Tata Prima H.55S – The New Edge of Hydrogen-Powered Commercial Vehicle

Tata Prima H.55S – The New Edge of Hydrogen-Powered Commercial Vehicle

The world has been facing the global climate crisis for a long time and needs a solution. Providing the automotive industry with a cleaner fuel option is an important step in this direction. The government of India has the ambition of reducing the intensity of this emission by 45% by the end of 2030. Tata Prima H.55S in the 16th edition of Auto Expo. Also, Hydrogen has emerged as the environmentally-friendly solution to this problem with its non-emission characteristics, from creation to consumption. 

Hydrogen has the highest energy content of all our fuel resources. In addition, based on its weight, Hydrogen contains three times more energy than gasoline. On the other hand, if we compare Hydrogen to any other renewable energy source, Hydrogen as fuel in IC engines offers minimal or zero CO2 emissions with blue or green Hydrogen. Tata Motors is leading the development of Hydrogen-Powered vehicles by taking significant initiatives in hydrogen fuel-based products. In addition, Tata Prima H.55S is an industry-first vehicle which moves goods in an environmentally friendly manner with the best cost of operations. 

The specifications of Prima H.55S provide an upper hand to this vehicle against the other vehicles of this range and category. Let’s look at the specifications of this Tata trailer

Tata Prima H.55 Cutting Edge Specifications:-

  • It comes with Cummins B6.7L H – BS6, which generates a Power of 290 HP @ 2300 RPM and torque of 1200 Nm @ 1200-1600 RPM. 
  • The 6700 CC engine of this vehicle is fitted with a Heavy Duty 9S gearbox which provides smooth transmission in all conditions.
  • It is manufactured with a Prima facelift AC Sleeper Tiltable Cabin, providing comfortable long drives.
  • Tata Prima H.55S has a GVW capacity of 55,000 Kg. In addition, it has a payload capacity of 38 tonnes.
  • The vehicle has a Tata -RA114 (THU Axle as an option) rear axle, which supports the high loading capacity.
  • The suspension vehicle’s system consists of Parabolic Springs with rubber bush in front and Multi-leaf Suspension in the rear. In addition, it has 295/90R20-16PR type of tyres. 
  • It has Type-3 Cylinders with fuel storage capacity @350bar -50 Kg, and it provides a range of 350 to 500 Km. 
  • The braking system consists of S-cam brakes with ICGT liners, providing better grips and enhanced safety. 
  • The vehicle has a gradeability of 23%, which helps in driving the vehicle uphill with stability and comfort. 

The Next-Generation Features of Tata Prima H.55S:-

It has a multi-information cluster providing all needed information at ease. In addition, it has a 7-inch infotainment touchscreen with Bluetooth and auxiliary connectivity. 

Ease of pairing mobile with the allowance of attending calls, SMS and playing videos. Also, the saved maps, mobile mirroring and the flexibility of use in remote locations provide easy navigation. 

The steering wheel has the controls to navigate the infotainment system and paired phone functions. 

It has projector headlamps, Daytime Running Lights (DRLs), and integrated cornering lamps. In addition, it has enhanced day and night illumination with best-in-class front headlamps. 

Tata Prima H.55S introduced LED fog lamps which can be used in extreme rainy and winter conditions. In addition, it has safety lamps, including an LED side repeater, Door Ajar & pedal lamps for better safety. 

Truck Unitized Bearing:- The system enhances the service life & lowers rolling friction which offers better fuel efficiency. 

It has low-resistance tubeless tyres, which provide high economy and better grip on roads with good traction. 

Tata Prima H.55S has a washable moulded cabin interior trim for easy maintenance and service. 

The seats of this trailer are also designed for extra comfort. It has a suspended driver seat & twin accommodation co-driver seats. Also, both of these features make the cabin extra comfortable and convenient. 

The new age Tata Trucks are coming with the initial level ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System)

Some of the ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System):-

Hill Start Aid (HSA):- It provides an automatic roll brake function which allows the driver to start the vehicle easily without the hesitation of going backwards. 

Electronic Stability Control (ECS):- The system starts working when the vehicle gets unstable; it improves directional stability and stops the vehicle from roll-over by reducing the speed. 

Driver Monitoring System (DMS):- It alerts the driver in case the driver is feeling drowsy or distracted. 

Collision Mitigation System (CMS):- It reduces the chances of high-speed crashes, avoids collisions and reduces accidents. 

Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS):- LDWS is a camera-based warning system that helps to keep the vehicle in lane. It warns the driver of the chance of risk through audible, visual and haptic signals.  

Tyre Pressure Monitor System (TPMS):- Helps keep data on tyre pressure of all the tyres. As a result, the vehicle gets better fuel efficiency and increased tyre life. 

Tata Prima H.55S Highlights and Applications:-

Prima H.55S has a Cummins 6.7L H2engine, which can generate 290 HP and 1200 Nm. In addition, it has the best-in-class performance with higher engine power and torque. 

It delivers a maximum driving range of 350-500 Km in a single fuel filling. 

It has superior fuel economy compared to conventional fuel vehicles. 

The maintenance of these Hydrogen-powered vehicles is way lower than that of conventional fuel vehicles. 

The vehicle comes with the Prima cabin with best-in-class comfort. 

The safety of this vehicle is improved with the addition of HSA, ESC, CMS, LDWS, DMS, and TPMS. 

Applications of Tata Prima H.55S:- 

The applications in which the Tata Prima H.55S can be used are Cement, Coal, Fly-ash bulkers, Steel coil Movement, Bulk Cargo, Construction aggregates, haulage and distribution.  


Hydrogen is taking place as the permanent solution or alternative to conventional fuels. In addition, looking at the characteristics of this renewable energy source, it is becoming obvious that it has everything that we need in fuel. Hydrogen has better output in the same weight and almost zero pollution contribution. Tata Prima H.55S, powered by Hydrogen, is a futuristic vehicle that will change heavy-loading transportation. Also, in reducing 50% of the tailpipe emission, Tata Prima H.55S and other hydrogen products will have a significant role.

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