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Syed Usman Hasan
12 Jun 2024

Magenta Mobility Expands Partnership with Tata Motors: Deploys over 100 Tata Ace EVs

By Syed Usman Hasan News Date 12 Jun 2024

Magenta Mobility Expands Partnership with Tata Motors: Deploys over 100 Tata Ace EVs

Magenta Mobility is a leading provider of electric mobility solutions. It has reinforced its collaboration with Tata Motors, India's foremost commercial vehicle manufacturer. This enhanced partnership has led to the deployment of over 100 units of Tata Ace EVs, including more than 60 Ace EVs and over 40 of the newly launched Ace EV 1000. Further, this initiative is part of an MoU signed in October 2023, which aims to introduce 500 units of the groundbreaking Tata Ace EV.

Official Statement From VP & Business Head – SCVPU, Tata Motors

Vinay Pathak, Vice President & Business Head – SCVPU, Tata Motors, stated, “Marking a major milestone in our partnership with Magenta Mobility, we take immense pride in the deployment of Tata Ace EVs into their fleet. This reaffirms our shared vision of revolutionising intra-city distribution through advanced, zero-emission mobility solutions. The Ace EV, a product of our co-creation efforts, offers unparalleled performance, reliability and operational efficiency, while contributing to a greener future for India. This deployment is a testament to our unwavering commitment to democratising sustainable e-cargo transportation across the nation. Together, we are paving the way for a cleaner, greener and more environmentally conscious future for India.”

Official Statement From Founder & CEO of Magenta Mobility

Mr. Maxson Lewis, Founder & CEO of Magenta Mobility, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to deepen our collaboration with Tata Motors, furthering our commitment to delivering safe, smart, and sustainable mobility solutions across India. The deployment of 100+ Tata Ace EVs marks a significant stride towards our ambitious ‘Ab Ki Baar Dus Hazaar’ program, aimed at deploying 10,000 electric vehicles by September 2025. By synergizing Tata Motors’ expertise in four-wheel small commercial vehicles (SCVs) with our integrated capabilities in logistics, charging infrastructure, and technology, this partnership is poised to redefine industry standards.”

What Makes the Ace EV Range Stand Out?

The Tata Ace EV includes the latest EVOGEN powertrain. It provides remarkable driving involvement in a 7-year battery guarantee and a 5-year comprehensive upkeep package. They are designed to be safe from every single climate activity. It includes a high level battery cooling system and regenerative braking to broaden the driving range. 
With both normal and quick charging capacities, the Ace EV guarantees high uptime. Further, its 27kW (36hp) engine, delivering 130Nm of torque, ensures top-tier pickup and grade capacity, considerably under full load conditions. Clients have lauded the vehicle's robust performance and near 100 per cent uptime.

Magenta Mobility's Vision for a Sustainable Future

Upheld by investors like HPCL, BP, Morgan Stanley, JITO Angel Network Organization, and Indian American philanthropist Dr. Kiran Patel, Magenta Mobility is driving India's electric mobility transformation. The extended partnership with Tata Motors and the deployment of 100 Tata Ace EVs underscore Magenta's dedication to decarbonising logistics and driving advancement in the transportation area.

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