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Mahindra Tippers

Mahindra Tipper price in India starts from Rs. 7.60 Lakh and goes up to Rs. 52.89 Lakh. There are 8 Mahindra tipper models available at Truck Junction. The brand offers a wide range of tippers from 5 to over 40 tonnes. The most economical model of Mahindra Tipper is Mahindra Loadking Optimo, priced at Rs. 7.60 Lakh.

Moreover, the Mahindra Truck brand is the top manufacturer in the tipper segment. All models are available in diesel fuel variants. Below are all 8 Mahindra tipper models listed with their features, images, gvw, and wheelbase, which will help you to choose the best model. 

Mahindra Tipper in India Trucks GVW Trucks Price
Mahindra Blazo X 28 28000 KG Rs. 41.24 Lakh* - 46.32 Lakh*
Mahindra Blazo X 35 8x4 35000 KG Rs. 49.00 Lakh* - 52.89 Lakh*
Mahindra Loadking Optimo 6950 KG Rs. 7.60 Lakh* - 8.10 Lakh*
Mahindra Furio 7 Tipper 6950 KG Rs. 16.82 Lakh* - 17.83 Lakh*
Data Last Updated On : Jul 21, 2024

Price Range

Fuel Type

8 Mahindra Tippers Found

Mahindra BLAZO X 35 M-DURA

Mahindra BLAZO X 35 M-DURA

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Mahindra Blazo X M-DURA 28

Mahindra Blazo X M-DURA 28

Price Coming Soon

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3 Variants Found Plus Icon

4250/14 Cum Rock 280 HP 35000 KG
4250/16 Cum Box 280 HP 35000 KG
4250/20 Cum Box 280 HP 35000 KG
Mahindra Blazo X 48

Mahindra Blazo X 48

Price Coming Soon

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No Variants Found Plus Icon

No Data Found
Mahindra Blazo X 35 8x4

Mahindra Blazo X 35 8x4

₹ 49.00 Lakh - ₹ 52.89 Lakh

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2 Variants Found Plus Icon

5330/18 Cum Box Body 280 HP 35000 KG
5380/22 Cum Box Body 280 HP 35000 KG
Mahindra Blazo X 28

Mahindra Blazo X 28

₹ 41.24 Lakh - ₹ 46.32 Lakh

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3 Variants Found Plus Icon

4250/16 Cum Box Body 280 HP 28000 KG
4250/14 Cum Rock Body 280 HP 28000 KG
4250/20 Cum Box Body 280 HP 28000 KG
Mahindra Furio 7 Tipper

Mahindra Furio 7 Tipper

₹ 16.82 Lakh - ₹ 17.83 Lakh

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2 Variants Found Plus Icon

CBC HP 6950 KG
Fully Built HP 6950 KG
Mahindra Loadking Optimo

Mahindra Loadking Optimo

₹ 7.60 Lakh - ₹ 8.10 Lakh

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2 Variants Found Plus Icon

2500/CBC PTO 81 HP 6950 KG
2500/FBT 2.8 Cu.M 81 HP 6950 KG
Mahindra Loadking Optimo DSD Cargo

Mahindra Loadking Optimo DSD Cargo

Price Coming Soon

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1 Variants Found Plus Icon

CBC/2500 81 HP 6950 KG

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About Mahindra Tipper in India

Mahindra is one of the most popular commercial vehicle makers in India. It introduced tippers for transporting heavy and large materials. One key feature of its popularity is the Mahindra tipper mileage, which makes it a preferable option for all your needs. 

Mahindra dumper trucks are available in different variants with different load capacities and features. These dump trucks are suitable for a wide range of applications, including construction, mining, and transportation of materials such as sand, aggregates, and coal.

All the Mahindra tipper models are efficient and superior at delivering heavy loads at construction sites. They use diesel fuel and follow the BS6 emission norm. The price range of these tippers starts at Rs 7.60 Lakhs in India.

Mahindra dumper truck models are powerful and loaded with potent engines and the best features. They offer high performance, total cost-ownership, and a profitable fleet. So, if you want a 6, 10, and 12 tyre tipper, the Mahindra tipper bs6 is a good choice. Moreover, you can also find the Mahindra tipper truck price list with all the details on our website.  

Mahindra Tipper Price 2024 In India

Mahindra Tipper price list in India starts from Rs 7.60 Lakh and can reach Rs 52.89 Lakh. You can keep track of the latest updates for updated information on the right Mahindra Tipper on road price. The Mahindra Tipper specifications include a GVW (gross vehicle weight) and power features that cater to various needs. 

If you want to buy a Mahindra Tipper in India, Truck Junction is a perfect platform. Here, you can get a wide range of new Mahindra Tipper models at a valuable price range. You can also check the Mahindra tipper on road price here, but it can vary depending on the taxation norms applied by the authorities. 

Popular Mahindra Tipper Models In India

Mahindra offers a range of tippers for various business & other industrial requirements in India. These tippers are known for their strength, eco-friendliness, and advanced features, such as smart fuel tech, different driving modes, and comfortable cabins for the driver. Some of the popular Mahindra tippers in India are:

Models  Price Range
Mahindra Blazo X 28 Rs 41.24 Lakh - Rs 46.32 Lakh
Mahindra Blazo X 35 8x4 Rs 49.00 Lakh - Rs 52.89 Lakh 
Mahindra Loadking Optimo Rs. 7.60 Lakh - 8.10 Lakh
Mahindra Furio 7 Rs. 16.82 Lakh - 17.83 Lakh 


You can get detailed information about other Mahindra dump truck models. Stay connected with us for more updates regarding Mahindra Tippers in India.

Mahindra Tipper: Features & USPs

Mahindra offers a range of tippers designed for optimal performance and reliability in challenging environments. With advanced technology, Mahindra tippers are known for their durability, efficiency, and safety. Here are some unique selling points:

  • Maximise Profits: 

Mahindra's iMAXX telematics technology acts as your personal assistant, providing vital information about your vehicles and business. Regular analytical insights and reports help monitor and grow your business, enabling you to track your operations 24/7.

  • Comfort and Safety: 

Mahindra Tipper models in India offer features that prioritise safety and comfort. A car-like Driver Information System (IDS) provides real-time critical vehicle data, including RPM, temperature, speed, and fuel levels, as well as brake pressure, trip kilometres, fuel consumption per kilometre, and service reminders.

  • Increased Mileage and Efficiency: 

Mahindra Tipper's robust build and improved cabin enhance productivity and guarantee better payload capacity, allowing you to carry extra loads and grains efficiently. The trucks feature mPOWER fuel-smart engines and multimode switches that optimise mileage and power.

  • Optimised for Construction Needs: 

Mahindra Tippers excels in mining and construction applications. FuelSmart switches allow you to choose between superior mileage and unmatched power as needed, delivering unbeatable mileage and performance.

  • Connectivity and Innovation: 

Modern tippers in India have advanced technological features that improve their functional productivity. GPS tracking and telematics systems empower constant checking of vehicle areas, routes, and fuel usage. 

Applications of Mahindra Tipper In India 

Mahindra tippers are used for many applications in India, especially in areas like road construction. Here are some specific ways Mahindra tippers are utilised in these applications:

  • Street Development: 

Mahindra dump trucks are fundamental to street development projects across India. They can transport raw materials like rock and crushed stone to the building sites. Their capacity to convey heavy loads effectively speeds up the construction process and guarantees the convenient fulfilment of tasks.

  • Sand Transportation: 

Sand is an essential material used in numerous construction projects, including the production of cement and mortar. These tippers are frequently used to move sand from quarries to building destinations, working with the smooth activity of projects and fulfilling development time constraints.

  • Construction Material Transportation: 

In addition to sand, other materials like bricks, concrete, and steel require proficient transportation. The Mahindra dumper trucks guarantee that these materials are delivered in large quantities to building destinations, limiting delays and maximising efficiency.

  • Coal Transportation: 

Coal is an imperative asset for energy creation in India. Tippers of the Mahindra brand  play a critical role in moving coal from mines to control plants or other objects. This keeps a consistent stockpile of fuel for the energy age and supports different businesses. 

Mahindra tippers offer robust performance and reliability for these demanding tasks, making them a preferred choice for many construction and industrial companies in India.

Explore Mahindra Tipper at Truck Junction

Visit Truck Junction, here you can get a complete Mahindra Tipper price list in India. You can filter Mahindra Tippers according to price range, fuel type, GVW, emission norms, and no. of tyres. After applying the filter, you instantly get the best tipper of the Mahindra truck for your work. 

Here, you can easily find an updated Mahindra New Tipper Model price list. You can also check the Mahindra Tipper price in India and other features in detail. 

You can also get information about the Mahindra tipper new model and all its specifications. Truck Junction is a place where you can find everything at your fingertips, even the Mahindra tipper price list.

Frequently Asked Questions on Mahindra Tipper

Ans. Mahindra Tipper prices vary from model to model. Mahindra Tipper Price starts from 7.60 Lakh
Ans. Mahindra BLAZO X 35 M-DURA, Mahindra Blazo X M-DURA 28, Mahindra Blazo X 48, Mahindra Blazo X 35 8x4, and many more are the best Mahindra Tipper in India.
Ans. Mahindra Tipper mileage is superb as all Tipper are equipped with an effective engine.
Ans. You can comfortably find a Mahindra Tipper in India at Truck Junction.
Ans. Yes, Mahindra Company provides Tipper according to the emission norms in India.