Eicher Pro 3019 Truck Review: Features & Performance

Eicher Pro 3019 Truck Review: Features & Performance

We are here with the model of the Eicher brand, making its footprint in the Indian Commercial Vehicle Industry. 

The tagline says, “Stay Ahead” for Eicher Pro 3019 model with promising features for multiple uses. Also, it’s an Intermediate Commercial Vehicle with upgraded BS6 phase 2 emission norms for better running performance.

Furthermore, the model offers great engine performance, higher payload, sturdy body, and efficient mileage. Well, there’s more to it. 

Let’s start with the latest features of the Eicher Pro 3019, including price and specifications. Additionally, the given tables provide more clarity regarding comprehensive features. 

Eicher Pro 3019 Truck: More Trips, Extra Miles 

Eicher-Pro-3019 more mileage

Eicher Pro 3019 truck has a spacious cabin and strong body designed to deliver stunning performance. The heavy-duty truck promotes the utmost comfort and convenience, encouraging the driver to take more trips for extra miles. 

Moreover, the model provides 25% superior gradeability for steep roads and ghat highways. Subsequently, this attribute facilitates better inclination for efficient trips. Furthermore, with accurate dimensions, Eicher Pro 20 provides spacious ground clearance. The truck contains great loading ability with higher gross vehicle weight.

The Eicher truck is enhanced with next-gen features for reevaluating its productivity and lucrativeness. Besides, the truck delivers high-class performance to facilitate business growth and a chance for new opportunities to Stay Ahead. 

Clear Vision with Bigger Windshield Glass

Eicher-Pro-3019 Bigger Windshield Glass

The front look of the Eicher Pro 3019 truck has a supreme design. It has a large windshield providing clear visibility for a better view. 

The windshield is made from glass material in a plain pattern for clear sight and is given a curved shape with a tinted surface finish and more thickness. 

Moreover, an Eicher logo is designed on the bottom grill, and the truck has a superior-quality bumper. 

In size, the bumper is a 3 mm strip for protection from accidents or collisions. Furthermore, the truck has a reflector strip guiding the driver through the direction, preventing mishaps.

Besides, a dual chamber headlight is optional for side parking. The truck has a turn indicator with a halogen bulb on the front for safety. Additionally, auxiliary mirrors are large-sized on both sides for spotting vehicles behind you or coming from far.  

Smart & Fuel-Efficient Engine

Eicher-Pro-3019 engine

Regarding its engine, Eicher Pro 3019 model suits a smart E494, 4 Cylinder, BS6 Engine. Above all, its engine generates 180 HP power & 600 nm torque. 

This heavy-duty truck is designed with incomparable fuel efficiency for lower fuel consumption and an advanced Engine Management System. Also, the Eicher Pro has a 190/425-litre fuel tank capacity for standard mileage at 6.5 kmpl. 

Smart engine starts with “welcome” appearing on the standard screen, indicating the truck is ready to go. Inside the truck, you will get a sleeper seat with an ergonomic type of steering. The steering can be pulled or tilted in any direction.   

The MID screen is on the right side with the specifications to view the truck’s temperature, RPI meter, and diesel volume. 

Also, it includes a speedometer, allowing the driver to set a time and date as required. On the left, users can choose maintenance, change language, diagnose the sensors, or reset the settings for more sustainability.  

Additionally, it enables a user to modify display settings too. Cruise control is highly useful for maintaining speed on highways for safety. Also, the truck has a 24 V battery.

Better Comfort with Sleeper Cabin

Better Comfort with Sleeper Cabin

Inside the Eicher Pro 3019 is a spacious and comfortable space for the driver and a passenger. It is designed as a sleeper cabin for the drivers to rest during long hauls on highways. The dozing compartment permits drivers to relax and re-energize. 

Moreover, the Eicher’s body has a yellow reflector strip providing safety during nighttime. It has strong handle doors made with high-quality material. Besides, dual footstep helps to climb and enter the truck easily. 

Sleeper cabin for a fatigue-free ride with utmost comfort for truck drivers. Additionally, seat belts are provided for safety and convenience. Also, sleeper cabins in the trucks are furnished with cutting-edge innovations. 


Eicher-Pro-3019 tyre

Six tires with front and rear sizes of 295/90R20 promote easy driving. They have a great capacity to carry adhesion properties for vehicle performance. Moreover, its tyres enhance the vehicle’s stability to balance with utmost comfort for driving. 


The tilt and telescopic steering wheels are adjustable per the driver’s height to reach the steering wheel before driving. Moreover, it allows the driver to ingress and egress easily, along with steering control for comfort. This type of steering improves steering control and better visibility of any vehicle coming towards them. 

Minimum Turning Radius & Ground Clearance 

The Eicher Pro 3019 provides a minimum turning radius of 16,660 mm with 258 mm ground clearance. Moreover, the truck’s body measurements facilitate easy driving, allowing the driver to take sharp turns easily. 


With a 4490 mm wheelbase, the driver can handle the vehicle’s weight, steering, and running performance. More wheelbase promotes better ride quality for the driver. Moreover, the distance between the front and rear tyres ascertains the quality of the ride. It is because the driver will enjoy a smoother ride with more wheelbase. It prevents hitting bumps on the front and rear wheels. 


The Eicher Pro 3019 delivers mileage at 6.5 kmpl for a maximum speed of 80 kmph. It makes the heavy-duty truck reliable for long routes. Furthermore, being fuel-efficient, this Eicher truck is more reliable and durable too. Besides transporting goods, it comes with better speed for on-time reach to the destination. 

Loading Space 

Eicher-Pro-3019 loading space

Being an HCV truck, the Eicher Pro 3019 has a large loading space for transporting bulk goods. Easily load FMCG, Industrial Goods, Auto carriers, Parcels, Fruits and Vegetables, and LPG and Tankers in the Eicher truck. You can easily pack your stock using ropes. Bind it through the hooks attached to the truck’s body, keeping your inventory safe and immovable.  

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)

With a higher GVW, the truck can load more weight resulting in higher revenue for the transporter. Besides 18500 kg GVW, the Eicher Pro maintains proper inclination with a high gradeability of 25% on highways or curvy roads. 

M Booster+ with 3 Modes 

Eicher Pro incorporates Power Eco and Eco+ modes for easily managing load and saving fuel. Level force for a maximum torque of 600 Nm. ‘M booster +’ to upgrade speed increase and expand fuel efficiency.       

Engineered with best-in-class technologies, this Eicher Pro truck gives constant direction to the drivers in-fuel financial matters. To illustrate, the model has simplified the fuel burning process with its cutting-edge ignition chamber plan.

Power Steering 

Eicher-Pro-3019 power steering

Eicher Pro 3019 truck has a smooth power steering system. Moreover, it has a 362-diameter dry-type clutch with eight speeds, 7 forward + 1 reverse, and is a fully synchromesh gearbox. 


In a truck, the dimensions must be considered as they impact the vehicle’s performance. Moreover, the wheelbase affects dimensions, but you have no worries with Eicher Pro. The Eicher truck has standard dimensions of length of 8380 mm, width of 2332 mm, and height of 2722 mm. 


Eicher Pro has brakes with Dual circuit full air ‘S’ Cam with ABS. On the front axle is a forged I-beam light. Hand brake facilitates air pressure for smooth and seamless driving. 

Moreover, the truck has differential leaf springs for front and rear suspension. The truck has Parabolic leaf springs on its front suspension, whereas, on the rear suspension, it has Semi Elliptic leaf springs.


The Eicher truck comes at a price range between Rs. 25.90 Lakh – 28.18 Lakh. Given the features, this heavy-duty truck is suitable for transportation and delivery services. It is important to note that, with certain laws for transportation, prices differ from state to state. 

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