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1 Atul Shakti model is available at Truck Junction. The Atul Shakti three wheeler Series has an auto model with highly advanced technological solutions for high performance. However, this Atul Shakti Tempo Series offers only a diesel variant. Here, at Truck Junction, get all the information regarding the Atul Shakti 3 wheeler with exclusive features and Atul Shakti price. The most popular Atul Shakti Passenger model is Atul Shakti Cargo 3 Wheeler.

Atul Shakti 3 Wheelers in India Trucks GVW Trucks Price
Atul Shakti Cargo 1020 KG Rs. 2.50 Lakh - 2.85 Lakh
Data Last Updated On : Aug 09, 2022




1 Atul Shakti 3 Wheelers Found

Atul Shakti Cargo

Atul Shakti Cargo

₹ 2.50 Lakh - ₹ 2.85 Lakh

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2 Variants Found Plus Icon

2110/Cargo 9.38 HP 1020 KG
2110/Cargo XD 9.38 HP 1020 KG

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Atul Elite Passenger

Atul Elite Passenger

Price - ₹ 45,000

meter 6,300 km

location Karbi Anglong

calender 2016

Atul Shakti Cargo

Atul Shakti Cargo

Price - ₹ 2,00,000

meter 3,000 km

location Banswara

calender 2019

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About Atul Shakti 3 Wheelers in India

About  Atul Shakti Series 

Atul Shakti bs6 is a Series of Advanced commercial vehicle that provides substantial working efficiency, and the Atul Shakti bs6 is a meagre producer of pollution. The company offers Atul Shakti E Rickshaw with high tech features and budget-friendly price, making it the most popular. Atul Shakti rickshaw Series offers vehicle in the popular Auto category according to the customers’ requirements.

Atul Shakti Price in India

Atul is the perfect manufacturer of 3 wheelers that provides commercial vehicles according to the customers’ budget. Therefore, Atul Shakti price is cost-effective, and every buyer can easily own it. At Truck Junction, get complete information on Atul Shakti price and Atul Shakti loading capacity in India. 

Atul Shakti Three Wheeler Models 

The company provides the Atul Shakti model in India. Moreover, the following is the popular Atul Shakti tempo in India. 

Why Truck Junction for Atul Shakti 3 wheeler? 

We at Truck Junction provide Atul Shakti 3 wheeler with all the qualities, mileage, price, features and specifications. However, you can find a separate segment to get Atul Shakti loading. For that, you have to apply a filter and get the Atul Shakti BS6 according to your need.

Frequently Asked Questions on Atul Shakti 3 Wheelers

Ans. Atul Shakti comes in only diesel fuel type

Ans. You can get all the details regarding Atul Shakti Three Wheeler at Truck Junction.

Ans. There is 1 auto present in the Atul Shakti tempo Series.

Ans. Atul Shakti model has 9.38 HP maximum power.

Ans. At Truck Junction, get price for Atul Shakti 3 wheeler.


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