Top 30 Commercial Vehicle Questions And Answers – Commercial Vehicle FAQs

Top 30 Commercial Vehicle Questions And Answers – Commercial Vehicle FAQs

Many times, we witnessed the word commercial vehicle in dealing with business-oriented cargo transportation and its loading-unloading applications. In general terms, those vehicles design to help bulky cargo movement are called commercial vehicles. They are considered the vital pillar of freight movement. Growth in the e-commerce sector, rural consumption, progress in last-mile connectivity, and other factors played an important role in the commercial vehicle market.  

There are many commercial vehicle types available in India. A commercial truck is a registered vehicle used for a company’s business, like hauling any hazardous material. Commercial trucks are categorised into different categories on the basis of GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). If you have plans to buy a new commercial vehicle for company or business purposes, then you should know the commercial vehicle description.

The following commercial vehicle question will help you to get the proper answers and solutions related to commercial vehicles. We expect that these commercial vehicle FAQs will help you a lot to obtain knowledge about commercial vehicles.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Vehicles 

Q1. What is a commercial vehicle?

Ans. A commercial vehicle is a registered motor vehicle that may be a fleet vehicle or any other transporting vehicle for business purposes. You can check more demanding FAQ trucks at the Truck Junction website. 

Q2. Differentiate between a passenger vehicle and a commercial vehicle?

Ans. Passenger vehicle vs Commercial vehicle: Passenger vehicles are designed for the transportation of passengers other than omnibuses and school buses. Commercial vehicles are generally design to ensure the movement of more than 15 passengers. 

Q3. Why is a vehicle called a commercial vehicle?

Ans. A commercial vehicle meaning is a vehicle used for business or commercial purposes and registered or licensed to a company.

Q4. What are examples of commercial vehicles?

Ans. Commercial Vehicle examples are trucks, pickups, mini trucks, tempo travellers, trailers, tippers, etc. For finding the most popular tippers and tipper questions, navigate Truck Junction site.  

Q5. What are the benefits of commercial vehicles?

Ans. The benefits of commercial vehicles are manifold, ranging from careful handling of goods, hauling, logistics, door-to-door parcel delivery, loading and unloading of cargo materials, etc.

Q6. What is the primary basis of the classification of commercial vehicles?

Ans. Commercial trucks in India are classified on the basis of gross vehicle weight (GVW). 

Q7. How many types of commercial trucks are available?

Ans. On the basis of GVW, Commercial truck types in India are in 8 categories. They are list below:

  • 0 to 2,722 Kg
  • 2,723 to 4,536 Kg
  • 4,537 to 6,350 Kg
  • 6,351 to 7,257 Kg
  • 7,258 to 8,845 Kg
  • 8,846 to 11,793 Kg
  • 11,794 to 14,969 Kg
  • Above 14,969 Kg

For more Truck FAQs, visit the Truck Junction platform. 

Q8. What are the segments of commercial vehicles?

Ans. The segments of commercial vehicles in India are HCV (Heavy Commercial Vehicle), LCV (Light Commercial Vehicle), ICV (Intermediate Commercial Vehicle), and SCV (Small Commercial Vehicle). For more understanding of these vehicles, you can get SCV FAQs and HCV FAQs at Truck Junction. 

Q9. What are the truck models that come in the ICV category?

Ans. The most popular ICV truck model includes Tata 1512 LPT, Eicher Pro 3015, Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1615 HE Truck, and BharatBenz 1617R.

Q10. What is the main difference between HCV and LCV vehicles in India?

Ans. According to the Motor Vehicle Act of India, HCV is a vehicle with a GVW of more than 6 tons, while an LCV has a GVW below 6 tons. You can get more HCV questions on the Truck Junction site. 

Q11. What is the name of India’s first commercial vehicle in the LCV category?

Ans. Tata Telcoline was the first Indian pickup known as Tatamobile 206 pickup. It was launched in 1988 in India. For getting more technical specifications of pickup, check FAQ pickup and pickup queries available in Truck Junction.

Q12. Who invented the truck?

Ans. The inventor of the first truck was Gottlieb Daimler in 1896. 

Q13. What is the oldest commercial truck brand in the world?

Ans. Daimler Motor Company (DMC) was the partnership company between Gottlieb Daimler and William Steinway. It became the first commercial truck company in 1888. 

Q14. Who discovered the first 18-wheeler?

Ans. Alexander Winton, the founder of Winton Motor Carriage Company, discovered the 18-wheeler truck.

Q15. Which truck brand is best in India?

Ans. There is a number of commercial vehicle brands in the Indian market. Top truck company in India includes Tata, Ashok Leyland, Mahindra, BharatBenz, Eicher, etc.

Q16. Which truck is best for business purposes in India?

Ans. You can find a commercial vehicle list in the Indian commercial vehicle market. The best commercial vehicle in India includes Tata Yodha Pickup, Tata Ace Gold, Mahindra Treo, Maruti Suzuki Super Carry, Ashok Leyland Dost Strong, etc. For solving your truck queries, you can visit the platform of Truck Junction. 

Q17. Differentiate between a truck and a pickup?

Ans. The main difference between pickup and truck is their load-carrying capacity. Generally, the payload capacity of pickup lies between 1 and 2 tonnes. The highest payload capacity of the truck can be reach at 55 tonnes. For more pickup FAQs and truck questions, you can check the Truck Junction web portal. 

Q18. What do you know about commercial vehicle insurance?

Ans. The insurance for commercial vehicle refers to the tailored insurance plan that covers the damage and destruction caused to or by commercial vehicles. 

Q19. Can commercial vehicle insurance renewal online happen?

Ans. Yes, You can renew commercial vehicle insurance online when it is expired. 

Q20. What is commercial vehicle insurance cost in India?

Ans. The cost of commercial vehicle insurance online differs for different types of commercial vehicles. 

Q21. What is an electric commercial vehicle in India? 

Ans. A commercial electric vehicle is a vehicle like a bus, truck, tractor, van, etc., powered by electricity and used in agriculture and helping in industrial cargo movement. 

Q22. What is the Electric commercial vehicle price in India?

Ans. The price range of electric commercial vehicle in India starts from Rs. 58,000 to Rs. 16.82 Lakh. Mahindra electric commercial vehicle price ranges from Rs. 1.38 Lakh to Rs. 8.75 Lakh. 

Q23. What is the commercial vehicle loan interest rate?

Ans. Commercial vehicle loan interest rates may vary from 12% to 26% per annum.

Q24. What is the all India permit for commercial vehicle? 

Ans. All India permit or national permit is a registration given to transporters by the Transport Department of each state government for goods movements throughout India.

Q25. What are the all India permit fees for commercial vehicle?

Ans. The all India permit fees are different for different periods. For commercial trucks, the national permit fee is Rs. 17,600 for 1 week, Rs. 17,790 for 4 months, and Rs. 19,550 for 5 years.  

Q26. What is the purpose of an e way bill?

Ans. E-way bill is a new system to ensure that commercial goods are transported with the compliance of GST rules and monitor the cargo movement without any tax evasion cases.

Q27. What is the range of Tata commercial vehicle products in India?

Ans. Tata commercial vehicle products are trucks, tippers, trailers, mini trucks, pickups, tempo travellers, transit mixers, etc. You can buy a suitable vehicle by finding Tata commercial vehicle showroom near me. On the Truck Junction portal, Tata Truck related questions and Tata Tipper FAQs are explained with answers. 

Q28. What is the price range of the commercial vehicle Ashok Leyland?

Ans. Ashok Leyland commercial vehicle price range starts from Rs. 5.63 Lakh to Rs. 60.10 Lakh.  

Q29. What is the Maruti commercial vehicle price range in India?

Ans. The price of a Maruti commercial vehicle is around Rs. 5.60 Lakh to Rs. 6.10 Lakh. 

Q30. Where can you find the Mahindra commercial vehicle showroom?

Ans. You can find Mahindra commercial vehicle showroom near me on the Truck Junction website in an easy way. You can find used commercial vehicle sales or commercial second hand vehicle products there.