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190 plus tippers are available at Truck Junction. Find a perfect tipper at an affordable price with complete information. Here, you can get all the top brands of tippers: Eicher, Tata, Ashok Leyland, Volvo, Bharat Benz, Man, Kamaz, AMW and many more. Along with this, get tippers hp range starting from 276 hp to 300 hp. And, you can find tippers price ranges starting from under 7.60 lakh to above 96.15 lakh. Get Tippers GVW starting range is 5 ton to above 40 tons. The most popular tippers in India are Eicher Pro 2080XPT Tipper, Bharat Benz 1923C Tipper, Ashok Leyland 1920 Tipper, Tata 912 LPK Tipper and many more. Find out the updated dumper truck price list below.
Tippers in India Tippers GVW Tippers Price
Tata Signa 1918.K 18500 KG Rs. 33.43 Lakh* - 37.43 Lakh*
Tata Signa 4825.TK 47500 KG Rs. 63.72 Lakh* - 70.72 Lakh*
Tata Signa 2823.K HD 9S 28000 KG Rs. 42.27 Lakh* - 45.47 Lakh*
Tata Signa 3525.K/.TK 35000 KG Rs. 54.96 Lakh* - 61.96 Lakh*
Ashok Leyland 4825 10x2 Dtla 47500 KG Rs. 43.71 Lakh* - 46.51 Lakh*
BharatBenz 2823C 28000 KG Rs. 37.80 Lakh* - 42.08 Lakh*
Ashok Leyland 3520 8x2 35000 KG Rs. 38.13 Lakh* - 41.13 Lakh*
Tata Signa 3523.TK 35000 KG Rs. 49.23 Lakh* - 56.23 Lakh*
Mahindra Loadking Optimo 6950 KG Rs. 7.60 Lakh* - 8.10 Lakh*
Tata Signa 2825.K/.TK 28000 KG Rs. 45.10 Lakh* - 49.60 Lakh*
BharatBenz 3528C 35000 KG Rs. 47.95 Lakh* - 54.00 Lakh*
Tata Signa 4225.TK 42000 KG Rs. 50.42 Lakh* - 57.42 Lakh*
Ashok Leyland 2832 6x4 28000 KG Rs. 39.30 Lakh* - 44.54 Lakh*
BharatBenz 1217C 13000 KG Rs. 20.61 Lakh* - 20.69 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2055T 6950 KG Rs. 15.46 Lakh* - 16.21 Lakh*
Data Last Updated On : Mar 20, 2023


Price Range

Fule Type

Max Power

Popular Tippers

Tata Signa 1918.K

Tata Signa 1918.K

₹ 33.43 Lakh - ₹ 37.43 Lakh

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3580/10.5m3 Box 180 HP 18600 KG
3225/4.5m3 Box 180 HP 18600 KG
Tata Signa 4825.TK

Tata Signa 4825.TK

₹ 63.72 Lakh - ₹ 70.72 Lakh

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CAB/6750/29 m3 249 HP 47500 KG
CAB/6750/18 m3 Box 250 HP 47500 KG
Tata Signa 2823.K HD 9S

Tata Signa 2823.K HD 9S

₹ 42.27 Lakh - ₹ 45.47 Lakh

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CAB/3880 220 HP 28000 KG
Tata Signa 3525.K/.TK

Tata Signa 3525.K/.TK

₹ 54.96 Lakh - ₹ 61.96 Lakh

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CAB/5580 250 HP 35000 KG
Ashok Leyland 4825  10x2 Dtla

Ashok Leyland 4825 10x2 Dtla

₹ 43.71 Lakh - ₹ 46.51 Lakh

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CAB/10x4 250 HP 47500 KG
BharatBenz 2823C

BharatBenz 2823C

₹ 37.80 Lakh - ₹ 42.08 Lakh

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CBC/4275 240 HP 28000 KG
BharatBenz 5532T

No Variants Found Plus Icon

No Data Found
Ashok Leyland 3520 8x2

Ashok Leyland 3520 8x2

₹ 38.13 Lakh - ₹ 41.13 Lakh

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20 m3 200 HP 35000 KG
Tata Signa 3523.TK

Tata Signa 3523.TK

₹ 49.23 Lakh - ₹ 56.23 Lakh

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1 Variants Found Plus Icon

CAB/5580 220 HP 35000 KG

Popular Second Hand Tippers

Tata Prima LX 2523

Tata Prima LX 2523

Price - ₹ 19,60,000

meter 60,000 km

location Deoghar

calender 2017

AMW 3118 TP

AMW 3118 TP

Price - ₹ 16,50,000

meter 2,75,000 km

location Kollam

calender 2013

Mahindra Blazo X 35

Mahindra Blazo X 35

Price - ₹ 18,00,000

meter 1,25,000 km

location Indore

calender 2018

Tata Signa 2823.K/.TK 6S STD

Tata Signa 2823.K/.TK 6S STD

Price - ₹ 26,50,000

meter 53,000 km

location Bangalore

calender 2020

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About Tippers

What is Tipper?

A tipper truck, referred to as a dumper truck, is used for transportation materials (like sand, rock, or waste) or for advancement just as coal.

Small tippers are heavy duty trucks with an open top body, which is used to carry bulk materials for construction sites and is known as the best tipper truck india.

A truck tipper has a rear stage that can be raised at its front end, accordingly allowing a load to be released.

Tipper Truck Specifications

Tippers are used for each of these materials in street development (street site to dump and tunnel or plant to street site). In dams, hydropower tasks and channel work, the kind of work included is basically the discharge and migration of land to the destinations to get the desired profile.

Tipper trucks in India are very famous as a mini tipper and lorry tipper. Tipper price is very affordable for the buyers which they can manage with their household budget and proves the best tipper price in india, low price tipper truck attracts the buyers towards it and make them willing to buy tipper truck. 

Features Of Tipper Trucks

Tipper trucks capacity

As per the annual demand, tipper trucks sales are at 60,000 units and this interest is increasing quickly. In view of the weight carrying limit, its GVW starts from 5 ton to above 40 ton.
Tippers trucks as heavy duty vehicles have been increased from 16.2 tonnes to 18.5 tonnes and increased loading capacity by 20%.
You can get all top brands of tippers like Eicher, Tata, Ashok Leyland, Volvo, Bharat Benz, Kamaz, AMW, Volvo, Man and many more. You can select the tippers truck according to your demand or budget. Tipper trucks hp range from 276 hp to 300 hp, and get a perfect tippers truck at a reasonable price with full information. Here, you can also get heavy duty tipper, which means dumpers of all top brands. Get a dumper price list at Truck Junction. 

Tipper Truck Price In India

When Truck Junction is here, why are you worried? We provide you with the complete tipper truck price list with tipper truck models. You can find affordable and budget-friendly tipper truck price which starts from Rs. 7.60 lakh* up to Rs. 96.15 lakh*. Because of its good facilities and features, a tipper truck company never compromises with the price for a tipper truck. 

Tipper vehicle is beneficial to save fuel and extra pre or post expenses with several rates of tipper in India. All truck tipper models come with advanced technology at a comfortable truck tipper price. Low price tipper offers easy availability to all types of customers or buyers. You can find the best tipper on road price with all specifications in India. Additionally, the dumper price is also fixed according to the market demand of the product.

Tipper trucks price in India includes several tipper trucks price and specifications. Mini tipper price in India are very useful to do different jobs without any interference. A mini tipper is a quality vehicle that comes at a budget-friendly cost of tipper. Low price tipper truck perform well in minimum cost of fuel, according to its amazing features and take an unusual place in all tipper price list.

Tipper Truck Models

There are the top 5 tipper truck models in India.

Tipper Trucks At Truck Junction

Truck Junction always helps you to find the best tipper trucks, tipper lorry as per your requirements. We help you to select the tipper lorry, best tipper truck, tipper mileage, tipper trucks in India at best tipper truck price, best tipper lorry price, reasonable tipper price list and many more. At Truck Junction, you can also get a complete list of a dumper price.  
Get the perfect tipper truck by just applying the filters on the page of tipper trucks in Truck Junction and filtering the brands, models, GVW, price range, no. of tyres, emission norms and many more descriptions.
Then you will get a tipper truck price list, best tipper trucks in India, tipper lorry, tipper lorry price, tipper mileage and many others.
We hope this would be relevant information for you. For more such information, stay connected with Truck Junction.

Tippers Updates

Frequently Asked Questions on Tippers

Ans. 190 plus tipper trucks are available at Truck Junction.
Ans. Tipper trucks come in diesel fuel type.
Ans. The GVW range of tippers is lying between 5 ton to above 40 tons.
Ans. Tippers trucks are available in E-III, BS-III, BS4, BS6.
Ans. Tipper trucks price range starts from 7.60 lakh* and goes up to 65 lakh*.

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