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Mahindra Trucks

Mahindra Truck price in India ranges between Rs. 1.45 Lakh to Rs. 52.89 Lakh. The brand Mahindra is India’s leading truck maker catering to the truck range, starting from 3 to 16-wheeler trucks. The brand’s portfolio includes high-performing trucks, tippers, trailers, pickups & transit mixers.

You can go through all 69 Mahindra truck models with GVW ranging from under 1 ton to 40 tons above. The brand has 4 series, including Supro, Blazo, Bolero, and Furio. Some of its popular models are Bolero Maxi Truck Plus, Treo Zor, Jeeto Plus BS6 and others.

The company is already in line with the BS-VI norms & has started manufacturing vehicles complying with the same. The most economical Mahindra commercial vehicle is the E-Alfa Mini, with prices starting from Rs. 1.45 Lakh.

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Mahindra Trucks in India Trucks GVW Trucks Price
Mahindra Jeeto 1345 KG Rs. 4.29 Lakh* - 4.99 Lakh*
Mahindra Jayo 4990 KG Rs. 9.98 Lakh* - 10.40 Lakh*
Mahindra Furio 14 14050 KG Rs. 22.57 Lakh* - 23.67 Lakh*
Mahindra Furio 12 11990 KG Rs. 21.96 Lakh* - 22.99 Lakh*
Mahindra Blazo X 35 35000 KG Rs. 37.90 Lakh* - 39.00 Lakh*
Mahindra Furio 16 16140 KG Rs. 24.48 Lakh* - 25.82 Lakh*
Mahindra Furio 14 HD 13100 KG Rs. 22.57 Lakh* - 23.87 Lakh*
Mahindra Blazo X 49 49000 KG Rs. 45.20 Lakh* - 49.25 Lakh*
Mahindra Blazo X 28 28000 KG Rs. 28.75 Lakh* - 32.81 Lakh*
Mahindra Furio 11 11280 KG Rs. 19.22 Lakh* - 19.75 Lakh*
Mahindra Furio 17 17000 KG Rs. 27.49 Lakh* - 28.65 Lakh*
Mahindra Blazo X 42 42000 KG Rs. 40.16 Lakh* - 40.36 Lakh*
Mahindra Blazo X 42 PUSHER AXLE 42000 KG Rs. 38.48 Lakh* - 42.80 Lakh*
Mahindra Blazo X 35 LIFT AXLE 35000 KG Rs. 37.67 Lakh* - 39.49 Lakh*
Mahindra Bolero Camper 2735 KG Rs. 9.27 Lakh* - 9.76 Lakh*
Data Last Updated On : May 31, 2024

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Popular Mahindra Trucks

Mahindra Jayo

Mahindra Jayo

₹ 9.98 Lakh - ₹ 10.40 Lakh

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2654/HSD 80 HP 4990 KG
2654/DSD 80 HP 4990 KG
2654/CBC 80 HP 4990 KG
Mahindra Blazo X 35

Mahindra Blazo X 35

₹ 37.90 Lakh - ₹ 39.00 Lakh

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2 Variants Found Plus Icon

6100/CAB 280 HP 35000 KG
6770/CAB 280 HP 35000 KG
Mahindra Furio 16

Mahindra Furio 16

₹ 24.48 Lakh - ₹ 25.82 Lakh

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12 Variants Found Plus Icon

5300/HSD 140 HP 16140 KG
4900/HSD 140 HP 16140 KG
4500/HSD 140 HP 16140 KG
4900/DSD 140 HP 16140 KG
5300/DSD 140 HP 16140 KG
4500/CBC 140 HP 16140 KG
5450/DSD 140 HP 16140 KG
4900/CBC 140 HP 16140 KG
5300/CBC 140 HP 16140 KG
5450/CBC 140 HP 16140 KG
4500/DSD 140 HP 16140 KG
5450/HSD 140 HP 16140 KG
Mahindra Blazo X 28

Mahindra Blazo X 28

₹ 28.75 Lakh - ₹ 32.81 Lakh

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4 Variants Found Plus Icon

6100/CAB 280 HP 28000 KG
5350/CAB 280 HP 28000 KG
6600/CAB 280 HP 28000 KG
5000/CAB 280 HP 28000 KG
Mahindra Blazo X 48

Mahindra Blazo X 48

Price Coming Soon

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3 Variants Found Plus Icon

6770/28ft 280 HP 48000 KG
6770/30ft 280 HP 48000 KG
6770/24ft 280 HP 48000 KG
Mahindra Blazo X 49

Mahindra Blazo X 49

₹ 45.20 Lakh - ₹ 49.25 Lakh

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1 Variants Found Plus Icon

6770/CAB 280 HP 49000 KG
Mahindra Furio 14

Mahindra Furio 14

₹ 22.57 Lakh - ₹ 23.67 Lakh

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9 Variants Found Plus Icon

4500/HSD 140 HP 14050 KG
5450/HSD 140 HP 14050 KG
5100/HSD 138 HP 14050 KG
5450/CBC 140 HP 14050 KG
5100/DSD 140 HP 14050 KG
4500/CBC 140 HP 14050 KG
5450/DSD 140 HP 14050 KG
5100/CBC 140 HP 14050 KG
4500/DSD 140 HP 14050 KG
Mahindra Furio 17

Mahindra Furio 17

₹ 27.49 Lakh - ₹ 28.65 Lakh

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3 Variants Found Plus Icon

5450/HSD 140 HP 17000 KG
5450/DSD 140 HP 17000 KG
5450/CBC 140 HP 17000 KG
Mahindra Furio 7 Cargo

Mahindra Furio 7 Cargo

₹ 15.11 Lakh - ₹ 16.15 Lakh

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3 Variants Found Plus Icon

CBC 80 HP 6950 KG
HSD 80 HP 6950 KG
DSD 60.5 kW @ 3200 rpm HP 6950 KG
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Price - ₹ 3,60,000

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28,000 km

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Price - ₹ 2,95,000

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65,000 km

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Price - ₹ 7,17,998

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Mahindra Trucks By Category

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Mahindra Trucks Dealers & Service Centers

About Mahindra Trucks

Mahindra is India’s one of the most popular & recognized commercial vehicles. This CV maker manufactures trucks, pickups, tippers, tractor-trailers in the light, medium, & HCV segments. These models are serving the needs of fleet operators, business owners, transport entrepreneurs, & logistics players.  

Over the years, Mahindra has introduced many new innovative vehicles and technologies. Its portfolio offers you easy to operate trucks at affordable price points. Mahindra truck price in India starts from Rs. 1.45 Lakh & goes up to Rs. 52.89 Lakh. 

The brand manufactures an HCV product range according to the ideology of being ‘Made in India’. In this category, the company has more than 52,000 HCV trucks on the road. Mahindra loading vehicles range from 3.5 tonnes to 55 tonnes GVW, with variants covering specialized load applications.  

In the LCV segment, Mahindra Truck & Bus Division has a market share of 9.4%. It’s all set to strengthen its position across India, with over 2,00,000 vehicles already on the roads. 

Popular Mahindra Trucks Model

Mahindra covers the logistical requirements of businesses of all scales in India. Whether you’re looking for a SCV to start your business or a heavy truck to expand your fleet, you can choose from Mahindra's widest portfolio. 

Also, Mahindra & Mahindra trucks offer robust and widest heavy-duty Tipper and Tractor-Trailers. The table below lists down its 4 popular CV models. You can also check Mahindra truck prices for the listed models in this table.

Mahindra Commercial truck models Payload Capacity  Mahindra Truck Price Range
Mahindra Furio 16 Truck 9525 (10.5) KG Rs. 24.48 Lakh - Rs. 25.82 Lakh
Mahindra Bolero Pikup 4x4 1015 KG Rs. 8.85 Lakh - Rs. 8.94 Lakh
Mahindra Supro CNG Duo Mini Truck 750 KG Rs. 6.32 Lakh - Rs.6.52 Lakh
Mahindra Blazo X 28 Truck 20000 KG Rs. 28.75 Lakh -  Rs. 32.81 Lakh

How Many Mahindra Service Centres are there in India

To serve its customers across India, Mahindra has developed an extensive sales and service network. You can find 75+ Mahindra Truck Service Centers in India. These service centres are available across 18 cities in India. 

The company offers a 48 hour breakdown service or compensation to inspire confidence in the Mahindra. 

Categories Offered by Mahindra Trucks 

Mahindra truck models span across mini trucks, pickups, trucks, trailer,  tipper and transit mixer categories. These categories cover diverse applications further streamlining logistical chains. Its new series are Mahindra Blazo, Mahindra Bolero, Mahindra Furio and Mahindra Supro. 

Moreover, these 4 series have several models featuring advanced technologies. The Blazo series, for instance, has several Mahindra heavy truck models famous for their heavy-duty operations. 

Below is Mahindra commercial vehicle list including popular series, the categories, and their price range.

Popular Series  Categories Mahindra Trucks Price Range  Applications
Mahindra Supro Mini Trucks/Tempo Travelers Rs. 5.42 Lakh to Rs. 7.91 Lakh Industrial Goods Transportation
Mahindra Bolero Pickups  Rs. 7.26 Lakh to Rs. 10.68 Lakh FMCG
Mahindra Blazo Trucks/Trailer/Tippers/Transit Mixer Rs. 28.75 Lakh to Rs. 52.89 Lakh  Ready mix Concrete Transportation 
Mahindra Furio Trucks/Tippers Rs. 15.11 Lakh to Rs. 28.65 Lakh Cement Transportation

What are Mahindra Truck’s USPs?

New Mahindra truck is available with upgraded futuristic technologies, hence generating massive output for businesses. Since its establishment, Mahindra has always worked for its customers. With every new launch, the company always focuses on power, design, performance and productivity. In addition, Mahindra offers its customers -

  • Impressive after-sale services
  • Easily available Mahindra commercial vehicle spare parts 
  • A wonderful warranty period with every Mahindra new truck. 
  • Guaranteed unique design and features with every launch.
  • Highly durable models as compared to its competitors with unbeatable service.
  • Available in petrol, diesel, CNG and even electric.

How to Purchase Mahindra Trucks? Easy Steps

The process for purchasing Mahindra vehicles in India is very simple. We've outlined five basic procedures to make it as easy as possible for anyone wishing to buy a Mahindra vehicle.

  • Visit the complete range of Mahindra truck vehicles. 
  • Filter out the products by category, fuel type, power output, emission standards, and number of tires.
  • After selecting your model, click the "Calling" option. The team will be in touch with you right away. 
  • Click the "Check offers" button & we'll send you the best quotations from verified dealers. 

Tips Before You Purchase a Mahindra Truck 

  • Explore various models and their features to discover the truck that best suits your requirements. 
  • If you need further clarity or have questions, feel free to reach out to us. 

Exclusive Services We Offer 

Get the best quotes from verified dealers by using our assistance to shortlist your ideal Mahindra Truck Model. At Truck Junction, you can get all the correct information for your questions regarding the Mahindra commercial vehicles list. This could include queries like Mahindra truck mileage, price or reviews. Also, below are some of the services that we provide:- 

  • Mahindra Truck on Road Price
  • EMI Calculator
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  • Mahindra Dealers Near You

Mahindra Trucks Updates

Frequently Asked Questions on Mahindra Trucks

Ans. 78 Mahindra Trucks are available at Truck Junction.
Ans. 421 Mahindra dealers are available in India. With Truck Junction, you can easily find out the nearest Mahindra dealer in your city.
Ans. Treo, Bolero Maxx Pik-Up, Bolero Pikup 4x4, Supro Profit Truck Mini are some of the popular trucks.
Ans. Mahindra commercial vehicles' new launches are the Jeeto Plus, Alfa DX CNG, Treo Plus, e-Alfa Super, Supro Profit Truck CNG Duo & more.
Ans. The highest priced model of Mahindra is Blazo X 35 8x4 Tipper priced at Rs 52.00 Lakh.
Ans. The lowest priced model of Mahindra is E-Alfa Cargo, available at Rs. 1.56 Lakh.
Ans. Supro Profit Truck Cng Duo, Bolero Maxx Pik-Up HD and Jeeto are the popular SCVs of Mahindra. Check out a list of small commercial vehicles on Truck Junction.
Ans. Mahindra manufactures trucks, mini trucks, auto rickshaw, pickups, tipper, trailer, etc.
Ans. Mahindra offers a range of 3-wheeler vehicles, while Mahindra All trucks are available in 4 to 16 wheelers.
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