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If you are searching for popular truck prices, variants, features, reviews, visit Truck Junction. Here, you get detailed information about popular trucks of various brands with prices and features. We listed all the popular tippers, popular mini trucks, popular pickups, etc with prices and specifications. The most popular trucks are BharatBenz 1617R, Volvo FH 520 Puller Trucks, and Ashok Leyland 1920 Tipper Trucks. Choose your dream trucks from the below list.
Popular Trucks Truck GVW Popular Truck Price
Ashok Leyland Dost+ 2805 GVW Rs. 7.24 Lakh* - 8.10 Lakh*
Ashok Leyland Dost Strong 2590 GVW Rs. 6.68 Lakh* - 7.20 Lakh*
Ashok Leyland Partner 6 Tyre 7490 GVW Rs. 13.85 Lakh* - 14.99 Lakh*
Ashok Leyland 1920 4x2 18500 GVW Rs. 23.92 Lakh* - 24.88 Lakh*
Ashok Leyland 3520 8x4 35000 GVW Rs. 44.13 Lakh* - 49.18 Lakh*
Ashok Leyland 4220 10x4 42000 GVW Rs. 36.08 Lakh* - 44.88 Lakh*
Ashok Leyland Ecomet Star 1415 7 cum 14050 GVW Rs. 24.76 Lakh* - 29.71 Lakh*
Ashok Leyland Avtr U 4825 10x4 47500 GVW Rs. 43.71 Lakh* - 48.00 Lakh*
Tata 407 Gold Sfc 29 WB 4650 GVW Rs. 9.46 Lakh* - 10.07 Lakh*
Tata ULTRA T.7 Electric 7490 - 8750 GVW Rs. 15.29 Lakh* - 16.82 Lakh*
Tata 709g LPT 7300 GVW Rs. 14.57 Lakh* - 16.18 Lakh*
Tata 1512 LPT 16020 GVW Rs. 22.45 Lakh* - 24.56 Lakh*
Tata LPT 3518 Cowl 35000 GVW Rs. 35.26 Lakh* - 38.82 Lakh*
Tata 1109g LPT 11250 GVW Rs. 17.81 Lakh* - 19.44 Lakh*
Tata 710 LPT 7490 GVW Rs. 13.96 Lakh* - 14.69 Lakh*
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106 Popular Trucks

Tata Intra  V50

Tata Intra V50

₹ 8.67 - 8.92 Lakh

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No Data Found
Tata Yodha 2.0

Tata Yodha 2.0

₹ 9.99 - 10.40 Lakh

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No Data Found
Ashok Leyland 3520 8x2

No Variants Found Plus Icon

No Data Found
Tata Signa 5530.S 4x2

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No Data Found
Mahindra Blazo X 28

3 Variants Found Plus Icon

4250/16 Cum Box Body 276 HP 28000 KG
4250/14 Cum Rock Body 276 HP 28000 KG
4250/20 Cum Box Body 276 HP 28000 KG
Eicher Pro 6055 4x2

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No Data Found
Tata Winger Staff

Tata Winger Staff

₹ 14.35 - 15.75 Lakh

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BharatBenz 1015R Plus

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Ashok Leyland Ecomet 1615 HE

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Popular Second Hand Truck

Ashok Leyland 2518

Ashok Leyland 2518

Price - ₹ 12,75,000

meter N/A

location Mumbai

calender 2017

Tata 1613

Tata 1613

Price - ₹ 6,50,000

meter N/A

location Beed

calender 2007

BharatBenz 3123

BharatBenz 3123

Price - ₹ 10,50,000

meter N/A

location Ranchi

calender 2017

BharatBenz 1214-R

BharatBenz 1214-R

Price - ₹ 8,75,000

meter N/A

location Bangalore

calender 2018

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About Popular Trucks

Popular Trucks in India 

Popularity is a sign of the product's success, satisfied customers, and happy customers. Truck Junction brings a separate section of popular trucks that lists various popular trucks which have gained worthwhile regard and compliments from the buyers and won customers' trust. Truck Junction has made this list as per your valuable feedback. These trucks are some of the best commercial vehicles in their respective categories or segments, which add value to your fleet. We always try to present the best thing to our customers because their reviews matter the most to us. These trucks have gained value throughout the journey and perform well in every situation. The list consists of trucks that have ruled the customer's hearts and lead to 100% transparency. At Truck Junction, you can also compare these popular trucks, which provide more clarity in your choice. In addition, we help you to manage your budget and make your search process effortless. 

Want To Add A Popular Truck to Your Fleet?

We have listed 62 Popular Trucks, which are famous for their excellent performance in all terrains and according to the users' feedback. Here we have listed all the popular truck models from all the brands, including Tata Truck, Mahindra Truck, Bhartabenz Truck, Ashok Leyland Truck and many more. The highest price popular truck model in India is Volvo FM 400 HD, priced at Rs. 76.51 - 80.61 Lakh, and the lowest price popular truck model in India is SN Solar Passenger Electric offered for Rs. 0.65 - 0.70 Lakh*.     

Popular Trucks Price in India 

Want to buy popular trucks online at a reasonable price range, then Truck Junction is the right platform for you. Here, you can quickly get a relevant popular truck price list of all brands per your suitability. You will get a fair list of popular trucks at Truck Junction with prices. Following, we are showing you popular trucks of India HP-wise. 
1 Ton to 2.5 Ton

Tata Ace Gold:- Tata Ace Gold is famous for "Chhota Hathi", has a GVW of 1615 KG, and is priced at Rs.     4.41 - 5.47 Lakh*.  
Mahindra Jeeto:- This truck model comes with a 1345 KG of GVW with a 16 HP generating engine and is priced at Rs. 3.85 - 4.40 Lakh*.
Tata Ace Gold Cx:- This truck model comes with a 1510 KG of GVW with a 24.64 HP generating engine and is priced at Rs. 3.99 - 4.10 Lakh*.

2.5 Ton to 5 Ton

Ashok Leyland Dost Strong:- This truck comes with a Diesel-based engine with a 2590 KG KG of GVW and is priced at Rs.6.68 - 7.20 Lakh*. 
Force Tempo Traveller 3050:- Force Tempo Traveller 3050 comes with a 3675 KG of GVW and is offered for Rs. 12.85 - 16.32 Lakh*. 
Ashok Leyland BADA DOST:- This Popular Mahindra Truck has 2990 KG of GVW, and its price is Rs. 7.75 - 8.25 Lakh*. 

5 Ton to 10 Ton

Ashok Leyland Partner 6 Tyre:- The best in the segment came with a 140 HP engine with 7490 KG of GVW and was priced at Rs. 13.85 - 14.99 Lakh*.
Tata 712 LPT:- The truck is equipped with 7490 KG of GVW with a 3.3 L New Generation and is offered at Rs. 14.96 - 16.10 Lakh*. 
Tata Ultra Sleek T.6:- It has a 98 HP Diesel engine with 6450 KG of GVW and 2950 MM of wheelbase. 

10 Ton to 20 Ton 

Eicher Pro 3015:- Eicher Pro 3015 comes with a 16020 KG of GVW, and its price starts from Rs. 23.64 Lakhs up to Rs. 26.88 Lakh*.
BharatBenz 1617R:- This truck has a 167 HP generating engine with 16200 KG of GVW.
BharatBenz 1923C:- BharatBenz 1923C has 18500 KG of GVW and is equipped with an OM926 engine which churns out 241 HP. 

 20 Ton to 40 Ton

Tata Signa 2823.K HD 9S:- This popular truck came with a GVW value of 28000 KG and priced at Rs. 42.27 - 45.47 Lakh*. 
Tata LPT 3518 Cow:- It has a GVW of 35000 KG with a 5205 MM Wheelbase, and the price is Rs. 35.26 - 38.82 Lakh*. 
Tata Signa 4018.S:- Tata Signa 4018.S has 39500 KG of GVW, and a Cummins ISBe 5.6L BS6 engine generates 186.40 HP. 

Above 40 Ton

Ashok Leyland 4825 10x2 DTLA MAV:- This truck got an A series CRS with iGen6 Technology and 47500 KG of GVW.
Tata Signa 4625.S:- The most advanced truck has 45500 KG of GVW and is priced at Rs. 31.53 - 34.36 Lakh*. 
Volvo FM 400 HD:- Volvo FM 400 HD has a GVW value of 160000 KG with a 150290 KG of Payload capacity. 

Why Choose Popular Trucks FromTruck Junction

Truck Junction is the most authentic platform for choosing Truck Junction. We have categorised the product based on Brands, GVW, Body Type, Fuel Type and others. So the customer can choose the products very conveniently. So visit us and start your trucking journey today. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Trucks

Ans. Tata Motors is the most popular truck brand in India.

Ans. Mahindra Bolero Pickup is the number 1 selling truck in India.

Ans. Tata Ace mini truck is the best mini-truck in India, coming with a 2-cylinders, water-cooled diesel engine of 16 hp, which supplies 37.5 Nm torque.

Tata Signa 1918K

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