Tata Prima G.35K Tipper – The New Range of LNG-Powered Tipper

Tata Prima G.35K Tipper – The New Range of LNG-Powered Tipper

Tata Motors aims to make India’s construction vehicles space cleaner and greener with technology. And, in that endeavour, their latest update is the Tata Prima G.35K tipper, an LNG-powered vehicle. The brand showcased this vehicle in the 16th edition of Auto Expo 2023 which took place from January 11th to 18th. In addition, this LNG range of tippers from the brand will provide a competitive and lower total cost of operations. Tata Motors has always accepted the change, and now when the world is moving towards a zero tailpipe emission policy, they are also contributing to it. 

The Prima G.35K comes with the Cummins 6.7L gas engine, generating 280 HP and 1100 Nm of torque. All these trucks come with a comfortable Prima cabin and multiple body options to meet the requirement of different applications. Also, the tippers can be easily customised as per the requirements, as all of them are configured with modern architecture. Furthermore, it has enhanced value with multiple safety, comfort and performance features. Moreover, LNG fuel of this range enables them for continuous operations with a longer span between the fuel fillings. 

Tata Prima G.35K has some of the best specifications, which can escalate the work output to another level. First, look at the technical aspect of this Tata Tipper, which has many best-in-class specifications. 

Tata Prima G.35K Technical Specifications:-

The vehicle has the Cummins 6.7L gas engine providing 280 HP and 1100 Nm, which is adequate for many applications. 

The GVW of this Tata Tipper is 35000 Kg which allows it to carry high-volume cargo easily. As a result, you can use the truck in heavy-loading transportation. 

The heavy engine of this vehicle is mated with the Heavy Duty 9S gearbox. Also, It provides a smooth function of the gears in all situations. 

Tata Prima G.35K has a high-quality suspension system that offers easy drives. It includes a Parabolic suspension system on the front side and a Bogie-type suspension on the rear side. 

This Tata Tipper has a Hub Reduction type of rear axle. Also, this axle relieves the stress on the powertrain, increases its traction force and reduces the speed

The Fuel tank capacity of this vehicle is 300-600 litres, providing a hassle-free long ride with less no. of Fuel fillings. 

Tata Prima G.35K has a range of 150-300 Km; with this range, it can cover long distances easily. 

The brand offers the most comfortable Prima Cabin in this vehicle. In addition, it comes with the option of Sleeper and Non-Sleeper cabins. 

The vehicle has multiple load body options, which are 28m3 Box, 18m3 Box & 19m3 Scoop. All of these options provide work for numerous applications.  

The gradeability of Tata Prima G.35K is 47%; this helps the vehicle to drive uphill easily. Also, the performance of this vehicle increases with the high gradeability. 

Some of the Highlighted Points of Tata Prima G.35K:-

The New 6.7L Gas Engine generates power of 280 HP and a torque of 1100 Nm. 

The highest load body capacity provides the Best-in-class flexibility of applications

The vehicle comes with the options of Sleeper & Non-Sleeper body cabin options. 

The vehicle can provide 24 hours of continuous operations between fuel fillings, with the dual LNG fuel tank of 300 to 600 litres. 

Tata Prima G.35K has enhanced reliability and durability with proven aggregates, including Axles (HR210), Prima Cabin and Heavy Duty ladder frames (320 x 90x 8)

The new and hi-tech features of this tipper make this vehicle amazing. Moreover, all of the features can increase some aspects of this tipper, including Safety, Comfort and performance. 

Tata Prima G.35K Tipper Features:-

This LNG-powered Tipper range comes with a multi-information cluster. This provides all the necessary information about the vehicle’s system at your convenience. 

The infotainment system comes with a 7″ infotainment touchscreen that can be paired with Bluetooth and Auxiliary support. 

The 7″ screen can be used for phone mirroring, providing easy navigation. In addition, it has saved maps and flexibility for usage in remote locations. 

It has an elegant-looking steering wheel with controls to navigate the infotainment system. In addition, you can control the paired phone functions. 

The projector headlamps of this vehicle are manufactured with DRLs (Daytime Running Lights), which come with integrated cornering lamps. 

The Day & Night running illumination of this vehicle is significantly enhanced with the best-in-class front headlamps. 

The Fog lamps are introduced with LED lights to provide convenience during the rainy and winter seasons and versatile driving conditions. 

Safety is highly prioritised in this vehicle as it has an LED side repeater, Door Ajar and pedal lamps for better visibility. 

Tata Prima G.35K comes with low-resistance tubeless tyres. It makes the vehicle feel lighter and improves stability. 

The Prima G.35K has washable moulded cabin interiors, which helps maintain the vehicle easily and improves serviceability. 

The suspended driver seat & twin accommodation co-driver seats provide better comfort and convenience. 

Some of the Most Advanced Features of Tata Prima G.35K:-

Hill Start Aid (HSA):- The vehicle assists with uphill drives by applying the automatic roll brake function. It allows the driver to start the vehicle and eliminates the risk of rolling backwards. 

Active Traction Control (ATC):- The system provides better control and driveability on slippery surfaces. 

Option of Electronic Stability Control:- The system automatically comes into action when the vehicle looks to lose its stability. Also, it improves the vehicle’s directional stability and mitigates rollover. 

Option of Collision Mitigation System (CMS):- This system helps mitigate high-speed crashes. It increases safety and avoids collisions by reducing the chances of accidents. 

Option of Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS):- LDWS is a camera-based warning system that helps keep the vehicle in lane. It gives warning by visual, audible and haptic signals. In addition, it also avoids potential mishappenings and run-off accidents. 

Driver Monitoring System (DMS):- The DMS takes a look at all the actions of the Driver and alerts if the driver looks tired. 

Tyre Pressure Monitor System (TPMS):- The tyre pressure monitor system provides data on the air pressure of all the tyres. It helps in increased fuel efficiency and better tyre life. 

Truck Unitised Bearing:- The system enhances the service life & lowers rolling friction which provides high fuel economy. 

The “Fleet Edge” Advanced telematics solutions which includes prognostics, preventive maintenance solutions. 

Tata Prima 35.K Applications & Variants:-

The vehicle can be easily applicable in mining pits to the surface by the heavy GVW capacity. In addition, the vehicle also has worked in irrigation & earthwork systems, construction aggregate & Mineral movement. Tata Prima G.35K also has applications which provide work in infrastructure and construction. 

35T Variant:- 19m3 Scoop, 18m3 Box and 23m3 Box. 

28T Variant:- 16m3 Scoop, 16m3 Box and 18m3 Box.


The country is currently going through a development phase, and many construction projects will take place in the upcoming years. In addition, heavy commercial vehicles play a very important role in this circuit. As a result, we need cleaner and greener vehicles to eliminate the pollution from this segment, and Tata Prima G.35K will play a crucial role in it. Also, the tipper came with all the specifications and added features that will help take the zero tailpipe emission project toward completion.