Top 5 Tata Magic Models In India For Sector-Wise Application

Top 5 Tata Magic Models In India For Sector-Wise Application

Tata Motors is the most popular global commercial vehicle manufacturer. The brand has always provided customers with vehicles which fulfil their requirements and increase the value of their business. Tata Motors again proved its mettle after introducing the Tata Magic series to Indian customers. 

All of the models of this series have different purposes and work for various applications. Moreover, the Tata Magic mileage is impressive, built with BS6 technology. 

Exploring The Benefits With Tata Magic Review


The Tata Magic series comprises models that can easily enhance the work output. All of the models of this Magic Van series have revolutionised the last-mile delivery sector with their high efficiency. Moreover, the series is a great mix of passenger vehicles which includes a school van and an ambulance. 

As a result, the series delivers high profits with great performance. So, In this blog we will talk about all Tata Magic tempo traveller series models. 

So let’s look at the wide range of products from the Magic tempo traveller series. 

1. Tata Magic EV 

Tata Magic EV

Tata Magic EV is the newest addition to the existing Magic series from the brand. This Magic EV was launched at the Auto Expo 2023. The model has an Advanced battery cooling system for safe operations, IP 67-rated water and dustproof drive parts.

It has a battery capacity of 14 kWh with a GB/T type charger. Also, The vehicle delivers a peak power of 35-41 HP with 90-115 NM. 

Power  35-41 HP
Torque  90-115 NM
GVW 2180 KG
Wheelbase  2100 MM

2. Tata Magic Express

Tata Magic Express

Tata Magic Express is one of the most popular models of this Magic tempo traveller series. It is manufactured with 4 stroke DICOR BS6 Engine DOC + DPF & SCR System Turbo-charged, Inter-cooled diesel engine. As a result, it delivers high performance, grows the business, and defines the tagline “Aatmanirbharta ke lakshya mein, safar aur vyaapar ka Magic”.

Furthermore, this vehicle has a seating capacity of Driver + 9 Passengers and is built with a gradeability of 38%. This Tata Magic price is Rs. 7.34 Lakh – 7.84 Lakh.

Power  44 HP
Torque  110 NM
GVW 1950 KG
Wheelbase 2100 MM

3.  Tata Magic Express School Van


Tata Magic Express School Van model of this series is popularly works in transporting school kids. The vehicle has safety features like door intrusion beams that can save from side-impact and crush-compliant roofs for safety in the chance of rollover. 

It derives the tagline of “SWIFT. COMFORTABLE. SAFE.“, perfectly. In addition, the 4-stroke DICOR BS6 Engine DOC + DPF & SCR System Turbo-charged, Inter-cooled diesel engine delivers a high mileage of 17 kmpl.

Power  44 HP
Torque 110 NM
GVW 1950 KG
Wheelbase  2100 MM

4. Tata Magic Gold

Tata Magic Gold

Tata Magic Gold is one of the first models of this series, and it comes with a 2-cylinder 694cc engine. The vehicle has immense popularity in urban transportation and has a seating capacity of Driver + 10 Passenger. Moreover, it is designed to deliver high output and has a big body size. 

The model’s length, Width and height are 3790 MM, 1500 MM and 1890 MM, respectively. In addition, it has a ground clearance of 200 MM. 

This Tata Magic 10 seater price is Rs. 5.65 – 6.15 Lakh*.

Power 30 HP
Torque 55 NM
Mileage 15 – 20 kmpl
Max Speed 80 KMPH

5. Tata Magic Express Ambulance 

Tata Magic Express Ambulance

The Tata Magic Express Ambulance is built to provide comfort and safety and is designed to run easily in crowded parts of the city. The cabin of this vehicle can easily carry a passenger, doctor and 4 attendants, and it is also called the “Dispensary-on-Wheels”. In addition, it features this series’ famous 4-stroke, CRDi Turbo-charged, Intercooled Diesel engine. 

It delivers a high mileage, ample space and lower maintenance, making the ambulance the best choice for the medical sector. This Tata Magic price in India 

Power 44 HP
Torque 110 NM
GVW 1950 KG
Wheelbase 2100 MM

Final Thoughts on Tata Magic Series:-

The products of this Tata Magic series have great significance in the market. The reason is that all models are reliable and complete the work efficiently and professionally. Moreover, it provides a wide range of work which these models can do, ranging from passenger transport to school kids transport and used as a medical aid van. 

Tata Motors has always been the manufacturer which makes the vehicles after a lot of research which is visible in the products.

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