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Eicher Trucks

In 2008, Eicher Motors Limited and Sweden’s Volvo Group entered into a joint venture to form VE Commercial Vehicles Limited (VECV). Since then, the company has engaged in selling a range of Eicher branded trucks & buses, VE Powertrain, eicher components, sales & distribution of Volvo trucks, and providing after-sales support for Volvo buses in India.

Besides, the company has a sizable presence in the tipper and tractor segment also. The company has swiftly transitioned to manufacturing BS-VI compliant vehicles in India. The most economical truck in Eicher’s line-up is Eicher Pro 2049 CNG, starting from Rs. 10.68 lakhs and the most expensive is Eicher Pro 8035XM, with prices starting from Rs. 60 lakhs. For a list of popular Eicher models, tune in to Truck Junction. 

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Eicher Trucks in India Trucks GVW Trucks Price
Eicher Pro 2049 4995 KG Rs. 12.16 Lakh* - 12.91 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 3015 16140 KG Rs. 25.01 Lakh* - 26.01 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 3019 18500 KG Rs. 25.90 Lakh* - 28.18 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2095XP 11280 KG Rs. 17.59 Lakh* - 19.96 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2059 6950 KG Rs. 13.15 Lakh* - 16.12 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2049 CNG 4995 KG Rs. 13.32 Lakh* - 14.07 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2110 11990 KG Rs. 20.04 Lakh* - 23.39 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2055 6950 KG Rs. 13.71 Lakh* - 14.46 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2114XP 16140 KG Rs. 23.11 Lakh* - 25.81 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2059XP 7490 KG Rs. 14.67 Lakh* - 15.42 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2075 7490 KG Rs. 15.25 Lakh* - 17.70 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 6048 47500 KG Rs. 42.00 Lakh* - 45.15 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 6019 18500 KG Rs. 28.60 Lakh* - 29.60 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 3014 14052 KG Rs. 22.02 Lakh* - 25.15 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2114XP CNG 16020 KG Rs. 23.06 Lakh* - 26.56 Lakh*
Data Last Updated On : Jun 02, 2023

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Price Range

Fuel Type

Max Power

Popular Eicher Trucks

Eicher Pro 2049

Eicher Pro 2049

₹ 12.16 Lakh - ₹ 12.91 Lakh

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2580/CBC 100 HP 4995 KG
Eicher Pro 3015

Eicher Pro 3015

₹ 25.01 Lakh - ₹ 26.01 Lakh

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2 Variants Found Plus Icon

4490/CBC 160 HP 16140 KG
5490/CBC 160 HP 16140 KG
Eicher Pro 3019

Eicher Pro 3019

₹ 25.90 Lakh - ₹ 28.18 Lakh

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7 Variants Found Plus Icon

5490/HSD 180 HP 18500 KG
5490/CBC 180 HP 18500 KG
5490/MS Container 180 HP 18500 KG
4490/HSD 180 HP 18500 KG
4900/CBC 180 HP 18500 KG
6690/CWC 180 HP 18500 KG
6690/CBC 180 HP 18500 KG
Eicher Pro 2095XP

Eicher Pro 2095XP

₹ 17.59 Lakh - ₹ 19.96 Lakh

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6 Variants Found Plus Icon

5170/CBC 140 HP 11280 KG
3970/CBC/HSD/FSD 140 HP 11280 KG
4770/CBC/HSD 140 HP 11280 KG
4420/CBC/HSD 140 HP 11280 KG
3370/CBC/HSD/DSD/FSD 140 HP 11280 KG
3770/CBC/HSD/DSD/FSD 140 HP 11280 KG
Eicher Pro 3018

Eicher Pro 3018

Price Coming Soon

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4 Variants Found Plus Icon

4490/CBC 160 HP 17750 KG
4490/HSD 160 HP 17750 KG
5490/CBC 160 HP 17750 KG
5490/HSD 160 HP 17750 KG
Eicher Pro 2059XP

Eicher Pro 2059XP

₹ 14.67 Lakh - ₹ 15.42 Lakh

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2 Variants Found Plus Icon

2935/CBC 120 HP 7490 KG
3770/CBC 120 HP 7490 KG

Eicher Truck Series

Eicher Pro 2050

Eicher Pro 2050

₹ 12.71 Lakh - ₹ 13.81 Lakh

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1 Variants Found Plus Icon

2935/CBC 100 HP 5400 KG
Eicher Pro 2080XPT

Eicher Pro 2080XPT

₹ 17.55 Lakh - ₹ 18.30 Lakh

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3 Variants Found Plus Icon

2935/FBT/4.5 Cum 140 HP 8990 KG
2935/DSD/4.5 Cum 140 HP 8990 KG
2935/CBC/4.5 Cum 140 HP 8990 KG
Eicher Pro 6048

Eicher Pro 6048

₹ 42.00 Lakh - ₹ 45.15 Lakh

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4 Variants Found Plus Icon

6800/FSD 260 HP 47500 KG
6800/HSD 260 HP 47500 KG
6800/CBC/30 ft 260 HP 47500 KG
6800/CBC/28 ft 260 HP 47500 KG
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Popular Second Hand Eicher Trucks

Eicher Pro 5016 H

Eicher Pro 5016 H

Price - ₹ 3,00,000

meter N/A

location Delhi

calender 2018

Eicher Pro 3014

Eicher Pro 3014

Price - ₹ 15,00,000

meter 57,000 km

location Mumbai

calender 2018

Eicher 10.49-pro

Eicher 10.49-pro

Price - ₹ 8,50,000

meter 30,000 km

location West

calender 2019

Eicher 10.59-xp

Eicher 10.59-xp

Price - ₹ 3,25,000

meter N/A

location West

calender 2011

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About Eicher Trucks

Are you searching for an affordable truck? 

Eicher Truck, the most popular and leading company of a joint venture. It is driving the future of Indian truck industry. The company supplies vehicles according to the next generation with innovative solutions. In 2008, the Eicher Motors and Volvo Group came across with the common aim to form VE Commercial vehicles. At present, they work together and supply advanced solution trucks to their customers. Eicher trucks price is too reasonable for Indian customers. Apart from trucks, Eicher pickup and other Eicher Commercial vehicles are also very well known among its customers. 

Eicher trucks provide all new BSVI range emission of pro series trucks. These Eicher commercial vehicle models are next generation heavy duty and light, multi-application, unique EUTECH6 solution, Maximum Lifetime Profitability, superior performance, and awesome design. You easily get 4.9 tons to 55 tons trucks for haulage, tippers, tractor trailers. Eicher Truck delivers superb trucks with safety and comfort features. So that customers can achieve their aim with safety and on time. The company knows that trucks are an integral part and trucks keep running the country. 

Is Eicher Truck the perfect choice? 

Eicher Truck provides the best after sales service to its customers. Their main aim is to satisfy each customer by providing them with an affordable Eicher truck with advanced solutions. Eicher truck price in India is reasonable which increases its demand between the truck users. 

As we all know, Eicher vehicles are loaded with high tech advanced technological solutions for high performance. The Eicher tempo is a classy tempo that provides effective and efficient work.  The company aims to provide Indian users with a quality truck. Eicher touched the heart of almost all their customers by them.  

Eicher Truck Price in India

Eicher Truck Price is affordably fixed according to the customers. They supply trucks that are fully advanced and loaded with features. The company’s first priority is to provide 100% satisfaction to its customers. Eicher trucks price is suitable and can come almost to the customers budget. Price of Eicher truck is affordable and that is why all truck lovers pick it for all their transportation work. You can get an updated Eicher truck price list on TruckJunction. 

The price range of the Truck at Truck junction starts from Rs. 10.49 Lakh and goes up to Rs. 65.00 Lakh*. The written price range includes all the models listed on this page.

Why TruckJunction for Eicher Trucks? 

At TruckJunction, you get all separate sections for Eicher Truck, Tipper, tractor and Eicher transit mixer. With this, you can easily filter Eicher truck price range, fuel type, GVW and number of tyres. That’s made your selection easier and quicker. Now, you can easily pick a dream Eicher truck. 

Here at Truck Junction, you can quickly get Eicher mini truck, Eicher truck review, Eicher mini lorry and many more. With this, you can also compare Eicher trucks with other trucks for a clear picture. Here we show the complete Eicher mini truck price list and Eicher motors truck price list. 

With all this, Get Eicher truck price list, Eicher lorry price, Eicher 6 wheeler truck price, Eicher bs6 price and others. For more information regarding Eicher Commercial vehicles, stay connected with Truck Junction. Log on and find out the reasonably Eicher mini truck price in India. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Eicher Trucks

Ans. 60 Eicher Trucks are available at Truck Junction.
Ans. Eicher truck mileage is dependent on the engine capacity and model. If you choose Eicher Pro 1049, then you get 10.8 kmpl.
Ans. Eicher Pro 2049 CNG is the lowest priced Eicher truck in India.
Ans. In 2008, Eicher Motors and Volvo Groups came together to form a joint venture.
Ans. Eicher truck price range in India starts from Rs. 10.49 Lakh* to Rs. 65.00 Lakh*.
Ans. You can easily find out an updated Eicher truck price 2023 at TruckJunction.
Ans. Around 575 Eicher truck dealers are available in India.
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