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24 Apr 2021

Second Wave Of Covid-19 : Transporter's Loss Of One Thousand Crores Daily

By News Date 24 Apr 2021

Second Wave Of Covid-19 : Transporter's Loss Of One Thousand Crores Daily

Demand To Stop Emi Collection And Give Exemption On Tax And Insurance Rebate

Due to another wave of the Covid-19, cases of coronavirus are increasing continuously in the country. Transport business will come to a stop due to Covid-19 restrictions, and they are incurring a loss of one thousand crore rupees per day. Transport business people are upset with this.

Truck drivers' body All India Motor Transport Congress said that transporters are acquiring a loss of nearly a thousand crore rupees every day due to new restrictions due to Covid-19 and weekly lockdowns in some states. With the increasing number of Covid-19 patients, their loss is also increasing. AIMTC said these losses could increase even more if the government did not take relief measures to handle the situation. The transporter is no longer in a position to bear the loss.

Losses Are Increasing With Intensity, Along With The Increase In The Duration Of Lockdowns And Restrictions

AIMTC said that public prohibition was executed in Maharashtra on April 12 to prevent Covid-19 infection. At that time, a loss of Rs 315 crore was estimated every day. According to the latest estimates, the transport industry is losing about Rs 1,000 crore per day, which is increasing with the intensity and duration of the lockdown and restrictions imposed due to the disease.

Demand For Relief From The Government

The All India Motor Transport Congress demanded the government to take proper steps. The organisation has sought a waiver on recovery of equal-monthly instalment (EMI) of loans taken for vehicles, exemption on tax and insurance rebates to avoid the impending financial crisis on the industry. AIMTC says that transporters will have to manage taxes, instalment of insurance, EMI of trucks, salaries of drivers and employees, establishment charges etc. In this regard, AIMTC has asked the state government to give relief on the state's taxes, permits and fitness fees, freedom from parking fees for empty standing trucks, etc.


50 Per Cent Reduction In Demand For Trucks Due To Ban

The transport sector is yet to recover from the loss by the 2020 lockdown. Now the new ban is another setback for it. AIMTC said that Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, and other states have also forced strict restrictions on transportation of non-essential goods resulting in a reduction of about 50 per cent in demand for trucks. The AIMTC said that if the lockdown and regulations are tightened in the event of deterioration, the loss will increase further.

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