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Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks Corporation has been producing commercial vehicles since 1928. It has a great presence in the automobile sector as it produces a wide range of commercial vehicles, including Volvo tippers, Volvo Tractors, and Volvo trucks.

The company supplied an environment-friendly range of trucks at an economical price. The cost-effective Volvo trucks in India is Volvo FM 440 6x4, which starts from Rs. 70 Lakh*. Check out the popular Volvo truck list at Truck Junction.

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Volvo Trucks in India Trucks GVW Trucks Price
Volvo FH 520 Puller 200000 KG Rs. 90.00 Lakh* - 90.11 Lakh*
Volvo FM 420 Euro-4 6x4 25000 KG Rs. 74.95 Lakh* - 76.99 Lakh*
Volvo FMX 440 31000 KG Rs. 94.95 Lakh* - 96.15 Lakh*
Volvo FM 400 31000 KG Rs. 82.00 Lakh* - 85.00 Lakh*
Volvo FM 370 40000 KG Rs. 80.00 Lakh* - 84.00 Lakh*
Volvo FM 400 HD 160000 KG Rs. 76.51 Lakh* - 80.61 Lakh*
Volvo FM 440 6x4 125000 KG Rs. 70.00 Lakh* - 70.15 Lakh*
Volvo FM 420 8x4 23 CU.M 35000 KG Rs. 70.00 Lakh* - 74.40 Lakh*
Data Last Updated On : Mar 20, 2023

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Popular Volvo Trucks

Volvo FM 420 4x2

Volvo FM 420 4x2

₹ 70.00 Lakh - ₹ 74.00 Lakh

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Volvo FMX 460 8x4

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Volvo FH 520 Puller

Volvo FH 520 Puller

₹ 90.00 Lakh - ₹ 90.11 Lakh

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3885/CAB 520 HP 200000 KG
Volvo Fm 420 4x2 LNG

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Volvo FM 440 6x4

Volvo FM 440 6x4

₹ 70.00 Lakh - ₹ 70.15 Lakh

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3885/CAB 440 HP 125000 KG
Volvo FM 420 8x4 23 CU.M

Volvo FM 420 8x4 23 CU.M

₹ 70.00 Lakh - ₹ 74.40 Lakh

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Volvo Truck Series

Volvo FMX 440

Volvo FMX 440

₹ 94.95 Lakh - ₹ 96.15 Lakh

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5600/CAB 440 HP 31000 KG
5600/19.5 CuM/Front 440 HP 31000 KG
5600/19.5 CuM/Front/16 SPEED 440 HP 31000 KG
5670/18.7CuM /Front 440 HP 31000 KG
5600/19.5 CuM/Rock Body 440 HP 31000 KG
5600/19.5 CuM/Rock Body/ 16 SPEED 440 HP 31000 KG
5670/18.7 CuM/Rock Body 440 HP 31000 KG
Volvo FM 420 Euro-4 6x4

Volvo FM 420 Euro-4 6x4

₹ 74.95 Lakh - ₹ 76.99 Lakh

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5585/CAB 420 HP 25000 KG
Volvo FM 480

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6670/CAB 480 HP 59000 KG
6670/24 CuM/Front 480 HP 59000 KG
6670/24 CuM/Rock Body 480 HP 59000 KG

Popular Second Hand Volvo Trucks

Volvo FH 520 Puller

Volvo FH 520 Puller

Price - ₹ 25,00,000

meter 1,00,000 km

location Gurgaon

calender 2007

Volvo FH 520 Puller

Volvo FH 520 Puller

Price - ₹ 12,00,000

meter 4,500 km

location Karnal

calender 2022

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About Volvo Trucks

Volvo trucks are a global manufacturer of commercial vehicles based in Gothenburg, Sweden, owned by AB Volvo. The company was established in 1928, after that, it never looked back. It continuously produces state-of-art commercial vehicles such as tippers, tractors, and trucks. Volvo is counted as the largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles in India, and its products provide advanced transport solutions. It always stands on the belief of the customers to meet their demand and needs. The company's main aim is to provide quality, safety and environment care, and that is reflected in their trucks. 

It is very well known for its heavy-duty truck range, building trucks over 16 tons. It exports trucks to more than 130 countries all over the world.

Why Is Volvo a Popular Company? 

The company is the perfect bunch of reliability, durability, and excellence. It designed, measured, tested and made every component with exactness. Volvo trucks provide efficiency, safety, and comfort for customers' convenience. It shapes the Indian automobile industry with its products. 

Volvo Truck In India - Overview 

Volvo trucks are popular for their advanced features and quality work. Every consumer wants a Volvo truck in India because it is manufactured with a technical solution and has suitable prices. Volvo truck India is a company that is continuously working for its users and always satisfies them with their quality products At Truck Junction, you can easily get all new Volvo truck prices. Here, you can get Volvo truck images, reviews and related FAQs. 

Volvo Truck Price in India 

Volvo truck price starts from Rs 70 Lakh* and raise up to Rs 90.11 Lakh* which is fixed according to the customer's budget. It supplies advanced commercial vehicles that are loaded with the best features. Volvo trucks price is suitable and appropriate for the customers. 

Get Volvo trucks cost at Truck Junction in an easy way. For this, you have to just log in the website and visit the Volvo Truck page. 

Volvo Truck Service Center 

At Truck Junction, you can find 28 Volvo Truck Service centers in India. These service centers are located across 18 Indian cities. From this, you check out details about Volvo Truck Service Center near you. 

Why Truck Junction For Volvo Truck

Truck Junction is an online platform where we bring every single detail about Volvo commercial vehicles. Here, you get a wide range of Volvo products in your budget. Besides, we provide contact numbers and addresses of Volvo dealers near you.

Volvo tractor truck is a super stylish truck that comes with extra advanced features that provide quality work. The company is qualified in manufacturing superb commercial vehicles, which are quite popular in the Indian market. Truck junction is the best place to get information related to the Volvo truck commercial. 

With this, you can find an updated Volvo trucks price list at Truck Junction. Here, you can find Volvo tipper trucks and Volvo semi truck price. Hence, if you are searching for Volvo commercial vehicles at a reasonable price, visit Truck Junction. Here, you get a Volvo truck price list with videos, reviews, news, and much more. Find out the updated Volvo trucks prices here. 

Get more about the Volvo trucks price list and related FAQs. Download Truck Junction Mobile App to get the latest updates about Volvo trucks India.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Volvo Trucks

Ans. 14 Volvo Trucks are available at Truck Junction.
Ans. Volvo provides a wide range of Volvo tractors, trucks, and tippers.
Ans. Volvo FH 520 Puller is the highest priced commercial vehicle of Volvo, available at price of Rs. 90 Lakh*.
Ans. Volvo FM 440 6x4 is the lowest priced Volvo commercial vehicle, available at price of Rs. 70 Lakh*.
Ans. FH 520 Puller, FM 420 Euro-4 6x4, FMX 440, FM 480 are the most popular Volvo commercial vehicles.
Ans. Volvo Trucks in India are available in various GVW configurations, starting from 20 tons and going beyond 40 tons.
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