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Eicher Pro

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The Eicher Pro price range starts from Rs. 12.16 Lakh and goes to Rs. 78.30 Lakh. The Eicher Pro truck series is a joint venture between Volvo Groups and Eicher Motors. This series comprises Tipper, Truck, and Transit Mixers. Among 70 models, the most popular Eicher Pro trucks include the Pro 3015, Pro 2049, and Pro 2055T.
Eicher Pro truck models are designed to serve the construction, e-commerce, and cargo transportation industries. They also support businesses with high-profit margins and increase drivers earnings Visit Truck Junction to obtain a list of Eicher Pro trucks with a given price range, GVW, payload capacity, and wheelbase. Besides these specifications, the models in this series showcase exceptional features that you must know about. Look below the listed models to know.


Eicher Pro in India Trucks GVW Trucks Price
Eicher Pro 2049 4995 KG ₹ 12.16 Lakh* - ₹ 12.91 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 3015 16371 KG ₹ 25.01 Lakh* - ₹ 26.01 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 3019 18500 KG ₹ 25.90 Lakh* - ₹ 28.18 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2095XP 11280 KG ₹ 17.59 Lakh* - ₹ 19.96 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2059 6950 KG ₹ 13.15 Lakh* - ₹ 16.12 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2049 CNG 4995 KG ₹ 13.32 Lakh* - ₹ 14.07 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2110 11990 KG ₹ 20.04 Lakh* - ₹ 23.39 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2055 7490 KG ₹ 13.71 Lakh* - ₹ 14.46 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2114XP 16371 KG ₹ 23.11 Lakh* - ₹ 25.81 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2059XP 7490 KG ₹ 14.67 Lakh* - ₹ 15.42 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2075 7490 KG ₹ 15.25 Lakh* - ₹ 17.70 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 6048 47500 KG ₹ 42.00 Lakh* - ₹ 45.15 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 6019 18500 KG ₹ 28.60 Lakh* - ₹ 29.60 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 3014 14250 KG ₹ 22.02 Lakh* - ₹ 25.15 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2114XP CNG 16371 KG ₹ 23.06 Lakh* - ₹ 26.56 Lakh*
Data Last Updated On : Jul 21, 2024

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70 Eicher Pro Trucks Found

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Eicher Pro 3019

Eicher Pro 3019

₹ 25.90 Lakh - ₹ 28.18 Lakh

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7 Variants Found Plus Icon

5490/HSD 180 HP 18500 KG
5490/CBC 180 HP 18500 KG
5490/MS Container 180 HP 18500 KG
4490/HSD 180 HP 18500 KG
4900/CBC 180 HP 18500 KG
6690/CWC 180 HP 18500 KG
6690/CBC 180 HP 18500 KG
Eicher Pro 2049

Eicher Pro 2049

₹ 12.16 Lakh - ₹ 12.91 Lakh

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2 Variants Found Plus Icon

2580/CBC 100 HP 4995 KG
3370/CBC 100 HP 4995 KG
Eicher Pro 2095XP

Eicher Pro 2095XP

₹ 17.59 Lakh - ₹ 19.96 Lakh

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6 Variants Found Plus Icon

5170/CBC 140 HP 11280 KG
3970/CBC/HSD/FSD 140 HP 11280 KG
4770/CBC/HSD 140 HP 11280 KG
4420/CBC/HSD 140 HP 11280 KG
3370/CBC/HSD/DSD/FSD 140 HP 11280 KG
3770/CBC/HSD/DSD/FSD 140 HP 11280 KG
Eicher Pro 3015

Eicher Pro 3015

₹ 25.01 Lakh - ₹ 26.01 Lakh

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4 Variants Found Plus Icon

4490/CBC 160 HP 16140 KG
5490/CBC 160 HP 16371 KG
4490/CBC/20 ft 160 HP 16371 KG
5490/CBC/24 ft 160 HP 16371 KG
Eicher Pro 2049 CNG

Eicher Pro 2049 CNG

₹ 13.32 Lakh - ₹ 14.07 Lakh

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2 Variants Found Plus Icon

2580/CBC 95 HP 4995 KG
3370/CBC 95 ई483 2 सीएनजी HP 4995 KG
Eicher Pro 2110

Eicher Pro 2110

₹ 20.04 Lakh - ₹ 23.39 Lakh

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5 Variants Found Plus Icon

5150/CBC/22ft 160 HP 11990 KG
3900/CBC 160 HP 11990 KG
4300/CBC/19ft 160 HP 11990 KG
4300/CBC/20ft 160 HP 11990 KG
5150/CBC/24ft 160 HP 11990 KG

Second Hand Eicher Pro

Eicher 10.49-pro

2019 | West

₹ 8,50,000

Eicher 1095 Pro

2018 | West

₹ 11,00,000

Eicher 3012-PRO

2017 | Chennai

₹ 13,50,000

Eicher 6031-pro

2016 | Nagpur

₹ 15,00,000

Eicher Pro 1055

2019 | Belgaum

₹ 12,00,000

Eicher PRO 1095XP

2011 | Vidisha

₹ 5,20,000

Eicher Trucks

Eicher Pro 2095 Xp Plus

Eicher Pro 2095 Xp Plus

₹ 21.18 Lakh - ₹ 21.93 Lakh

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Eicher Pro 3015 Fuel Cell

Eicher Pro 3015 Fuel Cell

Price Coming Soon

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Eicher Pro 2049 EV

Eicher Pro 2049 EV

Price Coming Soon

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Eicher Pro 3018

Eicher Pro 3018

Price Coming Soon

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Popular Eicher Pro Commercial Vehicle Comparisons

About Eicher Pro in India

A joint venture between Volvo Groups and Eicher Motors manufactures the trucks within this series. The Eicher Pro series has 65 models adhering to BS6 emission norms and one model with Zero Tailpipe emission. Moreover, these trucks ensure prolonged durability, fuel economy, and quality performance. 

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The Eicher Pro series is consistently evolving its models, integrating cutting-edge technology and safety features. Besides, its models have spacious interiors that prioritize comfort with ergonomic seating and ample leg and headroom.

This series includes a wide range of models designed for optimal performance, durability, and efficiency. It has 70 models in Truck, Tipper and Transit Mixer body types. They cater to diverse transport needs, offering models with advanced technology, powerful engines, and impressive fuel economy. Also, models from this series ensure safety and comfortable driving. 

The Eicher Pro trucks provide high-performing models that are BS6 compliant to promote sustainability. Furthermore, this series has an extensive lineup of models designed for powerful performance. Obtain detailed information about Eicher Pro on road price, specifications, and key applications. 

Why is Eicher Pro Best for Logistics and Distribution Business? 

This Eicher series is ideal for logistics and distribution businesses because of its unmatched reliability and innovative features. It offers models with varying payload capacities, accommodating cargo for diverse business requirements.

  • The models are highly durable. They're manufactured with strong materials that can handle rough use daily.
  • They use advanced technologies like fuel injection and turbocharging, making them fuel efficient.
  • The series prioritizes safety with features such as anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, and airbags.
  • The latest technology, such as telematics and GPS tracking, can help businesses improve their fleet efficiency & productivity. 
  • The Eicher Pro series offers trucks and tippers for all types of light, medium, and heavy-duty applications.

Eicher Pro Price In India

The Eicher Pro price in India starts from Rs. 12.16 Lakh and goes to Rs. 78.30 Lakh. This series includes top-quality models that are a worthwhile investment. With advanced technology and safety features, Eicher Pro trucks are available at a competitive price range. 

Eicher Motors has a wide network of authorized dealers and service centers for a quality user experience. Visit Truck Junction to obtain the Eicher Pro on road price in India and find financing options for a cost-effective purchase. 

Eicher Pro Features

The Eicher Pro series offers models designed for high comfort with the motive to enhance driving performance and productivity. Know how models from Eicher Pro models serve reliability for your transport needs. 

High-Performing Engine

This series consists of high-performing models equipped with fuel-efficient and robust engines. Also, they operate efficiently from CNG, electric, and diesel fuel sources. It results in impressive power output and torque for quick deliveries.

Fuel Efficiency

Eicher Pro trucks ensure fuel economy to reduce operational costs and carbon footprint. It makes customers rely on this series for cleaner and cost-effective transportation. Further, this series is suitable for various transportation needs.

Maximum Power

The Eicher Pro models deliver impressive power output ranging from 95 HP to 350 HP. It enables businesses to fulfil customer demands without any hurdles. 

High Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)

Eicher Pro truck 2024 offers high payload capacity from the impressive GVW for carrying high-volume cargo with ease. Moreover, its GVW ranges from 2.5 tons to above 40 tons. 

Modern Cabin Design

The Eicher Pro model features a modern cabin design that prioritizes comfort and convenience. It includes tiltable steering for enhanced maneuvering and a driver info display for fleet management.

Cruise Control

This truck series provides cruise control to ensure consistent speed while managing its movement. Moreover, it reduces wear and tear on brakes and engines for assured durability.

Good Speed

Eicher pro tipper, truck, and transit mixer models offer 80 kmph speed for efficient deliveries. Moreover, high-speed delivery of Eicher pro tipper models ensures an enhanced fuel economy and reduces operating costs. 

Popular Eicher Pro Truck Models

The Eicher Pro series offers the best-selling models, making them worthwhile investments. The following table provides the most popular models of this Eicher series, with GVW and price range. This information is essential for customers willing to choose the best one for their personal or business needs.

Models GVW  Price Range
Pro 2049 4995 KG Rs. 12.16 Lakh to Rs. 12.91 Lakh 
Pro 3019 18500 KG Rs. 25.90 Lakh to Rs. 28.18 Lakh 
Pro 3015 16371 KG Rs. 25.01 Lakh to Rs. 26.01 Lakh 
Pro 2059 6950 KG  Rs. 13.15 Lakh to Rs. 16.12 Lakh 

Key Applications of Eicher Pro Trucks 

This series commercial vehicles find applications in various industries and sectors owing to their versatile designs and robust performance. Here are some of the key applications of the CVs within the lineup. 

  • Goods Transportation

The Eicher Pro payload capacity allows businesses to easily carry voluminous cargo over long distances. This series provides best-in-class Eicher Pro mileage trucks suitable for construction, logistics, and e-commerce. 

  • Logistics and Distribution

This series models have a customizable and high deck body for accommodating diverse cargo for logistics and distribution. 

  • Construction Industry

The Eicher Pro tipper models, with their spacious cargo bodies, can easily carry sand, gravel, and equipment for construction projects. The transit mixer also blends the cement easily. 

  • Agriculture

This series of trucks and tippers helps farmers easily move equipment to the farms. They can also transport raw materials and produce from farms to market and to the end customer. 

  • E-commerce Businesses

Eicher Pro series offers models that support businesses in ensuring last-mile delivery to meet customer expectations. Also, they provide timely delivery for e-commerce businesses. 

Exclusive Services We Offer 

The Eicher Pro truck series is the best choice for businesses seeking cost-effective logistics solutions. These models ensure timely delivery and promote business growth. 

Truck Junction provides detailed information regarding Eicher Pro trucks to help you choose a reliable model for your business needs. So join us and get more information about mileage, key applications, GVW, and more. 

If you want to Apply for a loan option to finance your model from the Eicher Pro series easily Truck Junction EMI calculator helps to evaluate your down payment.

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Eicher Pro Reviews

Eicher Pro Reviews



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Frequently Asked Questions on Eicher Pro Trucks

Ans. The price of this series in India ranges between Rs. 12.16 Lakh - Rs. 78.30 Lakh.
Ans. Power output in Eicher Pro series Starts from 95 HP and goes up to a maximum of 350 HP.
Ans. The Eicher Pro 2049 truck is the cheapest model of the pro series. Its price starts from Rs. 12.16 Lakh.
Ans. The Eicher Pro 8035XM is the most expensive model in the series, available at Rs.71.30 Lakh - Rs. 78.30 Lakh price range.
Ans. Eicher Pro trucks and tippers are ideal for Construction, E-Commerce, and Cargo transportation.
Ans. The Eicher Pro models have GVW ranging from 2.5 tons to above 40 tons.
Ans. Diesel, CNG, and Electric are available for the Eicher Pro truck 2024 .
Ans. The Eicher Pro 8035XM Tipper model features cruise control, which ensures a balanced ride even in uneven road conditions.
Ans. Eicher Pro 2049, Pro 2059, Pro 3019 and Pro 3015 are popular models of Eicher Pro series.
Ans. The Eicher Pro 2049 EV is an electric truck of this Series.
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