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15 Jun 2021

RTO Form 29 Transfer Ownership of a Vehicle

By News Date 15 Jun 2021

RTO Form 29 Transfer Ownership of a Vehicle

Suppose you have decided to sell your vehicle. For your future safety to get into an unavoidable condition, you need to transfer the ownership to the buyer. RTO Form 29 will assist you through the transfer process. It confirms that the original owner has submitted all narrated documents concerning the  RC, insurance, and PUC to the local RTO. Seller issues required copies of the application at the local RTO for further processing.

How will we fill RTO Form 29?

Form 29 has two parts; the primary part holds the personal details about the original vehicle owner and the buyer. The concluding portion of the form has an official endorsement. Details about the step by step process to fill the form 29 are given below.

  • Start filling up the application by writing the RA (Registering Authority) name whose jurisdiction the transferee lives. In the following spaces, write the owner name and address as specified in the identification evidence enclosed with the form.
  • In the next blank, fill the date when you have sold or given your vehicle to the buyer. You must also fill in the vehicle number, make, and chassis number in the following places.
  • If you are an owner of a battery-operated vehicle, write the motor or engine number in the following blank.
  • Now insert the buyer's name and his/her father's name. Married women can also specify their husband's name in this space.
  • After the identity, fill in the buyer's address specified in the proof added with the form.
  • If your vehicle was under a Hire-purchase or Hypothecation agreement or Lease, mention the Financier's name in the following blank.
  • The vehicle's original owner should also hand over the Insurance Certificate and Registration Certificate to the buyer when selling the vehicle. The applicant must also state that his / her vehicle is free from all dues, and every information filled in this form is proper to the best of his knowledge.
  • In the concluding portion of the opening section, the original registered owner attaches his thumb impression or signature along with the date of application submission.
  • The Financier also attaches his sign and date as a mark of approval to the shift of ownership.
  • Now fill in the Registering Authority's name whose jurisdiction the candidate resides to post an acknowledgement of this document by the registered post.
  • The RA verifies this form by entering the RN (reference number), date, and RTO office's name. They also state that the ownership of the machine got shifted to the customer.
  • At the concluding section of the application, the Registering Authority's representative affixes his sign,  stamp or official seal and the date. Lastly, the transferor's name gets mentioned as the RTO transmits an acknowledgement by a Registered post.

Required Documents

Transferee's identity and address proof
Buyer's identity and address proof
Original RC (Registration Certificate) of the vehicle
Engine and Chassis' pencil print
Insurance Copy

Download RTO Form 29

Click here


Now we can tell, RTO Form 29 is essential during the selling of a vehicle. It assists in transferring the ownership from the original owner to the purchaser. The document also proves that the applicant has presented the RC (Registration Certificate) and IC (Insurance Copy) to the buyer.

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