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03 Feb 2023

Tata Motors “Desh ke Trucks” campaign Enhances the Truck Space with Storytelling

By News Date 03 Feb 2023

Tata Motors “Desh ke Trucks” campaign Enhances the Truck Space with Storytelling

The company has released five-part content, which includes some of the cutting-edge technologies of Tata Commercial Vehicles.

Tata Motors has launched 5 video content lineups which redefine the storytelling and complement its existing 'Desh ke Truck' campaign. All of the advertisements of this campaign are interactive and informational. Tata Motors launched the campaign in September 2022. In addition, it helped to impact the brand positioning for India's best-selling truck platforms - Prima, Signa and Ultra. This campaign was created to showcase its State-of-the-art innovations, enhanced features, digitalisation, profitability, fuel efficiency, safety, superior technology, connectivity, driver productivity and cabin comfort via an entertaining slice-of-life commercial. 

The brand got an amazing response from the customers, and now they are ready for the five-part extension of this campaign. In addition, These five videos of this campaign tell about the new technologies of the commercial vehicle of this company.

Content in Campaign Videos:- 

The first video of this campaign series showcases multiple fleet edge features of Tata Commercial Vehicle. These features are inbuilt for mobile applications for the driver to get all information about their trucks. The second advertisement of this series showcases the Fleet Edge application for small and medium-sized fleet owners. This feature shows how fleet owners can get all the information about their vehicles on their computers on loan. It will provide information about the vehicle's service, mileage, speed, braking and many more. 

The third video of this series provides visual information about the CMS (Collision Mitigation System) in trucks. It shows how the truck will automatically apply brakes when any obstacles are ahead. There can be chances when the driver is not focusing on the road because of some distraction, which can save many mishappenings. 

Similarly, the fourth video of the 'Desh ke Truck' campaign showcases the LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System). This system helps the vehicle stay in its lane and alerts the driver with many warnings. The benefit of this system is that it can save many mishappenings on highways. 

This series's fifth and last advertisement video displayed the comfortable cabin and features that can increase the driver's productivity. In addition, it includes adjustable seats, an AC cabin, tiltable & adjustable steering wheel. 

All of these videos will increase the awareness of the customers and will create a good impact. 

Official Statements From the Management:- 

On this occasion, Mr Shubhranshu Singh, vice president of marketing, commercial vehicle business, said, "Tata Motors is a pioneer and industry leader in commercial vehicles. Our endeavour is to engage our stakeholders with continuous communications. With customer centricity at the core of our business, we have evolved from showcasing distinct campaigns around the product applications to an advanced storytelling about our mobility solutions that establishes an emotional bond with our audiences. With the 'Desh ke Trucks' campaign, we are confident that our simple messaging and subtle humour will appeal to our customers." 

For this 'Desh ke Truck' campaign, the in-house team of Tata Motors worked significantly on the development of the insight, planning and conceptualisation. At the same time, the creative development and execution of this whole campaign were done by the White and Black Studio. 

"The belief for a long period of time was that we sell heavy commercial trucks to large fleet owners and that they are gigantic corporations in their own rights", He also added. 

Therefore, there is less room for advertising because the decision to purchase follows awareness and interest. And it must be made in person. The organisation has an established protocol to beat the plans, meetings and customer relationship management. The brand presented everything as a brochure in front of customers. 

The theoretical position of the organisation was that everybody knew the raw truth about their products. It is with storytelling that we can engage the customers, he stated.

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