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Eicher Trucks

Eicher Trucks claims to impact the future of Indian trucking positively. The new Eicher truck price in India starts from Rs 12.16 Lakh and goes up to Rs 59.29 Lakh.

Further, explore what makes Eicher Pro 2049, Eicher Pro 3015 & Eicher Pro 2110 the most popular offerings by the brand. Eicher offers expert support with manufacturing over 90,000 vehicles annually in India. Eicher currently offers trucks ranging between 9 to 12-tonne. So, whether you are a business owner or a fleet manager, you will easily find the one that best suits your needs. Check out all the Eicher new model trucks listed below.

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Eicher Trucks in India Trucks GVW Trucks Price
Eicher Pro 2049 4995 KG Rs. 12.16 Lakh* - 12.91 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 3015 16371 KG Rs. 25.01 Lakh* - 26.01 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 3019 18500 KG Rs. 25.90 Lakh* - 28.18 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2095XP 11280 KG Rs. 17.59 Lakh* - 19.96 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2059 6950 KG Rs. 13.15 Lakh* - 16.12 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2049 CNG 4995 KG Rs. 13.32 Lakh* - 14.07 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2110 11990 KG Rs. 20.04 Lakh* - 23.39 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2055 7490 KG Rs. 13.71 Lakh* - 14.46 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2114XP 16371 KG Rs. 23.11 Lakh* - 25.81 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2059XP 7490 KG Rs. 14.67 Lakh* - 15.42 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2075 7490 KG Rs. 15.25 Lakh* - 17.70 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 6048 47500 KG Rs. 42.00 Lakh* - 45.15 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 6019 18500 KG Rs. 28.60 Lakh* - 29.60 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 3014 14250 KG Rs. 22.02 Lakh* - 25.15 Lakh*
Eicher Pro 2114XP CNG 16371 KG Rs. 23.06 Lakh* - 26.56 Lakh*
Data Last Updated On : Apr 12, 2024

Body Type

Price Range

Fuel Type

Popular Eicher Trucks

Eicher Pro 3019

Eicher Pro 3019

₹ 25.90 Lakh - ₹ 28.18 Lakh

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7 Variants Found Plus Icon

5490/HSD 180 HP 18500 KG
5490/CBC 180 HP 18500 KG
5490/MS Container 180 HP 18500 KG
4490/HSD 180 HP 18500 KG
4900/CBC 180 HP 18500 KG
6690/CWC 180 HP 18500 KG
6690/CBC 180 HP 18500 KG
Eicher Pro 2049

Eicher Pro 2049

₹ 12.16 Lakh - ₹ 12.91 Lakh

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2 Variants Found Plus Icon

2580/CBC 100 HP 4995 KG
3370/CBC 100 HP 4995 KG
Eicher Pro 2095XP

Eicher Pro 2095XP

₹ 17.59 Lakh - ₹ 19.96 Lakh

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6 Variants Found Plus Icon

5170/CBC 140 HP 11280 KG
3970/CBC/HSD/FSD 140 HP 11280 KG
4770/CBC/HSD 140 HP 11280 KG
4420/CBC/HSD 140 HP 11280 KG
3370/CBC/HSD/DSD/FSD 140 HP 11280 KG
3770/CBC/HSD/DSD/FSD 140 HP 11280 KG
Eicher Pro 3015

Eicher Pro 3015

₹ 25.01 Lakh - ₹ 26.01 Lakh

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4 Variants Found Plus Icon

4490/CBC 160 HP 16140 KG
5490/CBC 160 HP 16371 KG
4490/CBC/20 ft 160 HP 16371 KG
5490/CBC/24 ft 160 HP 16371 KG
Eicher Pro 2055 K

Eicher Pro 2055 K

₹ 13.19 Lakh - ₹ 14.40 Lakh

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3 Variants Found Plus Icon

2670/FSD 100 HP 5490 KG
2670/CBC 100 HP 5490 KG
2670/HSD 100 HP 5490 KG
Eicher Pro 2110

Eicher Pro 2110

₹ 20.04 Lakh - ₹ 23.39 Lakh

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5 Variants Found Plus Icon

5150/CBC/22ft 160 HP 11990 KG
3900/CBC 160 HP 11990 KG
4300/CBC/19ft 160 HP 11990 KG
4300/CBC/20ft 160 HP 11990 KG
5150/CBC/24ft 160 HP 11990 KG

Eicher Truck Series

Eicher Pro 2049 EV

Eicher Pro 2049 EV

Price Coming Soon

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No Variants Found Plus Icon

No Data Found
Eicher Pro 2049 CNG

Eicher Pro 2049 CNG

₹ 13.32 Lakh - ₹ 14.07 Lakh

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2 Variants Found Plus Icon

2580/CBC 95 HP 4995 KG
3370/CBC 95 ई483 2 सीएनजी HP 4995 KG
Eicher Pro 2059XP

Eicher Pro 2059XP

₹ 14.67 Lakh - ₹ 15.42 Lakh

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7 Variants Found Plus Icon

2935/CBC/12ft 120 HP 7490 KG
3770/CBC/14 ft 120 HP 7490 KG
2935/HSD/12 ft 120 HP 7490 KG
3770/HSD/14 ft 120 HP 7490 KG
3770/CBC/16 ft 120 HP 7490 KG
3770/HSD/16 ft 120 HP 7490 KG
7ft/Wider Cargo Body 120 HP 7490 KG
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Popular Second Hand Eicher Trucks

Eicher Pro 5016 H

Eicher Pro 5016 H

Price - ₹ 3,00,000

meter N/A

location Delhi

calender 2018

Eicher Pro 3014

Eicher Pro 3014

Price - ₹ 15,00,000

meter 57,000 km

location Mumbai

calender 2018

Eicher 10.49-pro

Eicher 10.49-pro

Price - ₹ 8,50,000

meter 30,000 km

location West

calender 2019

Eicher 10.59-xp

Eicher 10.59-xp

Price - ₹ 3,25,000

meter N/A

location West

calender 2011

Eicher Trucks By Category

Eicher Trucks By Wheeler

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Eicher Trucks Dealers & Service Centers

About Eicher Trucks

Eicher Trucks is one of the most popular commercial vehicle companies in India. The company initially partnered with Mitsubishi Corporation to manufacture LCV. Later, the brand transformed the dynamics of medium-duty trucks by launching 9 and 12-tonne products. 

This automobile company has 3 plants in India: Pithampur, Baggad and Bhopal. It also has 2 Eicher Engineering Components (EEC) plants manufacturing components like Transmission systems, Aggregates and more business of VE Commercial Vehicles. However, Eicher Motors is currently operating as a joint venture with Volvo Group, forming VE Commercial Vehicles.

Moreover, Eicher Motors Truck price in India is Rs 12.16 Lakh to Rs 59.29 Lakh, which is inclusive of all models. So, if you’re looking for the detailed price of an Eicher truck, this platform is best for your needs.

Popular Eicher Truck Models

Eicher offers an immense lineup of trucks/tippers/trailers ranging from 4.9 tonnes GVW to 55 tonnes GVW. Additionally, the Pro 2049, Pro 3015, Pro 3019, and Pro 2095XP trucks are among the most well-liked types of Eicher trucks.

Model Name Payload Capacity Price Range
Eicher Pro 2049 3500 KG Rs. 12.16 Lakh - Rs. 12.91 Lakh
Eicher Pro 3015 10572 KG Rs. 25.01 Lakh - Rs. 26.01 Lakh
Eicher Pro 2095XP Truck 7217 KG Rs. 17.59 Lakh-Rs. 19.96 Lakh

How Many Eicher Service Centres are there in India? 

Eicher manufactures one of the finest commercial vehicle automobiles. In addition, it has 350+ dealerships and over 414 service centres across India. 

Eicher offers some of the most exceptional commercial vehicle automobiles in the industry. Moreover, below is the breakdown of service centres and dealers to ensure easy customer support:

  • 163 - 3S Dealerships (Sales, Service and Spares)
  • 182 - 2S Dealerships (Service & Spares) 
  • 30 - SPD (Spare Parts Distributor)
  • 106 - EGP (Eicher Genuine Parts Shoppe)

Categories Offered by Eicher Trucks 

Eicher Trucks in India offers a variety of commercial vehicles, grouped into four main categories. This wide selection enhances the specific needs of businesses, making them a key player in the Indian commercial vehicle market.

Categories Applications Popular Model Price Range 
Truck Industrial Goods Transportation Eicher Pro 3019 Rs. 25.90 Lakh - Rs. 28.18 Lakh
Tipper Boulder Stone Transportation Eicher Pro 2055T Rs. 15.46 Lakh - Rs. 16.21 Lakh
Trailer Cement Transportation Eicher Pro 6055 Rs. 35.37 Lakh - Rs. 39.47 Lakh
Transit Mixer Ready mix Concrete Transportation  Eicher Pro 6035 TM Rs. 50.18 Lakh - Rs. 57.18 Lakh

What are Eicher Truck’s USPs?

Eicher Trucks is pushing the limits of technological innovation and leads the way by delivering the most advanced CVs. As early as 2016, the company started manufacturing Eicher CNG trucks equipped with revolutionary CNG engine technology. A few of its significant USPs include:

  • Eicher's BSVI Range With The Unique Eutech 6 Solution
  • End-to-end services & Solutions
  • Advanced Telematics
  • Customised Vehicle Financing Options
  • Easy Vehicle Insurance 
  • Intelligent Fleet Management System
  • Wide Network of Fully Equipped Dealerships
  • Complete On-site Support 

Eicher Truck Pro Series

Eicher Pro series has a wide range of categories, such as trailers, trucks, tippers, and transit mixers. We have provided a price list for popular Eicher Motors trucks below for those looking for the right vehicle for their needs.

Following is the price list of some popular Eicher motors trucks. 

Model Name Payload Capacity Eicher Price Range 
Eicher Pro 2049 CNG 2286 KG Rs. 13.32 Lakh - Rs. 14.07 Lakh
Eicher Pro 2110 7500 KG Rs. 20.04 Lakh - Rs. 23.39 Lakh
Eicher Pro 2050 2462/2741 KG Rs. 12.71 Lakh - Rs. 13.81 Lakh

How to Purchase Eicher Trucks? Easy Steps

We have eased the process of purchasing Eicher trucks in India. We have outlined these simple steps to make a hassle-free experience for anyone looking to acquire their desired Eicher truck.

  1. Browse through the complete list of Eicher Trucks models.
  2. Use our easy-to-use filter to sort the products as per your preference - categories, fuel type, max power output, emission norms and number of tyres.
  3. Choose your desired model as per your budget & business requirements and click on the “Calling” button. Our executives will soon reach out to you.
  4. You can also click on the “Check Offers” button & we’ll provide you with quotes from multiple dealers.

Tips Before You Purchase an Eicher Truck 

  • Compare different models and features to find the truck that is right for your needs.
  • Ask us questions if you need clarification on anything.

Exclusive Services We Offer 

For any query regarding Eicher trucks, Truck Junction is a one-stop platform where you can get all the accurate information. Get the best quotes from reputable dealers by using our assistance to narrow down your perfect model of Eicher truck. The following services are available from us:

  • Eicher Truck On-Road Price
  • Eicher Dealers Near You
  • EMI Calculator
  • Comparison Tool
  • Sort By / Filter options

Eicher Trucks Updates

Frequently Asked Questions on Eicher Trucks

Ans. 76 Eicher Trucks are available at Truck Junction.
Ans. Eicher Truck price starts from Rs 12.16 Lakh to Rs 59.29 Lakh in India. Also, the Eicher Truck models on road price changes as per the respective state’s RTO.
Ans. The highest-priced Eicher Motors truck in India is the Eicher Pro 8055. It is priced at Rs 52.29 - 59.29 Lakh.
Ans. The lowest-priced Eicher Motors truck in India is the Eicher Pro 2049. It is priced at Rs 12.16 Lakh- 12.91 Lakh
Ans. Eicher Truck models are available in Diesel, CNG, Electric, Bi-Fuel and Hydrogen fuel options.
Ans. Eicher Vehicles manufactures various vehicles like tippers, trucks, trailers and transit mixers.
Ans. The latest CVs from Eicher are the Pro 3018 CNG, Pro 3015-32ft, Pro 3015, Pro 2095XP Plus CNG, Pro 2080XP and more.
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