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Three Wheeler Retails Sales Jump 212.45% in June 2022

News Date 07 Jul 2022

Three Wheeler Retails Sales Jump 212.45% in June 2022

The 3-wheeler sales recorded a growth of 212.45% in the Y-o-Y sales of June, whereas Mini Metro grew its sales by 673.55%. 

The three-wheeler sector is experiencing a gold run in sales, with each industry increasing its sales numbers every month. FADA 3-wheeler sales report confirmed the statement. Also, the Federation of Automobiles Dealers Association has released the data on retail sales of this segment and reported a total gain of 212.45% in sales. 

Brand-Wise Sales Data:-

This segment has become the buyers' favourite as the Y-o-Y sales are increasing thoroughly this year. First, look at all famous brands' detailed sales data. 


Bajaj:- Bajaj Motors is India's biggest three-wheeler manufacturer, providing best vehicles to the customers. Bajaj is sitting at the top of the sales chart. Bajaj sold 11,383 units and gained a total of 131.03% of sales, as the sales of June 2021 were 4,927 units.

Piaggio:-  Piaggio, the Italian group, maintained the second position in the table as it sold 4,203 units of 3-Wheelers. The company gained 86.13% in sales from the sales of last June, which was 2,258 units. 

Y.C. Electric:- Y.C. electric sold 2,385 units with a gain of 342.48% from 539 units as of June '21. This electric vehicle company tops the chart of E.V. 3-wheeler sales every month. 

Mahindra & Mahindra:- The sales of Mahindra 3-Wheelers touch 1,975 units. The company's sales increased by 201.06% as the sales last June stayed low and stopped at 656 units. 

Mayuri:- Mayuri, famously known as the Saera Electric company, recorded sales of 1,435 units. According to the sales Data of FADA, the company gained its sales by 394.83%, as the sold units of June 2021 were 295 units. 

Atul Auto:- Atul Auto sold 1,225 3-Wheelers in June 2022, increasing 106.22% in sales in June '21; the company sold 594 units. The brand is one of the few best-selling 3-wheelers in India. 

TVS Auto:- This indigenous brand, TVS Auto, sold 1,144 units of 3-wheeler vehicles in June. The company sold 226 units of its vehicles in June 2021, which states that it gained 406.19% of its last sales. 

Saarthi:- Saarthi or Champion Polyplast experienced growth of 304.46% in its sales. The sales numbers for June 2022 stood at 1,088 units, which stopped at 269 units in June '21. 

Dilli Electric:- The retail sales of Dilli Electric touched 1,018 selling units, whereas the company sold 192 units in June 2021. As a result, the company gained 430.2% in the Y-o-Y sales of June. 

Mini Metro:-  Mini Metro became the top brand, gaining the highest Y-o-Y sales percentage. The company recorded a gain of 673.55%, with 936 units in June 2022 which were 121 units in June '21. 

J.S. Auto:-  The JSA company also gained in its Y-o-Y sales in June. The company sold 612 units in June 2022 and gained 201.47% from the 203 units in June 2021. 

Terra Motors:- Terra Motors registered a growth of 590.9% in their sales numbers, as they sold 532 vehicles in June 2022. It is to be noted that the company sold 77 units in June 2021. 

All the other companies also contributed heavily and raised their sales to 313.52%, and they sold a total number of 18,104 units this June, which was 4,378 units in June 2021. 

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