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10 Dec 2022

3 Wheeler Retail Sales Rose to 80.33% in November 2022

By News Date 10 Dec 2022

3 Wheeler Retail Sales Rose to 80.33% in November 2022

Mini Metro registered the highest growth of 201.22% in retail sales in November 2022

The Federation of Automobile Dealership Association released the retail sales of all the sectors in November 2022 with a YoY change. The 3-wheeler sales data states that the segment sold 74,473 units, an increase of 80.33% against the 41,296 units of the previous year in the same month. 

On the sector's performance, Mr Manish Raj Singhania, President of FADA, said, "The 3W segment showed a massive growth of 80.33% YoY and 4% when compared to 2019, a pre-covid year. The category witnessing low demand during covid has now emerged as the highest-growing category due to positive sentiments and fear of lockdowns out of mind. Also, electrification in the category continues at its highest pace."

3 Wheeler Sales Statistics November 2022


All of the brands under the 3-Wheeler category performed remarkably well and created an upward trend in sales. 

Brand Wise 3-Wheeler Sales Report November 2022 

Bajaj Auto:- As always, Bajaj Auto sold the highest number of 3-wheeler units according to the FADA 3-Wheeler sales in India. The brand registered a growth of 75.13% by selling 26,652 units in November 2022, against the 15,218 units in November last year.
Piaggio:- One of the biggest brands of 3-wheelers, Piaggio sold 5,364 units in the 3-Wheeler sales figures 2022 for November against the 4,893 units in the same month last year. The company registered a growth of 9.62%. 

Y.C. Electric:- The brand recorded a growth of 66.68% in November 2022 sales, as it sold 3,067 units compared to the 1,840 units of the previous year. 

Mahindra:- Mahindra completed the month on a positive note and experienced a 54.47% increase in sales. The company sold 2,484 units in November 2022, which was 1,608 units in the same month last year. 

Mayuri:- The brand sold 2,089 units in November this year and 898 units in November 2021. As a result, the growth of Mayuri is 132.62%. 

Atul Auto:- Atul Auto registered a hike of 29.14% in the YoY sales of November. The brand sold 1,400 units in November last year, which increased to 1,808 units this year. 

Citylife:- Citylife increased its sales by 141.88% in November 2022 by selling 1,461 units which were 604 in the same month last year. 

Saarthi:- Saarthi or Champion Poly Plast recorded a growth of 59.46% in the 3-wheeler retail sales of November 2022. The brand sold 1,247 units of three-wheelers, which was 782 units in November 2021. 

Mini Metro:- The company which created the highest sales increase is Mini Metro. The brand sold 1,232 units in November 2022, which was 409 in the same month last year. As a result, the growth percentage of the company reached 201.22%. 

TVS Motors:- The TVS Motor company witnessed good growth in the 3-Wheeler sales of November 2022. The company sold 1,223 units, with a 42.70% increase in sales against the 857 units last year in November. 

J.S. Auto:- J.S. Auto registered 861 units in the sales of November 2022 as compared to the 513 units of last year and experienced a gain of 67.83%. 

Terra Motors:- Terra Motors also completed the month with a positive sales record. The brand witnessed a hike of 83.88% in November 2022 sales by selling 776 units against the 422 units of last year. 

Udaan:- Udaan or Energy Electric completed the month with 83.50% growth in sales of November 2022. The company sold 712 units in November this year which was 388 units in the same month last year. 

Jezza:- Jezza recorded a growth of 71.04% in the sales of November 2022; they sold a total of 703 Three Wheeler units which was 411 in November 2021. 

All the other brands of the 3-wheeler segment completed a combined sales of 24,794 units which stayed at 11,053 units in November last year and managed to grow by 124.31%. 

The sector is growing sustainably and opening new opportunities for more players in the market. As we have seen in past years, the big CV makers or 2-wheeler manufacturers now have vehicles in the 3-Wheeler segment. We will see new companies emerging and contributing in this segment at this pace. 

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