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Packers and Movers Business in India - Complete Guide

News Date 07 Sep 2021

Packers and Movers Business in India - Complete Guide

Packers and Movers Business is a fast-growing service-oriented business. At present, both at the local level and interstate level, consumers need such services when they shift from one place to another or from one city to another. So that, they can move their goods to the new location.

People need Packers and Movers Service due to all these requirements. That's why it can be said that thousands of people need this kind of service every month in a major city. These people are on the lookout for reliable packers and movers who are capable of providing them with end-to-end packing and shifting service at the good Packers and Movers rate list. 

Therefore, it can be said that there are many opportunities to earn from this type of business in India. And any person who wants to start his business by making some investments can consider beginning a Packers and Movers business. And if you are one of them who want to start your own business, then through this article, we will tell you how any interested person can start a packers and movers business.

What is Packers and Movers Business?

The time is gone when people used to spend their whole lives in one place, village, town, or city. The present human lifestyle has become such that it is difficult to live in one place, village, town, city. It is meant to say that earlier, the house in which a person was born also died in the same house. At present situation has changed and people started moving to different location according to their job or other business needs. 

People may have to change houses for better jobs, buy new flats, or improve their lifestyle. The reasons can be many. But when people have to move from one place to another, then they need Packers and Movers. Generally seen, the work of packers and movers is to pack the goods / Household items and transfer them to the destination without breakage. So we can say, those businesses who pack goods and deliver them safely to the destination called Packers and Movers business.

Packers and Movers Services

Generally, end to end packing and shifting work is done by Packers and Movers. Their functions include loading, unloading, transporting and insuring household items such as furniture, home and kitchen appliances, kitchenware, etc. Apart from moving household goods, packers and movers offer other services to their customers as listed below.

  • Packing and transfer of people's belongings from door to door.
  • Transfer of local and inter-state offices.
  • Short term storage and warehousing services.
  • Providing car transport from one state to another.
  • Packing and transportation of industrial goods.

In general, Packers and Movers provide complete service to their customers from packing the goods to its transportation. But sometimes they give only packing or only transportation service to their customers.

Who Needs Packers and Movers?

The services of Packers and Movers are mainly availed by individual customers, corporate houses and other businesses. Talking about individual customers, these include those customers who want to relocate to a new city for some personal or business reason. Or people who are moving from rented houses to their place or people who are changing rented houses. All these people may require local transfer or inter-state transfer according to their needs. In addition, some companies help relocate their employees to encourage them to work from one office to another. In this situation, they choose packers and movers for their employees. 

Apart from this, different businesses also require packers and movers during their office shifts within one city or from one city to another. Therefore, the entrepreneur doing this type of business should have experience in negotiating and dealing with all kinds of customers.

The Process to  Begin Packers and Movers in India

Keep in mind that, to start and run any business successfully, the entrepreneur should be passionate about the company and the product or service that he will offer to his customers. And as far as the business of Packers and Movers in India is concerned, the entrepreneur needs to specifically focus on customer support, pricing and overall service quality. 

Although starting a packers and movers business in India is not a big deal, the big thing is to keep this business successful. Because there is competition in this sector also among all types of companies, big and small. But if the entrepreneur is passionate about transferring people, he can run this business successfully with his hard work, dedication, diligence, and strategy. So let us know how one can start his packers and movers business.

1. First Make Sure

Before starting the Packers and Movers Company, the entrepreneur must remember that a lot of hard work and tireless effort is required to start and grow any business. If you want to start this business just because you think that by doing this business, you will be able to earn an attractive income, then take it seriously. Since it can take a long time to run and make a business successful, it is said that business is not for everyone. 

Remember that the entrepreneurial mindset is different, so the entrepreneur needs a different mindset to run the business successfully. Apart from this, the entrepreneur has to keep himself updated according to the challenges and opportunities. That comes in the company. So the entrepreneur has first to make sure that he wants to start this kind of business?

2. Service Selection

When the entrepreneur has decided to start the Packers and Movers business, he has to determine what service he will offer to his customers. For example, some entrepreneurs offer only packing, some only transportation, and some provide all types of facilities like packing, storage, loading, unloading, and transportation to their customers. Apart from this, most people move more from one major city to another, so doing this business in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Pune etc. may be appropriate. 

Although city-wise helps the entrepreneur choose the service, since the entrepreneur has started a new business, the entrepreneur should provide service only locally, i.e. within the same city, instead of service from interstate or from one city to another. And as the income of the entrepreneur increases so that the entrepreneur can expand his business.

3. Managing the Required Investment

Although if seen, Packers and Movers company is a service-related business, and most of the service business-related requires less investment than a manufacturing business to start. But this business is a business in which the entrepreneur needs vehicles. However, the entrepreneur can either rent or buy his truck. But if the entrepreneur does not have a sufficient amount of money, he can start this business by taking a rental vehicle in the initial phase. 

And as far as the office is concerned, the entrepreneur can start it by renting a small space in the initial phase. This will minimise the money spent on rent. However, the fare may vary depending on the location and location. Apart from this, he also needs to make some investment for setting up the office. For example, there may be a need to make and buy a work desk, chairs, office stationery, bill book, quotation book, visiting card etc.

4. Packers and Movers Business Registration

Any entrepreneur who wants to sell services has to register them as a unit depending on the nature of the business. So if an entrepreneur wants to start a Packers and Movers business in India, he may need some license and registration. A brief description of which is given below.

To form his own company, the entrepreneur can register his business under various business entities like proprietorship, partnership, private limited etc.

  • A Shops and Establishment license may also be required. Typically this license is issued by a local authority like Municipal Corporation, Municipality.
  • A PAN card may be required in the name of the business.
  • There may be a need to open a current account in the name of the business.
  • GST registration is also required.

For online availability of business, the entrepreneur also needs to create a business website and social account.

5. Recruitment and Training of Employees

After starting a business Movers and Packers company in India, professional and strong employees must grow and develop it. In other simple words, we mean that the entrepreneur must have an efficient and strong team to make this business successful and grow. Therefore, the entrepreneur may need to take precautions regarding the recruitment and training of the employees. When we talk about employee training, it doesn't just mean successfully handling packing and moving tasks. 

But the employees should also have technical skills, tact and understanding of the feelings of the customers. For example, if an entrepreneur has sent his employees to a house from where older people will leave their home and shift to another place, they will have many memories attached to that house. So there will be a lot of stuff that will have their unique feelings attached to it. So the employees have to respect those things while respecting their sentiment.

6. Pricing

As we have already told you, Movers and Packers company has a very competitive business in India. It is meant to say that there is a lot of competition in this business in India. And if we talk about a normal customer, before buying any item or service, he must know two or three places in which he mainly checks the price, process, delivery time, speed etc. But the money charged for providing the service plays a significant role in attracting any customer. 

Customers see the prices first and then other things, so the pricing is enough to attract and keep any customer away. Therefore, the prices should be such that the cost, competition, availability etc., have been taken care of.

7. Promote your Business

Before taking the first order, the entrepreneur should check that his team is fully ready to deliver to the customers. For this, the entrepreneur can take stock of his team's preparations by sending some fake customers or making a phone call. Then, when he feels that his preparations have been completed, the entrepreneur can use them to make his Packers and Movers business successful. 

One can start working on it by making a promotion and marketing strategy. Since most people currently search heavily for such services online, entrepreneurs can also promote their business through advertisements on both social media and search engines.

For more logistics news, stay with us at Truck Junction. Here you can get regularly updated News in Hindi also. 

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