as e-commerce, logistics, couriers and many more. 

9. Tata 709 G CNG


The Tata 709 G CNG is a CNG vehicle that comes with 3.8 litres of SGI (sequential gas injection) and an 85 HP powered engine that provides hurdle free work. The Payload capacity of it is 3.6 tonnes that can easily carry massive loads in the city operations. The most widely used of this truck is in logistic operations, Farma, courier business, and many more. 


10. Tata SFC 407 G CNG

Tata SFC 407G CNG

In this  Tata SFC 407 G CNG  truck, you can get a 3.8 litres sequential gas injection (SGI) engine and an 85 HP powerful engine that provides effective work. It has 10 feet of deck length and 2 tons of payload capacity. Moreover, this truck is manufactured with a semi forward control cabin that makes it more comfortable in challenging operations. 

11. Tata Ultra T.18 Sleeper

Tata Ultra T.18 Sleepe

Tata Ultra T.18 Sleeper truck is one of the most versatile truck models best for city transportations. It comes with 5 litres of New generation engine and 180 HP engine power, providing excellent mileage with low fuel consumption. The GVW of this truck is 17.6 tonnes along with 20 feet to 24 feet Deck length. This truck is widely used in various applications like LPG cylinder carrier, Water tanker, Courier business, e-commerce, etc. 

12. Tata Ultra T. 6 Sleek

Tata Ultra T. 6 Sleek      The Tata Ultra T. 6 Sleek truck is built with the most popular 4 SPCR 100 HP powerful engine. This truck comes with a sleek and narrow cabin of tata motors ultra range that is best for the intra-city. The engine of this model delivers exceptional performance and economical mileage in the transportations. This truck provides excellent mileage on narrow roads in the city.  

Tata Ace Range Expansion

Tata Motors has expanded the range of Tata Edge by adding four new vehicles in the small commercial vehicle and pickup segment. In addition, the company has launched Tata Ace Petrol CX Cab Chassis, Tata  Ace Gold Diesel Plus and Tata Intra 30 High Deck in this category. These models are available in various body styles and designed for market logistics, distribution of fruits, vegetables/ agricultural products, beverages, FMCG goods, e-commerce sector, courier, furniture, LPG cylinders, and many more. Here we are showing some light commercial vehicles which the Tata ACE expands. 

13. Tata  Ace Gold Diesel Plus

Tata Ace Gold Diesel Plu

The Tata  Ace Gold Diesel Plus Mini truck is powerful, reliable and robust and is the first choice for city transportations. This truck comes with a 20 HP diesel fuel engine that is the most fuel-efficient for commercial business purposes. The Body type of this model is Half Deck and has 750 kg of payload capacity. 

14. Tata Ace Gold  Petrol CX

Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX

The unique feature of the Tata Ace Gold Petrol CX Mini truck is that the price range of this truck starts from Rs. 3.99 Lakhs*. This mini truck model is also one of the leading trucks, which is best for many applications. The engine of this model is manufacture with a 2 cylinder petrol engine that delivers quality work with low fuel consumption. The body type of this mini truck is Half Deck and Flat Deck.  

15. Tata Intra V30 High Deck 

Tata Intra V30 High Deck

The interesting fact about the Tata Intra V30 High Deck Mini truck is that it comes with a company built high deck body. You can buy it and use it directly for your business, which will help you to save your time and money to build your truck body. This truck comes with 1.5 litres of 70 HP fully believed Tata motors engine. it has a leaf spring of front and rear suspension that provide complete comfort during the operations

We believe this information about Tata Motors new commercial vehicles will be necessary for you. Furthermore, if you require more information about Tata Motors truck models prices, specifications, images, reviews and many more, please visit Truck Junction.


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