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29 Jul 2022

Omega Seiki Mobility, Log9 Jointly developed Rage+ RapidEV Pro with Long Range

By News Date 29 Jul 2022

Omega Seiki Mobility, Log9 Jointly developed Rage+ RapidEV Pro with Long Range

OSM and LOG9 came together to increase the efficiency and productivity of the electric 3- wheeler portfolio.

The Electric 3-wheeler giant, Omega Seiki Mobility and Bengaluru-based advanced startup LOG9 materials, which are working in advanced battery-tech and Deep-tech, have co-developed the new Rage+ RapidEV Pro, which is a more extended version of the Rage+. The newly created vehicle is designed in 2 variants with different load body volumes- one is 140 cubic ft. and the other is 170 cubic ft capacity. Rage+ RapidEV Pro is equipped with LOG9's highly advanced 7.7 KWH InstaCharged Rapid 8000 battery. 

The New vehicle is engineered with LOG9's InstaCharged battery, which can get fully charged (0 to 100%) in 45 minutes and expands the range of Rage+ to 95 KM. This updated vehicle's fast charging and long-range feature are appropriate for small fleet owners; this model is designed for the logistic E-commerce segment. Moreover, the high-performance Rapid 8000 battery is built considering the Indian conditions. This battery can also work in a wide temperature range of -40 degrees to 60 degrees by providing the vehicle with good power. In addition, it is also waterproof and dustproof. 

The warranty LOG9 materials offering with the battery is 6 years or unlimited kilometres. Moreover, it has a battery life of over 10,000 cycles. In the second week of this month, LOG9 refurbished a vehicle with Northway groups. They developed the first EV commercial vehicle with manual gear power transmission, in which Northway designed the powertrain. 

Both of the companies are taking this project as a long racehorse. They have planned to put more than 5,000 thousand long-range and Co-Developed vehicles in FY 22-23. Alongside the new battery, the OSM focuses on the lower maintenance and safety of the vehicle, thus establishing high performance in every aspect. 

The initial plan's operations have been started to achieve this feat of 5000 units. Two companies, LetsTransport from Bengaluru and Moving from Delhi, will order 1000 units in the following year.

On this occasion, Kartik Hajela, Co-Founder & COO, Log9 Materials, said, "Given the enhanced range that our powerful, longer-lasting battery offers to the vehicle, the Rage+ RapidEV Pro will redefine TCO for a typical 3W used for the eCommerce industry, thus making the value proposition even more lucrative for customers. With e-commerce is off late spreading its influence into new markets such as tier 2 where the charging infra is scarcely and rarely available, vehicles such as the Rage+ Pro that are able to run long distances on a single charge will be key enablers for faster adoption of EVs."

The next target LOG9 wants to achieve is to create an action plan to update charging infrastructure in our country, where OSM is targeting to develop a pristine ecosystem with the help of these electric vehicles. It is noteworthy that OSM is the only industry with electric mobility in 2-W, 3-W and 4-W in its portfolio.

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