Tata Ace Gold CNG BS6: Features, Specs, Mileage & Price

Tata Ace Gold CNG BS6: Features, Specs, Mileage & Price

Still searching for a reliable mini truck that delivers performance and efficiency? Meet the Tata Ace Gold CNG BS6 from the best-selling Tata Ace, “Chota Hathi” Series. This mini truck, offered by Tata Motors, is a game changer for small businesses in the truck market. Also, it is one of the best entry-level mini trucks for first-time customers. Moreover, it promotes better driving range and offers more distance coverage for higher earnings.
With its eco-friendly CNG BS6 aligned engine and robust design, Tata Ace Gold CNG BS6 offers best-in-class mileage and cost-effectiveness. Ready to know what makes small businesses rely on this mini truck for their business needs? Continue reading for an in-depth look at Tata Ace Gold CNG Videos, specifications, features, applications, mileage and price.

Tata Ace Gold CNG BS6 Specifications


From the given Tata Ace Gold CNG Specifications, know how this model fits your business requirements.

  • Power-Packed Tata Ace Gold CNG BS6 Engine:

The Tata Ace Gold CNG performance is impressive with a 26 HP multipoint gas injection engine. This engine is aligned with BS-6 emission norms to reduce air pollution. Moreover, its maximum 51Nm torque promotes quick and seamless transportation at 70 kmph speed. Additionally, a 5-speed gearbox is attached to the engine.

  • Hauling Capacity:

Owing to its great hauling capacity, the Ace Gold mini truck is perfect for intra-city and highway use. It has a 1630 kg GVW, allowing 605 kg of payload capacity.

  • Fixed Dimensions:

With appropriate dimensions, Ace Gold CNG is able to fit diverse cargo with safe transportation. Its dimensions are: length (4075mm), width (1500mm), and height (1850mm). Also, it has an 8.2-ft. cargo deck, which can be customised as per requirement. Moreover, its 2250 mm wheelbase provides great stability for road driving and easy manoeuvring in all directions.

Additionally, the 160 mm ground clearance supports the driver in taking easy U-turns and driving on bumpy roads. Its 4625 mm minimum turning radius allows the driver to take turns in tight spaces with ease.

  • Clutch & Braking System

This mini truck has a thick and reinforced chassis with a highly responsive braking system and clutch transmission. Its front disc brakes and rear drum brakes prevent accidents and collisions, ensuring the safety of both driver and passenger. Also, its suspension is parabolic leaf spring on the front and semi-elliptical on the rear.

  • Tubeless Tyres

The Tata Ace Gold CNG bs vi has 145R12 LT 8PR radial tubeless tyres on front and rear. The tubeless tyres are lightweight, helpful in promoting high fuel efficiency, along with the ability to hold balance on flyovers.

  • Walk-in Floor Cabin

Inside the cabin, the Tata Ace Gold BS6 CNG model offers walk-in space. It offers high legroom, comforting headrests, a sliding seater, and a small compartment for driver and passenger convenience.

  • Fuel Capacity

The Tata Ace Gold CNG BS6 has a fuel capacity of 70 litres for extended trips. Also, it ensures continuous driving without worrying about frequent refuelling and promotes uninterrupted trips.

7 Essential Applications of Tata Ace Gold CNG BS6


Look at the given applications of the Tata Ace Gold CNG mini truck to effectively utilise in different industries.

1. Courier & Packages

The Tata Ace Gold CNG is great for courier and parcel delivery because of its small size, high fuel economy, and ease of navigation. Also, it ensures efficiency in the delivery of parcels and packages in terms of time and cost.

2. Water Refills:

Perfect for transporting water refills, the Tata Ace Gold CNG BS VI efficiently carries multiple water canisters. Its sturdy build and reliable engine promotes short-distance trips for the end customer.

3. Fruits and Vegetables:

If you want a mini truck ideal for carrying fresh produce, then Tata Ace Gold CNG is the best one. It has a good body size and load-bearing capacity for reliable performance. Also, it supports vendors and distributors in carrying fruits and vegetables, while preserving their freshness and quality.

4. Materials For Construction Projects:

This CNG mini truck can haul construction materials like sand, bricks, and cement. Its robust design and deck space ensures safe and efficient delivery to and from construction sites in urban areas.

5. Grocery & Retail Supply

For urgent requirements in grocery stores and retail shops, you need a mini truck. This is when Tata Ace Gold CNG BS VI comes into the picture. This mini truck can transport bulk goods. Its durability and high cargo space make it a practical choice for restocking inventory.

6. Beverage Distribution:

The Tata Ace Gold CNG BS6 is perfect for distributing beverages, including bottled drinks. Its stable and reliable performance ensures safe delivery, assisting businesses in maintaining a steady supply chain.

7. Event & Equipment Transport

For transporting event equipment like tents, chairs, and audio-visual gear, the Tata Ace Gold CNG. Also, it offers the needed cargo space and dependability. Moreover, its versatility makes it easy for event management companies to use.

Features of Tata Ace Gold CNG BS6


Here are the top features of the Tata Ace Gold (CNG) mini truck. Look at these features to see what they bring to the table.

  • Best-in-Class Mileage of Tata Ace Gold

The Tata Ace Gold CNG is extremely fuel efficient and offers top-class mileage, which means much lesser operational expense. This makes it a very affordable vehicle for use, especially among small businesses.

  • Customisable Body

Featuring an appealing design with a customisable body, Tata Ace Gold allows businesses to customise it according to their needs. It comprises cargo boxes, refrigerated units, or flatbeds to enhance its utility across various industries.

  • Zero Maintenance

Built for durability and reliability, the Tata Ace Gold CNG requires zero maintenance, minimising downtime and service costs. This feature ensures uninterrupted operations and long-term savings for business owners.

  • Best For Highway Runs

With its powerful engine and stable performance, this mini truck is perfect for highway runs. Moreover, it offers consistent speed and efficiency, making it reliable for long-distance transport of goods.

  • Extended Speed

This CNG mini truck provides extended speed capabilities, allowing quick deliveries and enhanced productivity. Its robust engine ensures its ability to handle higher speeds without compromising on safety and fuel efficiency.

  • Comforting Interior

The Tata Ace Gold BS6 CNG interior is designed for driver comfort. Also, it features ergonomic seats, ample legroom and user-friendly controls. This focus on comfort ensures a pleasant driving experience, even during extended trips on the road.

  • Safety Features of Tata Ace Gold

Fitted with essential features, this Gold CNG mini truck comprises seat belts, a sturdy chassis, and an advanced braking system. It ensures the driver’s safety and cargo, providing peace of mind during transport operations.

Mileage Of Tata Ace Gold BS6 CNG


The Tata Ace Gold CNG Mileage is impressive, making it stand out in the SCV segment. It is known for its efficiency, offering a decent 21.4kmpl mileage for budget-conscious customers. Featuring high fuel capacity, better acceleration, and GSA, it assists the driver with gear shifts to reduce excessive fuel consumption. Moreover, by saving more on fuel, customers obtain high returns, supplemented by savings from zero maintenance.

Additionally, robust tyres contribute significantly to Tata Ace Gold’s excellent fuel economy. They ensure durability and facilitate superior performance on various terrains. This makes the price of the Tata Ace Gold CNG BS VI cost-effective for small businesses relying on higher profits.

Tata Ace Gold CNG BS6 Price

The Tata Ace Gold CNG BS6 price range falls within Rs. 6.15-6.65 Lakh. This is the ex-showroom price range given for this mini truck. With this cost-effectiveness, entry-level or small-scale businesses can easily expand their business within and outside the city.

The Tata Ace Gold CNG BS6 on-road price differs according to the state’s RTO, taxes, and regulations. You can visit your nearest showroom not just for the on road price, but also for buying its accessories, or spare parts.

Final Words: Why Choose Tata Ace Gold CNG BS6?

The blog “Tata Ace Gold CNG BS6: Detailed Look at its Specs & Features” provides everything you need to know. From its specifications to applications, features, mileage, and price, Tata Ace Gold CNG is versatile.

Besides this mini truck, you can explore other small commercial vehicles, including pickups and trucks. Visit Truck Junction for a cost-effective and valuable purchase.

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