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Eicher Tipper

Eicher Tipper prices in India range between Rs. 13.38 Lakh - Rs. 65.00 Lakh. Some of the widely-popular models are Eicher Pro 2055T , Pro 2110XPT, Pro 6028T, Pro 2080XPT, Pro 6035T and Pro 8035XM. The Eicher Tipper Series provides exceptional technology to suit the demands. 

It enables quicker completion of the task and swifter transportation at huge quantities. The Eicher Tipper is a highly effective, long-lasting, and powerful tipper capable of handling any cargo task. 

Truck Junction offers an entire range of 12 Eicher tipper models. Here you may find the most recent Tipper Eicher model pricing list in India. All New Eicher Tipper Models are available here in the diesel fuel type variant. With us, you can get the updated information about the Eicher Tipper Price list in India.

Truck Junction is a reliable online platform where you can get a detailed analysis of Tipper Price list, mileage, specifications, photos, videos, and much more right here. 

Eicher Tipper in India Trucks GVW Trucks Price
Eicher Pro 2080XPT 8990 KG Rs. 17.55 Lakh* - 18.30 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2055T 6950 KG Rs. 15.46 Lakh* - 16.21 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 6028T 28000 KG Rs. 42.70 Lakh* - 46.70 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 6019T 18500 KG Rs. 30.96 Lakh* - 31.96 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2095XPT 11100 KG Rs. 17.41 Lakh* - 18.80 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 8035XM 35000 KG Rs. 71.30 Lakh* - 78.30 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2110XPT 13000 KG Rs. 22.44 Lakh* - 23.44 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 8028XM 28000 KG Rs. 52.80 Lakh* - 56.80 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 8028XC 28000 KG Rs. 42.00 Lakh* - 47.60 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 6035T 35000 KG Rs. 43.00 Lakh* - 45.05 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 6042 HT 42000 KG Rs. 47.32 Lakh* - 54.32 Lakh*
Data Last Updated On : Nov 29, 2023

Body Type

Price Range

Fuel Type

12 Eicher Tipper Found

Eicher Pro 6035T

Eicher Pro 6035T

₹ 43.00 Lakh - ₹ 45.05 Lakh

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3 Variants Found Plus Icon

5285/CBC 260 HP 35000 KG
5285/23 Cum (Box) 260 HP 35000 KG
5285/20 Cum (Box) 260 HP 35000 KG
Eicher Pro 2080XPT

Eicher Pro 2080XPT

₹ 17.55 Lakh - ₹ 18.30 Lakh

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3 Variants Found Plus Icon

2935/FBT/4.5 Cum 140 HP 8990 KG
2935/DSD/4.5 Cum 140 HP 8990 KG
2935/CBC/4.5 Cum 140 HP 8990 KG
Eicher Pro 2055T

Eicher Pro 2055T

₹ 15.46 Lakh - ₹ 16.21 Lakh

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3 Variants Found Plus Icon

2670/FBT/2.8 Cum 120 HP 6950 KG
2670/DSD/2.8 Cum 120 HP 6950 KG
2670/CBC/2.8 Cum 120 HP 6950 KG
Eicher Pro 6028T

Eicher Pro 6028T

₹ 42.70 Lakh - ₹ 46.70 Lakh

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3 Variants Found Plus Icon

4585/20 Cum (Box) 260 HP 28000 KG
4000/16 Cum (Box) 260 HP 28000 KG
4000/14 Cum (Rock) 260 HP 28000 KG
Eicher Pro 2095XPT

Eicher Pro 2095XPT

₹ 17.41 Lakh - ₹ 18.80 Lakh

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1 Variants Found Plus Icon

2935/CBC/5 Cum 140 HP 11100 KG
Eicher Pro 2110XPT

Eicher Pro 2110XPT

₹ 22.44 Lakh - ₹ 23.44 Lakh

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2 Variants Found Plus Icon

3350/FBT/6.5 Cum 160 HP 13000 KG
3350/CBC/6.5 Cum 160 HP 13000 KG
Eicher Pro 8035XM

Eicher Pro 8035XM

₹ 71.30 Lakh - ₹ 78.30 Lakh

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5 Variants Found Plus Icon

5285/18 Cum (Rock) 350 HP 35000 KG
5285/20 Cum 350 HP 35000 KG
5285/16 Cum 350 HP 35000 KG
5285/23 Cum (Box) 350 HP 35000 KG
5285/19.5 Cum (URB) 350 HP 35000 KG
Eicher Pro 6019XPT

Eicher Pro 6019XPT

Price Coming Soon

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3 Variants Found Plus Icon

3635/7 Cum (Rock) 240 HP 18500 KG
3635/8.5 Cum (Box) 240 HP 18500 KG
3635/10.5 Cum (Box) 240 HP 18500 KG
Eicher Pro 6019T

Eicher Pro 6019T

₹ 30.96 Lakh - ₹ 31.96 Lakh

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3 Variants Found Plus Icon

3635/10.5 Cum (Box) 210 HP 18500 KG
3635/8.5 Cum (Box) 210 HP 18500 KG
3635/7 Cum (Rock) 210 HP 18500 KG

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About Eicher Tipper in India

In the Indian commercial market, Eicher is a popular and widely recognized brand. This company specializes in a wide range of commercial vehicles, including trucks, trailers, transit mixers, tippers, and so on. A majority of Tipper models from Eicher justify its tagline of “Business Ka Badshah” to provide great performance.

The Eicher company manufactures the biggest range of tippers at various ex-showroom pricing levels. Moreover, it provides outstanding value and meeting the needs of all sectors of the Indian commercial vehicle industry. 

The tipper models from Eicher are efficient heavy-duty transportation vehicles in India. They are next-gen construction and mining tippers from 6.95 ton to 35 ton GVW. These tippers set a benchmark for reliability, performance and higher productivity. All of the tippers comes with outstanding features and high-performance engines from Eicher. 

All the Eicher tipper models redefine the customers experience offering them with the overall lifetime profits. The powerful engine of tipper Eicher models offers higher productivity and greater revenues. 

The tipper category includes diesel tippers that follow BS6 emission norms. As a result, models are performance-driven and provide high engine performance. In India, the Eicher firm has provided revolutionary and effective technology in its engines that provide sophisticated features.

The tipper Eicher models are more effective and well-suited to mining and transportation applications. These tippers have high-quality materials and a sturdy cabin and brakes, which make them the safest vehicles. Furthermore, the needs of the customer determine the pricing range of the tipper Eicher models. 

The engineers design the engines of the tipper models with modern technology to deliver high performance in transportation operations. Convenient features load them, and designers equip all the tippers with comfortable large cabins and the best safety measurements. 

Want to know about Eicher Tipper Second Hand for sale? Just check out Truck Junction. For this, just log on to Truck Junction and visit the Eicher tipper page. You can get the Eicher Tipper on Road Price list on this page with specifications, images, variants, reviews, and many more. 

Eicher Tipper Loading Capacity

The powerful tippers from Eicher are available in GVW ranging from 6950 KG GVW to 35000 Kg GVW and price tag of Rs. 13.38 - 65.00 Lakh. They also have a strong chassis built with high-quality material, which ensures dependability and endurance. These tippers' powerful engines deliver class-leading performance. They also give high power while consuming the least amount of fuel.

Also, they have a greater capability to load and unload due to powerful engines. This tipper model from Eicher has an unmatchable fuel tank capacity, allowing for comfortable long-distance hauling. Eicher build these robust tipper models with segment-specific client needs in mind to produce increased profitability. Moreover the brand have packed the models with industry-first innovations for improved dependability, safety, comfort, and efficiency.

Do You Want To Buy Eicher Tipper?

If you want to buy Eicher Tipper in India, Truck Junction is a perfect platform. Here, you can also get the complete range of new tipper models. To make your searching process easy, Truck Junction brings a specific page completely dedicated to the lorry. This page gives detailed information about Eicher Tipper Showroom Price and related models available in India.

How Can I Find The Right Eicher Tipper Price in India?

These tippers are ideal for a variety of applications, including cement, coal, construction sites, market loads, and many others. Tipper Eicher models are designed to carry heavy loads while providing you with superior savings. We have a wide range of Tipper models for you to choose from which. 

Visit Truck Junction, here you can get a complete New Eicher Tipper Price list in India. Here, you can get a filter option for finding the desired Eicher tipper according to your work. You can filter Eicher Tipper lorry according to Eicher Dumper Price range, fuel type, GVW, emission norms and the number of tyres. 

After applying the filter, you instantly get a perfect Tipper Eicher model for your work. Truck Junction is the platform where you can easily find an updated Eicher Tipper Price List. Moreover, you can also get all the tipper on road price in your city by filling in some information. 

Popular Eicher Tipper in India

Eicher Pro 2055T - Rs. 13.38 - 15.49 Lakh

Eicher Pro 2110XPT - Rs. 20.16 - 23.46 Lakh

Eicher Pro 6028T - Rs. 35.00 - 43.00 Lakh

Eicher Pro 8035XM - Rs. 60.00 - 65.00 Lakh

For more updates regarding the New Eicher Tipper Model in India, you have to just stay connected with us. Also, get updated information about the new model. 

Stay with us to learn everything about Tipper Eicher model prices in India. Because of their modern technical engines, each Eicher commercial vehicle has enormous power. So we provide you with information on Eicher Tipper width in feet, prices, characteristics, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions on Eicher Tipper

Ans. Eicher Tipper prices vary from model to model. Eicher Tipper Price starts from 15.46 Lakh
Ans. Eicher Pro 6035T, Eicher Pro 2080XPT, Eicher Pro 2055T, Eicher Pro 6028T, and many more are the best Eicher Tipper in India.
Ans. Eicher Tipper mileage is superb as all Tipper are equipped with an effective engine.
Ans. You can comfortably find a Eicher Tipper in India at Truck Junction.
Ans. Yes, Eicher Company provides Tipper according to the emission norms in India.

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