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Tata Buses

There are a total of 17 Tata Motors Bus Models currently listed on our website. Tata bus price in India start from Rs. 12.69 Lakh and goes up to Rs. 2.2 Cr. Starbus School Chassis is the Tata Bus Model that falls under the budget of most Indians. While Starbus EV 4 12 Low Entry Electric Bus is the most expensive one.

Some of the famous Tata Motors Bus models are Starbus EV 4 12 Low Entry Electric Bus, Tata Starbus School, Tata Cityride School, and Tata Starbus City. At BusJunction, you can buy Tata Buses from 3 categories, which include 4 roadways, 4 Electric and 6 Schools. 

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S No. Tata Buses Bus in India Tata Buses Bus GVW Tata Buses Bus Price
1 Starbus EV 4 12 low entry electric 19500 KG

From ₹ 2.2 Cr

2 Starbus School 9600 KG

₹ 17.64 - ₹ 28.33 Lakh

3 Starbus Ultra School -

₹ 28.38 - ₹ 29.83 Lakh

4 Cityride School 4950 KG

₹ 20.65 - ₹ 26.41 Lakh

5 Starbus School Chassis 7300 KG

₹ 12.69 - ₹ 21.18 Lakh

6 Starbus Staff Contract -

₹ 21.42 - ₹ 28.65 Lakh

7 Starbus Ultra Staff Contract 10200 KG

₹ 28.62 - ₹ 30.67 Lakh

8 Starbus Staff Contract Chassis 16200 KG

From ₹ 25.99 Lakh

9 Starbus City 7300 KG

₹ 22.13 - ₹ 28.18 Lakh

10 Starbus Ultra City Electric -

From ₹ 1.6 Cr

Data Last Updated On : Mar 05, 2024


Seating Capacity

Popular Tata Buses Bus Models

Tata Starbus Staff Contract Chassis

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Similar Brands of Tata

About Tata Buses

The position of Tata Motors, as a commercial vehicle brand remains unchallenged on a global scale. Also, with the success that came with Electric bus: Starbus EV 4 12 low entry electric, Tata bus has shown its devotion to deal with climate change. 

The brand projects itself as an electric vehicle manufacturer that believes in manufacturing for the future. This is the unique selling point that makes it one of the best-selling bus brands in the Indian automobile market. 

Further, all Tata new buses come with contemporary technology. And when it comes to Tata buses’ mileage per litre, it has a competitive advantage over its market rivals. Additionally, there is no shortage of Tata bus showrooms and service centres as you drive across the Indian subcontinent.  

Why are Tata Buses Leading the Transportation Industry? 

The prime reason behind Tata Buses leading the transportation industry is its wide portfolio of buses. This includes innovative modern-era technology without compromising on both safety and trustworthiness. 

  • A Complete Made In India Transport Solution
  • Nationwide presence of its Tata bus service centres and showrooms
  • World’s 4th largest bus manufacturer
  • Unchallenged presence on Indian Roads

Bus Categories Offered by Tata

With BusJunction you can get your hands on new Tata bus models with varying fuel options. Like Diesel, CNG and electric buses that have various gear shift patterns. 

Additionally, Tata Motors manufactures buses under various bus segments. Like premium coaches and buses, minibuses and school buses, that ferry school children. 

Tata Buses Price Range in India

Starbus School Chassis is the most economical Tata New Bus, with the price list starting at 12.69 Lakh and going up to 2.2 Crores. And when the talk comes to the Tata bus chassis price list, it debuts at ₹ 24.88 Lakh. 

Popular Tata Bus Models 2024

Tata Bus Model Name HP (Horsepower) GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) Tata Bus Price in India
Tata Starbus EV 4 12 low entry electric 328 HP 19500 KG ₹ 2.2 Cr
Tata Starbus Ultra School 121 HP 10200 KG ₹ 28.62 Lakhs
Tata Starbus Ultra Sub Urban 123 HP 8750 KG ₹ 36.13 Lakhs


History Of Tata Motors

Tata Motors is an Indian automobile giant, equally in manufacturing of both the commercial and passenger Tata buses. Tata automobiles began its journey back in 1945 as a locomotive manufacturer. And made an entry into commercial vehicle manufacturing in 1954 with Daimler-Benz of Germany.

This Indo-German partnership gave path to the creation of a Daimler lorry vehicle manufacturing facility in Jamshedpur. Later, in 1991, the firm made an entry into the passenger automobile market with the MUV (Multi-Utility Vehicle), Tata Sierra. Around two decades ago, in 2004, it became owner of the South Korean truck manufacturer: Daewoo Commercial Vehicles Company. 

In 1998, Tata Motors came out with India's very own first car, i.e., Tata Indica. And just a decade later, it came out with, Tata Nano, the world’s cheapest car at that very moment. In all, Tata Motors has a long history that goes back to British-era India. And all thanks to its customer-centric efforts it still continues to play a crucial role in the Indian automobile industry. 

Zero Emission Vehicle Portfolio Of Tata Buses

Tata Ultra: 9/9m Electric Buses

The Tata Ultra range of electric Tata buses offer both buyers and passengers a pollution free 

transport solution. And it also ensures zero compromise on the travel experience. Further, this comes with roomy interiors with its very own vibrant style. 

Also, with no hassle of changing gears during the entire drive, drivers are able to run these electric buses fatigue free. In addition to that, to meet diverse budget meets of buyers, this model comes in both AC and non-AC variants. 

Tata Urban : 9/12m Electric Buses

Tata Urban electric bus is a moving proof of Tata Motors devotion to produce Earth friendly buses. Not only that, this electric bus offers passenger safety and comfort at the same time. 

Furthermore, this Tata electric bus range comprises safety and security features that use ITS. And some of the notable features include passenger information and telematics systems. Besides that, this is the very system that ensures better vehicle upkeep and tracking. And last but not least, this range also comes in both AC and non-AC variants. 

Starbus EV: Tata 4/12m Low Floor & Low Entry Electric Buses

The Starbus EV range comes with an electric drive & roomy interiors that you can use to meet your purpose. Furthermore, there are USB charging ports to increase passenger comfort. And to allow as many trips as you want you can fully charge in 2-3 hours. 

Also, there is a regenerative braking system in this model that adds to its efficiency. Lastly, this range also comes in two variants i.e. both AC and non-AC. 

Why Choose BusJunction for Tata Buses?

When it comes to apprising yourself with the latest Tata bus models available, things become daunting. But BusJunction has solved this problem by seeing an opportunity in the same. Like we have come up with an all exclusive list of all Tata bus new models. 

Also, with focus on both passenger safety and comfort these buses are quickly gaining acceptance with commuters of all types. Because of all these Tata bus features, this bus company ranks among the top bus manufacturers in India. 

On this page, you can browse and choose your favourite Tata bus that meets your budget and business requirements. Besides, you can also use our tools to draw a comparison between various Tata Motors Buses. Which can be either by horsepower or loading capacity. So, whether it be the Tata motors bus price, new bus model reviews or their pics, we cover it all. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Tata Buses in India

Ans. Tata Cityride School is the most effective Tata Motors Bus with a starting price of ₹ 20.65 Lakh.
Ans. There are 17 Tata Bus models with varying interiors you can buy on BusJunction.
Ans. Starbus EV 4 12 low-entry electric is the most reasonably priced Tata bus model with an ex-showroom price of 2.2 Crores.
Ans. Diesel, CNG, and Electric are the three fuel types that Tata Motors Bus offers in its Bus variants.
Ans. Tata Starbus Ultra Sub Urban is the most popular Bus model from Tata Motors Bus.
Ans. Tata Motors came out with Tata Nano, alternate name: People’s Car, back in January, 2008.
Ans. Tata Motors has a total of ten manufacturing plants in India.
Ans. Tata Motors began its operations in India in the Year: 1945.
Ans. On BusJunction, there are 3 bus categories; Diesel, Electric and CNG.