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By Syed Usman Hasan
13 Feb 2024

Fada Commercial Vehicle Retail Sales Report for January 2024: Sold 89,208 Units

By Syed Usman Hasan News Date 13 Feb 2024

Fada Commercial Vehicle Retail Sales Report for January 2024: Sold 89,208 Units

Fada Commercial Vehicle Retail Sales Increase 0.11% in Jan 2024

The Federation of Automobile Dealers Association has unveiled the commercial vehicle sales data for January. DAIMLER INDIA COMMERCIAL VEHICLES PVT. LTD. A prominent Indian manufacturer has showcased a significant 18.28% year-on-year increase in sales for January.  
In its January 2024 truck sales report, comparing figures with January 2023 for leading Indian CV manufacturers, FADA disclosed that truck sales reached 89,208 units in January 2024. Conversely, January 2023 witnessed sales of 89,106 units, indicating a 0.11% rise. 

Official Statement of FADA:-

Commenting on January 24 Auto Retails, FADA President Manish Raj Singhania said, “January 2024 began on a promising note for the calendar year, demonstrating 15% overall retail growth compared to the previous year. All vehicle categories—2W, 3W, PV, Tractors, and CV—achieved positive YoY growth of 15%, 37%, 13%, 21%, and 0.1%, respectively.”

Brand-Wise Commercial Vehicles Sales Data

Here, we have segregated the section according to the brands-wise sales. 

Tata Motors : Commercial Vehicle Sales Report

Tata Truck is India's biggest commercial vehicle manufacturer. The brand faced a 7.46% sales loss. They sold 31,188 CVs in January 2024, against 33,701 units in Jan 2023.  

Mahindra & Mahindra : Commercial Vehicle Sales Report

Mahindra Trucks sold 23,580 units of commercial vehicles in Jan 2024. In comparison, the brand closed the same month last year with 21,834 units. As a result, the brand grew 8.00% in January YO-Y sales. 

Ashok Leyland : Commercial Vehicle Sales Report

Ashok Leyland ended the month with a sales decrease of 4.42% in January 2024. The brand sold 14,615 CVs in January last year, which decreased to 13,969 units this year.

VECV : Commercial Vehicle Sales Report

VECV is a joint venture between Volvo Trucks India and Eicher Trucks. They sold 5,817 CV units in January 2024, which closed at 5,842 units in January 2023, resulting in a sales loss of 0.43%.

Maruti Suzuki : Commercial Vehicle Sales Report

Maruti Suzuki experienced a rise of 2.54% in January 2024. They sold 4,194 units in January 2024, while they closed with 4,090 in Jan 2023.

Daimler (BharatBenz) : Commercial Vehicle Sales Report

Daimler India, or BharatBenz Trucks, gained a significant growth percentage in January 2024. The brand sold 2,135 CV in January 2024, compared to 1,805 units in Jan 2023. As a result, it registered a growth of 18.28%.

Force Motors Limited : Commercial Vehicle Sales Report

This is yet another popular commercial vehicle manufacturer in India. Force Motors closed the month of January 2024 with a 7.61% maximum growth in sales. It sold 1,244 units this Jan, compared to 1,156 last year.

SML Isuzu : Commercial Vehicle Sales Report

SML Isuzu recorded a decrease of 6.39% in January 2024. The brand sold 674 units of CVs in January 2024, outnumbering the 720 units in January last year. 

Others : Commercial Vehicle Sales Report

Moreover, all the other brands contributed 6,407 CV units in January this year, compared to 5,343 units in Jan 2023. This resulted in a sales hike of 19.91%.

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