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Altigreen 3 Wheeler

Altigreen is leading the last-mile mobility solutions with its electric 3-wheeler cargo vehicles. Some of its popular models are Altigreen NeEV Low Deck and Altigreen NeEV High Deck.

Altigreen price in India ranges between Rs. 3.47 Lakh - Rs. 4.41 Lakh. The brand promotes “Made in India” slogan & designs its models mindfully for Indian environment & road conditions.

The most economical model of this series is Neev Tez priced at Rs.  3.47 Lakh - 3.52 Lakh. Further, you can choose the best model based on user reviews, battery range & Altigreen 3 wheeler price listings. 

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Altigreen 3 Wheeler in India 3 Wheeler GVW 3 Wheeler Price
Altigreen neEV High Deck 950 KG Rs. 4.36 Lakh* - 4.41 Lakh*
Altigreen neEV Low Deck 950 KG Rs. 4.07 Lakh* - 4.12 Lakh*
Altigreen neEV Tez 950 KG Rs. 3.47 Lakh* - 3.52 Lakh*
Data Last Updated On : Mar 05, 2024


Price Range

Fuel Type

Popular Altigreen 3 Wheeler

Altigreen NeEV Low Deck

Altigreen NeEV Low Deck

₹ 4.07 Lakh - ₹ 4.12 Lakh

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2140/Electric 11 HP 950 KG
Altigreen NeEV High Deck

Altigreen NeEV High Deck

₹ 4.36 Lakh - ₹ 4.41 Lakh

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2140/Electric 11 HP 950 KG
Altigreen NeEV Tez

Altigreen NeEV Tez

₹ 3.47 Lakh - ₹ 3.52 Lakh

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Altigreen NeEV Bhai

Altigreen NeEV Bhai

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About Altigreen 3 Wheeler

Altigreen Electric 3 Wheelers offer a progressive way to deal with cargo transportation, with eco-friendliness, efficiency, and reliability. 

Designed for urban businesses, the brand promises sustainable & cost-effective operations. And after 8 years of thorough research & 29 technological innovations, Altigreen has manufactured India's most advanced electric cargo vehicles.  

  • Altigreen was founded in 2013 and started manufacturing the electric drivetrain for hybrid conversions.
  • In 2016, the brand moved towards full electric solutions. Further, they developed deep-tech in all drivetrain components constituting 65% of the value of an EV till 2017.
  • In 2018, the brand showcased its first full-electric 3W at the Auto-expo. And after testing for 2 years, the delivery started in 2021.
  • The brand has dealerships in major cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi, Lucknow, Kochi and Thane.

Popular Models of Altigreen 

Here, we've provided a selection of popular models from the brand for your reference. Furthermore, you can explore the Altigreen price range for each of the listed models. The table below will provide you with all the necessary information at your fingertips to make an informed choice:

Model Name GVW Altigreen Price Range
Altigreen NeEv Low Deck 950 KG Rs. 4.07 - 4.12 Lakh
Altigreen NeEv High Deck 950 KG Rs. 4.36 - 4.41 Lakh
Altigreen neEV Tez 950 KG Rs. 3.47 - 3.52 Lakh

What are Altigreen 3 Wheeler USPs? 

Altigreen 3 wheeler has gained immense popularity in its short span. Its models are built to last & withstand rigorous transportation requirements. This electric 3-wheeler brand offers a comprehensive array of solutions tailored to meet all last-mile delivery requirements. It is a top choice for businesses seeking reliable and efficient transportation solutions.

  • High Ground Clearance: - All of the Altigreen vehicles are designed with best-in-class ground clearance for better maneuvering. 
  • Dust & Water Proof Electrical: - The electrical equipment of the Altigreen electric 3 wheelers are IP67 rated, making them dustproof & water resistant. 
  • Improved Suspension:- The combination of dual front suspension and independent rear suspension system with helical springs offers unmatched comfort on rugged surfaces. 
  • Increased Earnings :- Altigreen electric 3 wheelers costs Rs. 0.92 per kilometer. The vehicle saves a good amount of money on every trip.   

How to Purchase Altigreen Electric 3 Wheelers? Easy Steps

Planning to purchase the Altigreen Electric 3 Wheelers? If so, we've simplified the process to make it as smooth as possible for you. Just follow these easy steps to buy the Altigreen Electric Vehicle (EV) model that best suits your requirements:

  • Go through the electric three wheelers list and choose the model according to your preference. 
  • You can use the filters & also sort the products; price high to low & low to high.
  • Click on the model you want to purchase & tap the calling button so our executive can reach out to you. 
  • To get the best quotes from verified dealers, click the “Check Offers” button. 

Tips Before You Purchase Altigreen Electric Cargo 3 Wheelers

To buy an Altigreen electric cargo 3-wheeler, know the model, specs, and charging needs. Evaluate cargo capacity, Altigreen price, warranty, support, local rules, sustainability, financing, and safety norms.  

Read reviews and compare a model with its alternatives. Feel free to contact us if you need any help regarding the Altigreen electric 3 wheelers. 

Exclusive Services We Offer 

Truck Junction is your go-to place to inquire about Altigreen vehicles. We provide accurate & complete information so that you can choose your ideal Altigreen cargo within the budget. From picking the right Altigreen model to getting the best prices from trusted dealers, we cover it all. 

Our exclusive services include: 

  • EMI Calculator
  • Altigreen on road price listings 
  • Comparison tool  
  • Sort By / Filter options
  • Altigreen Dealers Near You

Altigreen 3 Wheeler Updates

Frequently Asked Questions on Altigreen 3 Wheeler

Ans. 4 Altigreen 3 Wheeler are available at Truck Junction.
Ans. This brand manufactures electric 3 wheeler cargo vehicles in India.
Ans. The Altigreen 3 wheeler price ranges between Rs. 3.47 Lakh-Rs. 4.41 Lakh.
Ans. The Altigreen Neev Tez is the lowest priced vehicle of this brand, priced between Rs. 3.47 Lakh - 3.52 Lakh.
Ans. Altigreen Neev High Deck 3 Wheeler, priced between Rs. 4.07 To 4.12 Lakh is the highest priced auto.
Ans. Altigreen Neev High Deck, Altigreen Neev Low Deck and Altigreen Neev Tez 3 Wheelers are its popular models in India.
Ans. The brand’s recent launches includes neEV Tez 3 Wheeler, priced between Rs. 3.47 - 3.52 Lakh.
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